5 Women Who Have Dated Kit Harington


Kit Harington was conceived Christopher Catesby Harington, on December 26, 1986, in London, UK. His mom, Deborah Jane, was a writer. His dad, Sir David Harington, fifteenth Baronet, was a princely specialist. Kit Harington is a relative of the British regal family.

Lord Charles II was one of his extraordinary granddads. A portion of Kit Harington’s precursors were additionally associated with the renowned Black powder Plot. According to him, a portion of his progenitors from his mom’s side had arranged the death of James I, the lord of Ireland, England, and Scotland.

Strangely, Kit Harington is identified with James I, from his dad’s side. Kit Harington went to the Southfield Primary School. After going through the initial eleven years of his life in London, he moved to Worcester with his family. Strangely, until the age of eleven, Kit Harington was ignorant that his genuine name was Christopher.

Kit Harington began dating his Round of Thrones co-star Rose Leslie in 2012. The couple got hitched in June 2018. Kit Harington has additionally been related with a few worthy missions. He is a tremendous fan of strange movie producer David Lynch and wants to work with the executive.

1. When Kit Harington Dated Grazi Massafera (2016)

Kit Harington is reputed to have snared with Brazilian on-screen character GraziMassafera in December 2015. At the point when gotten some information about it during a round of Never Have I Ever, she neither affirmed nor denied the talk.

Kit Harington And Grazi Massafera Dating

2. Kit Harington’s Relationship With Rachel McAdams (2013)

Kit Harington’s been investing a ton of time in Canada of late. He was rearward in Toronto dealing with another film and spending time with Rachel McAdams. Strangely enough, Kit and Rachel were seen together once more at the Bill Clinton occasion on June fourth.

Kit Harington And Rachel McAdams Dating


3. Kit Harington When He Dated Rose Leslie (2012)

Pack Harington and Rose Leslie featured on HBO’s Game of Thrones together as Jon Snow and Ygritte. Rose Leslie and Kit Harington met on the arrangement of Game of Thrones Season two, when Leslie played Ygritte.

Kit Harington And Rose Leslie Dating

4. The Relationship Between Kit Harington And Anna Cyzon (2011)

Kit Harington allegedly carried on an association with the Polish-Canadian entertainer from March 2011 to November 2011. In spite of the fact that the couple never really affirmed their sentiment, they were spotted at different honorary pathway occasions together, including the Textuality motion picture debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Kit Harington And Anna Cyzon Dating

5. When Kit Harington Dated Olga Vlasova

Kit Harington, star of the gathering show Game of Thrones ended up being a litigant in a stun. The truth is that beginning late Olga Vlasova, said that she was the escort of wedded Harington. Likewise, in confirmation of her words, she dispersed pictures in which she was gotten revealed with Kit, who was also without garments.

Kit Harington And Olga Vlasova Dating


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