6 Actors Who Almost Played Your Favourite Superheroes


In this article, we are going to be looking through the list of actors and actresses who had been cast for a superhero role that they had all expected to eventually lead to greater things but unfortunately did not get a chance. A few of the actors and actresses that we will be looking at have had a small background role in a film, and this role had been recast when this character had become way y more important for another movie. A few of them had also played the character for many movies, and then, they had been recast. A few of them here on this list had played their character during the shooting but had been cut off in the final movie. Here we have a list of 6 actors and actresses who never got to actually play superhero roles:


Harvey Dent was a lawyer, and his face had been scarred by acid, and this made him become Two-Face. When Billy Dee Williams had been cast for playing the role of Harvey Dent in the 1989 Batman movie, many fans expected him to play the character in a later movie as well. But then he had been replaced by Tommy Lee Jones.


Felicia Hardy was the daughter of a cat burglar who had decided to take on the mantle of Black Cat.  In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the character had been played by Felicity Jones, but soon Sony had announced they would be making a Black Cat film and Jones would not be playing the character.


In a 2011 series, Wonder Woman Adrienne Palicki had been cast as this hero. There had been a lot of hype about this series, but most of the reception was negative. After a long debate online regarding her costume and a lot of concerns regarding the tone of this show, NBC had not even aired a pilot.


The movie, Superman Lives was supposed to be based on the “Death of Superman” where the hero was killed by Doomsday and then brought back to life. The film had gotten got as far as many drafts and Cage had been considered for playing this role but he went on to play the role of Ghost Rider.


Many fan-made posters had shown Nathan Fillion in many guises and “Simon Williams” was in the credits. In the comic books, Simon Williams is name of Wonder Man, and he is a former villain who had joined the Avengers. While most of the fans were hoping that Fillion would play this character, Marvel cut out all kind of evidence.


Wayans had been offered the role of Robin in the movie, Batman Returns, but he had been cut as Burton said that there were too many characters in the movie. Many years later, he had been signed on to play the role of Robin in 1995’s Batman Forever, and now he has been replaced with Chris O’Donnell.


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