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Last Updated: June 4, 2020

American model and actress Amanda Rachelle Cerny was born on 26th June 1991 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and followed Florida State University. With more than 35 million followers across social sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, she has occurred as one of the top five most-viewed Instagram story accounts in the nation. Cerny has behaved as an actress in conventional media with past coalitions comprising Lakeshore, Paramount, Millennial Films, Universal, Comedy Central, and NBC, and has also directed, composed and produced more than 3,000 comedic skits and music videos starring actors, top chart performers, and the most influential identities online gathering millions of views each video. Amanda has also toiled as a model, fitness guru and philanthropist with earlier and ongoing relief efforts in Haiti and Puerto Rico. She is the founder of a new video-on-demand service named ZEUS which released in 2018. Cerny has partnered with brands such as Marc Jacobs, Nike, Beats by Dre, Ubisoft, universal and now Guess as their Spring 2018 campaign model. Her first film credit was The Bet in 2016. Cerny is best remembered for starring on TV shows like The Deleted, Dead House and Shane & Friends to name a few.

She is presently lives in Los Angeles, California.

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