7 Terrible CGI Moments From MCU Movies


As we all know, Marvel has been very famous for its use of insane CGI. Almost all the time that a Marvel movie releases, the fans are sure that the film will have a lot of CGI action sequences and a whole lot of visuals that will give the fans the best films in Hollywood a huge run for their money. These special effects are the MCU’s strongest elements. However, here we have 7 bad MCU CGI moments:

1. Black Panther fight

Black Panther had arrived with a lot of spectacular and great visual effects and CGIs. However, when T’Challa and Killmonger had battled in the climax scene of the movie, the fans had noted that this CGI had been flawed.

2. Eitri in Infinity War

Peter Dinklage is a very famous actor, but in Marvel, his scene was screwed up big-time. The scenes with Rocket, Groot, Thor and Eitri had been shot separately and had been combined through a few special effects.

3. Outrider army in Infinity War

The Outriders who had come to Wakanda had been almost anything, but real and terrifying. The very manner in which these Outriders had burst into the silver screen was uncoordinated.

4. The Vibranium bullet trains

The Vibranium train in Black Panther which had passed when the two brothers had fought looked very artificial.

5. Dormammu in Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange was nominated for an Academy Award for the visual effects. However, the CGI for Dormammu was really bad and ruined the scene.

6. Extremis in Iron Man 3

The villain in this film was Aldrich Killian, but the manner in which the movie had shown his powers was pretty bad. There had been a scene where Aldrich used the Extremis virus and spewed fire like a dragon.

7. Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok

The Hulk had been a big example of bad CGI. After the character had an upgrade, the Marvel fans had thought that the CGI would improve. But in this movie, the CGI had deteriorated.


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