61 Sexy Pictures Of Alicia Rickter Showcase Her As A Capable Entertainer

61 Sexy Pictures Of Alicia Rickter

Among the horde of busty beauties to have come from Baywatch, Alicia Rickter happens to be one of the few who have been continuously in active life.

The incredibly sexy American beauty was born on September 21, 1972, and is best known as an American model and actress. She played the character of Laura in a comedy film Buying The Cow and on the famous television series Baywatch as well as on The Young and the Restless.

Bold and daring as she has always been, Rickter has never shied from displaying her sexy body to the world. As the Playboy magazine’s Miss October 1995, she posed   nude for the magazine. At the time of her Playboy appearance, it was claimed that she was there 500th Playboy Playmate. However, it came to light later that two of the magazine’s earliest Playmates named Marilyn Waltz and Margaret Scott happened to be the same person. Thus, Alicia Rickter eventually came to be the number 499. She also went on to appear in three videos for Playboy.

Alicia Rickter is the daughter of Diana Seminara and she has been married to baseball player Mike Piazza. The couple had married on January 29, 2005 in Miami and have two daughters as well as a son together. Rickter is now the vice-president of A.C. Reggiana 1919, an Italian soccer club that is owned by her husband with 85% of the shares.

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