61 Sexy Pictures Of Angelica Bridges Demonstrate That She Is Probably The Most Smoking Lady Among Celebrities


The stunningly beautiful Angelica Bridges is a former Baywatch star who turned a pet-sitter. She is renowned for playing the  character of incredibly sexy Taylor Walsh in the famous Baywatch television series, but, later joined as a dog sitter with the company Rover. However, sometime back her new profession brought her into news after an unnamed plaintiff claimed that she had hired Bridges in April 2017 to watch her 1-year-old Papillon named Snoopy via Rover.

Born on November 20, 1970, she is an American actress, model, singer and dog-sitter. She was featured in a pictorial spread in the November 2001 Playboy magazine issue and was also featured as the cover model of the issue.

In the year 2017, she took part in the FOX reality game show Kicking & Screaming with her survivalist partner Hakim Isler. Angelica Bridges is the leading singer of a pop group named Strawberry Blonde. She was earlier featured in The Luxor’s show “Fantasy” in Las Vegas. Despite not being among the dancers, she was the presenter and singer on the show.

In the year 2002, she married the now ex-NHL hockey player Sheldon Souray and in the year 2005, she filed for divorce. Their divorce was approved in the year 2007 and they have two daughters named Valentina and Scarlett together. In the year 2013, she sued Souray for $14 million on allegations of “breach of implied contract, fraud and deceit as well as bad-faith denial of their marital agreement. She also alleged that Souray used to beat and assault her frequently while they were married, leading to their divorce. She further alleged Souray of being involved in a number of sexual affairs and that he also abused Souray abused their two children physically and emotionally. In the year 2016, Bridges appeared in Million Dollar Matchmaker’s episode where she narrated her emotional trauma consequent to her doomed five-year marriage to Souray.

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