9 Things You Should Know About The Lord Of The Rings Spin-off

5. Luthien is Tolkien’s most badass heroine

One of the basic criticisms on Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit is that all the heroes are all men. The book form of The Hobbit doesn’t have a single female character. Eowyn essentially remains alone in the LOTR books, despite the fact that Peter Jackson could enormously grow Arwen’s part for the films.
Beren and Lúthien appears as though it’s heading in a similar direction when Lúthien’s dad gives Beren a quest to win his daughter for marriage. In a sub-version, Beren and his male band of friends fail calamitously. Thereafter, Lúthien escapes from her dad and confronts Sauron to protect her warrior-in-distress from his prison. For the remainder of the story, she does all the hard work. This includes stealing an extremely valuable gem from Morgoth while Beren follows along. Consequently, Lúthien takes matters into her own hands and finishes the quest herself to guarantee she can wed the man she adores.


6. Eagles are saviors once again

In the earlier published versions of the story, Lúthien and Beren steal the gem from Morgoth’s crown. However, they then get themselves caught with no hope of escaping. As they are closed almost in by the villain’s servants, it appears certain that the heroes will be caught and subjected to torment. Nevertheless, just then, three huge hawks swoop in out of the blue and bring them to safety. In the event that that sounds familiar, it is because Tolkien utilized a similar plot gadget to save Bilbo and the dwarves in The Hobbit. After that, he utilized it again to save Sam and Frodo towards the end of LotR.

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