All 17 One Punch Man S-Class Heroes And Their Powers Explained

All 17 One Punch Man S-Class Heroes And Their Powers Explained

The S-Class is the cream of the crop among the wacky crime-fighters in One-Punch Man. Beyond the A-Class of the Hero Association, the S-Class is a group of heroes whose abilities greatly exceed average humans. S-Class Heroes are the highest-ranking and most influential members of the Hero Association. They are so powerful that they can generally deal with Demon or Dragon-level threats on their own and defend entire cities. The rank of S-Class has been conferred on 17 heroes so far. S-Class heroes are rightfully regarded as the Hero Association’s aces, but they are still a strange and unruly bunch. Since their motives are far away from the lower-ranked heroes’ material aims, most of them are aloof to some degree and exhibit a widely differing degree of zealousness about their job. Here’s what you need to know about One-Punch Man’s S-Class Heroes.

1. Blast


Blast can be considered to be an incredibly strong S-Class hero since he is the Hero Association’s highest-ranked hero. Blast is incredibly quick and quick-witted. Blast also has superhuman strength and the ability to create portals from which he can teleport or transfer objects.  The fact that nobody knows anything about Blast, not even the Hero Association, is repeatedly and mercilessly mocked, but apparently, he’s just reserved, fussy, and has a thing about his privacy. Rumors plague him due to the lack of hard information about him.

Some examples include the claim that he is more powerful than all other S-Class heroes combined, that he can shoot beams from his eyes and that he has psychic powers as well as billions of robotic forces. He is the top hero in the world. It’s unclear how strong he’s supposed to be. Just a few members of the Hero Association’s staff have the ability to communicate with him. Blast is said only to appear if humanity is in danger and that he is important enough to be treated differently from the other heroes.

2. Tatsumaki/Terrible Tornado

Tatsumaki Terrible Tornado

Tatsumaki, also known as Terrible Tornado or Tornado of Terror, is an incredibly powerful Esper who is able to manipulate matter with her mind. She is the Hero Association’s trump card and she is the strongest Hero who consistently performs her duties. Tatsumaki can defend herself by erecting various-sized barriers. Tatsumaki can communicate with her sister via telepathy. Tatsumaki is incredibly quick and has excellent reflexes. She also has a high stamina level and a high pain tolerance.

Tatsumaki, as the series’ most powerful esper, is extremely skilled at using her psychic powers, whether for offense, defense, or other purposes. Tatsumaki’s understanding of psychic abilities is as extensive as her ability to use them. Tatsumaki has shown the ability to strategize rather than relying solely on force. She is one of the most powerful heroes in the S-Class, clearly surpassing the others. She can fly because of her psychic aura. She also seems to prefer hovering to walking. She can even launch herself at high speeds, leaving thick trails in the skies behind her everywhere she goes.

3. Bang/Silver Fang

Bang Silver Fang

Bang also known as Silver Fang, is a martial artist and Master of the Crushed Rock Fist of Flowing Water. A sweet old man who is also a strict dojo master. Crushed Rock, his martial arts Fist of Flowing Water, allows users to deflect, nullify, or redirect their opponents’ attacks with double the power. Despite his older age, Bang boasts tremendous physical strength, even by S-Class standards, far above that of the ordinary Hero. With his bare hands, he has been proven to be capable of destroying meteorite fragments.

Bang has excellent speed, as demonstrated by his ability to track the motions of incredibly fast opponents. He’s also extremely resilient. When he fights, he only uses his martial arts. Bang spends a lot of his time looking for disciples to train, rather than battling monsters or villains. He has a few students who are part of the Hero Association and a former student who is a villain. He is the oldest active Hero at the age of 81. He’s been in the hero business before most, if not all, of the other heroes, were born and certainly long before the Hero Association was formed.

4. Kamikaze/Atomic Samurai

Kamikaze Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai’s real name is Kamikaze, and he is a master of Iaijitsu with incredible speed and strength. Atomic Samurai cuts down his opponents at the atomic stage with a swing of his blade and usually shreds them to bits. One of the top S-Class heroes is Atomic Samurai. He is considered as one of the most powerful of them all, as well as the Hero Association’s best backup Hero.

He is also regarded as Earth’s most powerful swordsman. Atomic Samurai has incredible speed, and with his sword, he can rip his enemies to shreds in the blink of an eye. Atomic Samurai tends to be extremely powerful, as he can quickly break through solid matter with his blade and produce a powerful shock wave with only one slash. It is said that his strength is nuclear-powered. Atomic Samurai is not a samurai who is powered by atomic energy or uses atomic energy in any way. He wields two katanas. His main weapon has a black hilt and a crossguard that looks like the Rutherford atom model.

5. Child Emperor

Child Emperor

Child Emperor, a 10-year-old genius inventor, is the brains behind the Hero Association who works to develop gadgets that will aid in the fight against Monsters. He normally fights with a variety of lethal school-themed weapons in his bag. His school bag includes all of his gadgets as well as his school supplies. Some  of his gadgets are several times the size of him. As a high-ranking S-Class hero, Child Emperor is likely to be extremely powerful. Despite the fact that he is as fit as any of the top A-rank heroes, despite being just ten years old, his high rank in the S-Class is largely due to his mental power.

He is capable of fighting various monsters on his own, whether through guerrilla warfare or planned head-on combat, using his tactics and gadgets. Despite his young age and small size, Child Emperor is a formidable opponent. He also has excellent reflexes. In battle, the Child Emperor employs a number of devices, all of which he created himself. The Child Emperor has a genius-level intelligence, far above that of most adult humans.

6. Bofoi/Metal Knight

Bofoi Metal Knight

Bofoi, also known as Metal Knight, is a mysterious scientist in charge of a powerful ballistic robot with incredible firepower. He is an introverted Hero who only meets and coordinates with his colleagues when necessary and is only interested in collecting technology pieces. As an S-Class hero, Bofoi is believed to be extremely powerful, but he rose to that rank largely due to his intelligence and his weapons’ effectiveness rather than his own physical strength. Bofoi is said to have a reputation for pulverizing his enemies and everything else in his path with powerful weapons.

For his missions and experiments, he employs various remotely operated robots designed specifically for the task. He also happens to be an expert pilot of his favorite war robot. Bofoi has the advantage of not putting his own life on the line in battles since he can control his robots from a safe distance. Bofoi has genius-level intellect, helping him to build cutting-edge machines and weapons. Bofoi has a large number of remotely controlled robots with built-in weapons, which he uses for experimentation, scouting, and rebuilding, given his preferred mode of combat.

7. King


Despite not being the Hero Association’s highest-ranking Hero, he is known as the most powerful man on Earth, and this is the reason that he is admired and respected by his fellow heroes. When King prepares for battle or is generally serious, some claim to hear the King Engine, which is a rumbling sound. The sound has a powerful psychological effect on his opponent. In fact, it’s just King’s heart pounding rapidly and loudly as a result of fear, anxiety, or other uneasiness.

His King Engine is said to be so strong that it can shake the Earth. King Style is the name of his fighting style. While King’s intimidating appearance and presence normally deters potential opponents, if his opponents aren’t scared and are still willing to fight, he must focus on this style. In the traditional sense, it is not a fighting style. Most of the time, King bluffs his way out of fights or simply runs away. King is an expert at bluffing, which helps his opponents believe he is invincible, leaving them unable to use techniques against him.

8. Zombieman


Zombieman is a virtually indestructible superhero that can recover from nearly any injury. As a result, he tends to fight nonstop and let Monsters exhaust themselves with ineffective attacks. He wields a range of weapons, including an axe and various guns. It is said that wherever he goes, flowers of blood and slaughter bloom. Zombieman is rumored to be one of the worst S-Class heroes in terms of destructive power and physical abilities. He knows that his physical abilities aren’t his strong suit.

Zombieman is described as “a man that even in death cannot die,” and he has one of the best regeneration abilities in the series. He is able to heal any part of his body, no matter how badly injured it is. Zombieman has an amazing capacity for intensive physical activity, displaying one of the series’s most impressive stamina feats by fighting for hours on end while healing easily from the more severe injuries he sustains. Using his own strength, he can defeat a Demon-level monster. When he isn’t using his long-ranged weapons, Zombieman fights in close quarters.

9. Drive Knight

Drive Knight

Drive Knight is a mysterious hero dressed in black armor with just one eye. Drive Knight fights with a box containing technology that can turn into any weapon suitable to his needs. Drive Knight is a physically powerful character. Even when he isn’t in his Knight form, he moves quickly. Drive Knight’s machine body is extremely durable, allowing him to survive extremely powerful blows. His fighting style is called Tactical Transformation.  Drive Knight makes good use of his shape-changing box to create weapons and alter his body. His transformations are situational, and his fighting method is extremely versatile and adaptable.

Drive Knight’s fighting style consists of transforming several times during a fight, depending on the number of monsters involved and each monster’s strength individually, leading to the situational effectiveness of each transformation. Each transformation tends to happen almost instantly, so speed does not seem to be an issue. Drive Knight’s fighting ability is based on his ability to transform into different forms. For example, in his Chariot form, he transforms into a centaur, and in his Bishop form, he transforms into a hulking robot with particularly powerful punches.

10. Pig God

Pig God

A morbidly obese man capable of swallowing and digesting anything. With his thick layers of fat, he deflects incoming damage. Pig God, while seeming to be obsessed with eating, is a dedicated Hero nonetheless. Pig God has the power to digest swallowed monsters quickly. He also seems to have complete control of his digestive system. He has a dense layer of fat covering his body that can withstand any kind of impact. His body has the ability to stretch greatly without tearing or bursting open. This enables Pig God to eat creatures several times his own size.

The several layers of fat that protect Pig God’s internal structure make his body more resistant than normal. Despite his injuries and immense weight, he was seen to be able to move quickly. Pig God is a fighter with a unique style. He tries to finish fights with a simple attack by swallowing his opponent whole, seemingly using his hands to restrain or lift them. Rather than eating opponents, he scarcely uses any other tactics. Pig God can quickly recover his injuries by burning off his large reserves of fat.

11. Superalloy Darkshine

Superalloy Darkshine

Superalloy Darkshine is a muscular bald guy with gleaming muscles, as his name suggests. Superalloy Darkshine, said to be the greatest Hero in terms of sheer physical strength, battles Monsters mostly to appease his ego. Darkshine was the lowest-ranked C Class Hero before the creation of S Class, and he was still just as strong as the present Darkshine. He is known for his incredible durability, which is claimed to be among the highest in the hero world. His hero defense is said to be the best in the world.

Darkshine’s huge muscles serve as pseudo-armor, showcasing a masterful mix of hardness, toughness, and strength that renders him virtually indestructible. Superalloy Darkshine gained immense strength through years of rigorous weightlifting. Darkshine is incredibly fast for his size. He is so strong that he can run into monsters and turn them into mincemeat. He seems to be a scary character, but he is really a good guy who wants to help the other S-Class heroes get along. He’s never used anything more complex than simple punches and tackles, but he doesn’t need to because of his immense natural strength and durability.

12. Watchdog Man

Watchdog Man

He is the only S-Class Hero who has never struggled in a fight on-screen, taking down more monsters than anybody else and is the only Hero in charge of the most dangerous city. To top it all off, he never reports anything to the Hero Association, which suggests that he rose through the ranks simply by being seen fighting. Watchdog Man has incredible raw physical strength, capable of ripping apart many monsters much bigger than himself with his bare paws.

Watchdog Man is lightning fast, ripping apart numerous monsters in a matter of seconds. Watchdog Man is extremely agile and moves in combat in a manner that resembles that of a savage animal. He will climb from one place to another, making it difficult to keep track of his movements. Furthermore, his exceptional speed and reflexes provide him with the necessary balance to match his unpredictable attacks. Watchdog Man has features that are commonly associated with dogs. He’s got an absolute sense of smell and hearing. His senses allow him to detect any monster that enters his domain almost instantly.

13. Flashy Flash

Flashy Flash

Flashy Flash is a very powerful S-Class hero. Flashy Flash is the fastest S-Class Hero in the association in terms of speed. Flashy Flash is a fighter who analyses a lot. Flashy Flash outruns the majority of the series’ characters in terms of speed and reflexes. In his wake, he leaves powerful shock waves. Flashy was seen to be capable of fighting and killing two Dragon-level threats at the same time. He has the ability to stun Dragon-level creatures with his powerful kicks.

During combat, he can quickly cut massive chunks of stone and create massive explosions. Flash’s speed and skill was the result of years of hard work, not some innate ability. Flashy isn’t a word that comes to mind when you think about Flashy Flash.  Except for his costume and speed, Flash is anything but flashy in real life. He’s neither a braggart nor a flamboyant guy, and he’s done a lot of work against underground gangs in secret, which he purposely omits from his reports. After all, he is a ninja. Flash also carries a Kunai, which he uses as a backup weapon.

14. Genos/Demon Cyborg

Genos Demon Cyborg

Genos is unquestionably a powerful fighter as an S-Class hero. Genos also has a lot of fighting experience considering his age. His youth and impulsiveness always get the best of him on occasion, costing him battle wins. His cyborg physiology has enhanced Genos’ physical ability, and he is capable of smashing the ground with a dropkick and striking with enough power to blow a cliff face apart.

He can also lift a truck without trouble with only one hand. Genos is quite agile. He has the ability to travel so quickly that he appears to be teleporting. And even if he only has one arm, he can fight without any difficulty. Genos’ entire body has been replaced with battle-ready cybernetics and prosthetics, giving him superhuman strength and speed, as well as specialized sensors and projectile attacks. Genos is too heavy to swim because of all of his parts, and he needs specific parts to do so. Genos’ body is powered by the “CORE.” energy sphere. It is held inside his chest and is attached to his body by a single cable.

15. Bad/Metal Bat

Bad Metal Bat

He is not only powerful and wise in battle, but the more enraged he becomes and the more damages he sustains, the more powerful he becomes. Metal Bat can fight through even the most severe wounds. Zenko, his younger sister, is a favorite of his. Metal Bat is a powerful S-Class hero. Metal Bat has amazing physical strength and has defeated a slew of formidable monsters and antagonists with a single swing of his Bat, which also includes two Demon-level monsters he defeated at the same time.

Metal Bat is also very durable. By simply resting, Metal Bat can heal from minor blood loss and broken bones in a matter of days. Metal Bat’s fighting style is called Killin’ Moves, and he typically fights by beating his opponents with his Bat into submission or death using his Bat, just like a typical delinquent. If there are rivals that can either tolerate or evade them, he swings his Bat at irregular intervals and in unorthodox forms to hit them out. He also has moves made and used to finish off his opponents among his arsenal of moves.

16. Tanktop Master

Tanktop Master

Tanktop Master is the leader of the Tanktopper Army, and he fights in the Tanktop style. He is a powerful character who is still a decent guy, but his fellow S-Class Heroes overshadow him. He is the Master of all the other Tanktops and the highest-ranked practitioner of the “Tanktop” combat style. According to his brothers, Tanktop Master seems to have perfected the Tanktop’s ‘versatility,’ which he reportedly uses to boost his attacks’ strength. His martial style consists of a variety of punches and wrestling moves. Tanktop Master is physically strong, has incredible speed, and is exceptionally durable. Tanktop Master primarily depends on strength rather than skill.

Tanktop Master has been seen using his physical power to chuck giant objects a long distance on many occasions. One of the few S-Class heroes without a gimmick other than being exceptionally strong. He and other Tank Top fighters seem to get their strength by wearing tank tops, though this is typically accompanied by a variety of other gimmicks and lots of strength training. He’s really a good guy as opposed to the rest of the others who use the Tanktop Fighting Style.

17. Puri-Puri Prisoner 

Puri-Puri Prisoner

Puri-Puri Prisoner is a large man with flamboyant and super strong special moves who adores good-looking men and uses the suffix -chan to address everyone. He is a powerful Hero who is generally a decent guy, but he prefers to remain in jail to avoid harassing beautiful men. Puri-Puri Prisoner, as an S-Class hero, is a formidable opponent. Despite his strength, he declares himself to be the weakest S-Class Hero. Puri-Puri Prisoner Angel Style is the fighting style of Puri-Puri Prisoner. Puri-Puri Prisoner increases his muscle mass, allowing him to push his already incredible strength to greater heights in a process he refers to as “transforming.”

This triggers all of his clothing to tear, leaving him butt naked, and unleashes a barrage of flamboyant and strong special moves that give him illusory angel wings. When fighting in this manner, Puri-Puri Prisoner typically relies on his brute strength and skill in close-quarters combat. In a flurry or barrage of punches, Puri-Puri Prisoner uses his brute strength to defeat his enemies. When opposed to normal humans, Puri-Puri Prisoner can suppress pain and heal at an incredible rate.


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