7 Of Your Favourite Pop Culture Characters That Are Just Rip Offs


There are a lot of similarities when it comes to the field of entertainment. For almost everyone who loves Moon Knight, there are a few others who see this character as a rip-off of DC’s Batman. We cannot deny the fact that most characters we now look very similar to a few that have preceded them.

Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Image have taken their chances by copying other characters, but it really does not stop over there. TV shows and Movies are pretty notorious for “borrowing” from each other’s properties. In the light of this, here we have for you 7 of your favorite pop culture characters that are just rip-offs:



Goku had been sent to Earth by Saiyans for taking over the planet, but he becomes good like Superman. Both these characters are very powerful and the most powerful in their respective worlds. They are both known as Gods. These two characters have villains that have followed them from their planets, and they have battled and protected their new world from these villains.


Jim Starlin had borrowed a whole lot of inspiration from the Jack Kirby’s Darkseid. This was because the creator had based the world of Titans on Kirby’s New Gods idea and he had said that he had based this character on Metron. The editor, Roy Thomas had told him to bulk up the character, Thanos.


Marvel’s Deadpool has obviously been inspired by DC’s Deathstroke. All the comic books’ fans were introduced to this Merc with a Mouth in New Mutants #98. He had debuted ten years after Deathstroke appeared in DC’s New Teen Titans #2. The two characters are mercenaries and have a whole lot of things in common. They have almost the same names-Wade Wilson (Deadpool) and Slade Wilson (Deathstroke). They even share the same occupation and skillsets. But, we all how and why Deadpool is different.


There is way too much in common with these characters. The very fact that Conan’s villain is Skull-Face who made a few serpent people fight the hero makes it very obvious that this was a copy.


The major argument as to exactly why Lobo is a very obvious rip-off of the character, Wolverine is because it almost seems like DC Comics, which had geared a lot towards kids really wanted to a character that was adult-oriented and risqué. Just like Wolverine, Lobo had a very bad and foul mouth. He also smokes cigars, and they both love to ride bikes.


So let’s just explain this rip-off like this: the Dark Knight aka Batman is the dark side of Superman just like Hades-who is the God of Underworld, and he is opposite of his brother, Zeus. Aquaman is well, Poseidon and the Flash is a counterpart of Hermes, and he also uses Hermes’ design for his costume. just like Hephaestus, the Green Lantern can create almost anything that he wants, and at times he has also been compared to Apollo. Wonder Woman is the creation of a Greek Gods in her origin story. So, we do not have to say much about that.


The star of Honeymooners, Jackie Gleason has reportedly wanted to even sue Hanna-Barbera for the rip-off but then, had chosen not to as Fred Flintstone had become popular among kids and did not want to spoil the childhood of so many kids. The book, The Art of Hanna-Barbera also reported that William Hanna had been a very big fan of The Honeymooners and this explains a lot of the similarities.