7 Most Sensuous Females Cosplayers.

5. Kristen Hughey

Hughey is an American cosplayer and a costume designer who is wonderful, attractive and also hardworking. Kristen credits her mom for kicking her off in sewing. Furthermore, she began crafting when she was exceptionally young.

Instantly falling in love with loving cosplay on seeing it at her first convention, Kristen wanted to dig deep into it. Fans inspire Hughey to keep on making her costumes by hand. What’s more, she gives careful consideration to detail at all circumstances. It’s a tedious procedure, yet her 666,000 fans concur it’s justified, despite all the trouble.

4. Nicole Marie Jean

Nicole Marie Jean is an American cosplayer who is based in San Diego, California. She has more than 867,000 likes on her Facebook fan page and 31,000 followers on Twitter. Nicole first came across cosplay in 2010 when she saw it at her first convention; she had no clue that the practice existed before she was involved in it.

Presently, Nicole cosplays characters from video games and films, and anime. Furthermore, unlike other well-known female cosplayers, Nicole doesn’t do modeling outside of her cosplay projects.

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