61 Alizée Poulicek Sexy Pictures Are Essentially Attractive

61 Alizée Poulicek Sexy Pictures Are Essentially Attractive

Dutch model and actress Alizée Poulicek was born in Uccle on 26th June 1987, she became Miss Belgium in 2008. Alizée comes from Huy, in the province of Liège. Her father Jiri, living in the Czech Republic. He is an independent decorator. Her mother Dominique, an English-Dutch teacher, stays in Huy with her sister Merissa and her son Pierre-Yves. Alizée, after being rewarded Miss Belgium 2008, her studies of Romance languages at the University of Liège, has been on hold for a year and, quickly after her victory, came to live in the Miss Belgium House in Brussels.

Alizée Poulicek is very artistically laid out. She has fiddled the piano for 10 years and adores singing and dancing. Life is so short that she tries to enjoy every eternity optimally. As Miss Belgium 2008, Alizée has had the chance to travel a lot and find out new things, which is her greatest passion. She has always dreamed of a career in the audiovisual arts. Alizée also does a lot of modeling and photoshoots. In the year 2009, Alizée hosted a program together with Gilles de Bilde on RSCA TV. She also works as a presenter at VOO. In her further career, we hope Alizée Poulicek every success!

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Alizée Poulicek topless
Alizée Poulicek topless

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Alizée Poulicek eyes
Alizée Poulicek eyes

Alizée Poulicek awesome (2) Alizée Poulicek awesome Alizée Poulicek beautiful Alizée Poulicek bikini

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Alizée Poulicek cleavage Alizée Poulicek hot Alizée Poulicek lingerie Alizée Poulicek lovely Alizée Poulicek lovely

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