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22 Anime Similar to Highschool DxD

22 Anime Similar to Highschool DxD

Being one of the most successful anime of all time Highschool DxD made a huge impression in the anime world. It is one of the most successful harem anime within the past few years. Due to the first season becoming such a huge hit, a second season was also made. Highschool DxD showed a very good plot along with excellent character development through the course of the anime.

Following the theme of a harem anime, you will be introduced to the main character of the series, IsseiHyodo, who is a horny high school student who only thinks about being surrounded by women. He is also enrolled with a to a high school which was previously all-girls and has a deep secret revolving around it. Later on the secret will be revealed and you will get to know that angels, fallen angels, and devils is a part of the student body of the school. The plot will have a lot of ups and downs regarding Issei’s life, which was threatened by a fallen angel when he went out on a date with her. The comes Rias Gremory, one of the hottest female anime characters, and she revives Issei and then forces him to serve her devil family.

This anime has one of the best harem anime plots, and in the list below the names of the anime which has a similar plotline, or genre, to Highschool DxD has been mentioned.

1. The Testament of Sister New Devil

The Testament of Sister New Devil

The family dynamo in Japanese anime are weird and not easily comprehensible. You will often find family members being changed without any prior notice or understanding. Something weird regarding his family happens to our lead character BasaraToujou, who all of a sudden finds himself getting two step sisters Mio and Maria. Though the anime could have been regarding the relationship among these three young step-siblings and their normal life, but it is about demons because his new found two step-sisters are both demons. Everything within the story is very complicated because Basara belongs to a family of demon slayers. But you will find out that Basara loves his sister’s too much to hurt them, and he also decides to take care of them and save them from heroes as well as demons without any inhibitions.

2. MasouGakuenHxH 


This very interesting anime storyline follows how HidaKizuna is the only being who has the ability to save this world, because of his possession of HHG (Heart Hybrid Gear). This HHG can be used in order to replenish the power and vitality of his female colleagues, so that they can continue their fight against invaders from different dimensions. But there is a catch, these girls will be able to replenish their powers by only having erotic experiences with Kizuna. So while watching this anime you will not only be fascinated by the high tech gear used here, but will have to see a lot of lewd scenes, and you should watch this anime alone so that to not make yourself uncomfortable by watching it in front of others.

3. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven (1)

The plot of this anime is mainly focused on the romantic comedy genre than on the highschool one but nonetheless it was greatly praised by many. In this anime you will see Arata Kasuga, is a highschool student, who finds out that his highschool life is not real and is artificially created by a grimoire. You will be a part of his journey to master the power of the grimoire, and in between this journey he will meet the Trinity Seven, a group of seven girls who will have various levels of romantic feelings for him. You will really enjoy the different sexy misunderstandings that will go on among these characters.

4. Monster Musume

Monster Musume (1)

Kimihito Kurusu is a young man who lives alone. When the Japanese government informs the public that mythical creatures are real and some of them wants to live with humans Kimihito did not volunteer. But Miia a mythical creature will come to live with Kimihito. In this anime you will enjoy the kindness of a human who was in the beginning skeptical about mythical creatures.

5. Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao (1)

It starts with a guy named Akuto Sai, and everything is going well with him until he finds out that he is going to be the next demon king. He gets abandoned by his friends and people start fearing him. But he gets a harem of girls with different motives. So while Akuto is going through his life crisis you will very much enjoy the series as its very entertaining.

6. Prison School

Prison School (1)

The school mentioned in the title is Hachimitsu Private Academy, an all girls boarding school. But things change and now boys can also enroll in this school. So you will get to see how 5 boys enter the school, and because of their mischievous act of peeking into the girls’ bath they are thrown into a prison inside the school campus for a month as their punishment. Hence, begins the harsh lives of the 5 boys inside theschool as these struggles test their bond and their perverted bromance.

7. Date a Live

Date a Live (1)

This anime is based on the tragedies of spacequakes. It starts when a very big spacequake destroys the land of Eurasia and causes the death of 150 million people. This huge spacequake is followed by smaller ones which are not good for the world as well. The main character of the anime ItsukaShido, who is a highschool student, meets a girl after one such explosion. When Shido’s sister-in-law, Kotori finds out about this girl she informs him that she is one of the spirits responsible for the spacequakes. Kotori asks Shido to take the girl on a date because to seal a spirit’s power her heart has to be captured and Shido will have to kiss the girl. Then you will have to watch the anime to find out what happens to Shido, Kotori, the girl and the world.

8. Aesthetica of Rogue Hero

Aesthetica of Rogue Hero 1

It is very similar to DxD, maybe even one of the most similar ones. The thing that is not similar is that the main character, Akatsuki Ousawa. He is a very badass character who will rescue his daughter from a Dark Lord and then enroll her in a special school and will be seen fighting to survive by overcoming different difficulties.

9. Sekirei

Sekirei (1)

Stress is something that Minato Sahashi cannot handle. He is an excellent student but his performance is not at all impressive whenever he is under pressure. This results him into failing his college entrance exams twice making him look like an idiot in front of everybody. When Minato meets Musubi, his whole life changes and he does not remain the guy he used to be. Like a true harem plot you will see how Minato will gain several female admirers resulting in feud among these admirers. Minato will be seen trying to find a way in order to escape all these competitions that happens all the time among these women to gain his attention.

10. HyakkaRyouran: Samurai Girls

HyakkaRyouran: Samurai Girls

As the name suggests, the story revolves around samurai girls who are always ready to fight their enemies and gain powers. There is not much character development for the main character but there is ample for the girls. This anime tells the story of MuneakiraYagyu, who has the power to unlock hidden powers by just a kiss. This anime is very entertaining and will always keep you interested in the story.

11. So I Can’t Play H!

So I Can’t Play H!

Here also  you will encounter a horny student like Issei, and he is the main protagonist of this show Ryosuke Kaga a student of the Momozono Academy. Due to his obsession with women he can not resist but to make a deal with the goddess of death, just because she was a smoking hot lady standing in the rain alone. The grim reaper named LisaraRestall takes away Ryosuke’s soul and drains his energy in order to keep living in the mortal world. After that Ryosuke does not have any choice but to accompany Lisara in her quest. As you can already tell from the plot that it is a very entertaining anime with beautiful art, an entrancing musical part and a great storyline which will keep you glued to the show from the very beginning.

12. Princess Lover

Princess Lover

Being adopted by his rich grandfather, and then getting admission in one of the best schools, Teppei Arima is living the life of an elite to its fullest. And to top it all off he also gets an arranged marriage proposition, to marry the beautiful Sylvia van Hossen. Though the plot is very simple and similar to DxD, it is very entertaining to watch.

13. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

Due to his very poor grades TsukuneAono, the main character of our anime does not have the opportunity to get enrolled in any highschool, so his parents decide to get him admission at the Yokai Academy. After reaching Yokai, Tsukune understands that the school he has come to is for monsters, where they are taught how to co-exist with humans. He soon makes friends with one of his classmates named MokaAkashiya. Tsukune will find out the hard way, i.e., while fighting bullies that Moka is a very powerful vampire with a completely different personality. He will decide to stay in Yokai with Moka and on the way he will meet many other new monsters with whom he will become friends.

14. Maken-ki


Just like any other protagonist of a harem anime TakeruOhyama, our protagonist is a pervert. Here you will find Takeru wanting to have a harem of his own, he literally wanted girls all around him. You will enjoy the way Takeru’s life becomes interesting after getting admission in a school for students with special abilities.

15. High school of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead

This is a horror harem anime which differs from other highschool anime but is quite similar to that of Highschool DxD. In this anime you will be face to face with a group of highschool students who are freaking out because of getting involved with a deadly pandemic named ‘Them’. The ‘Them’ plague turns every human being to a zombie and everyone around them including themselves are in great danger. The plot reveals slowly how this group of friends will try to survive this situation by handling all the problems that will come in their way.

16. To Love-Ru

To Love-Ru

RitoYuuki who is a highschool student wants to confess his love to Haruna Sairenji, the girl he dreams about. One day out of the blue while Rito is taking a bath a girl comes in front of him, introducing herself as Lala, a girl from the planet Deviluke. Rito gets the information from her that she is supposed to inherit the throne, and that her father wants her to marry one of the candidates that he has chosen for her. But she refuses to do so as she wants to marry Rito and live on this planet. When Commander Zastin is sent to take back Lala, he returns to Lala’s father informing him that Rito is indeed good enough for their girl. Hearing this the king decides that Rito can indeed marry Lala but only after he defeats the other candidates, otherwise the king will kill Rito and destroy earth.


17. Is This a Zombie?

This anime has a very out of the box storyline though it is quite similar to DxD. The plot tells the story of human turned zombie Ayumu Aikawa, who was a 16 years old highschool student when he died, and his lifestyle while he sets foot in his new journey of finding supernatural creatures.

18. Campione

Campione (1)

Godou Kusanagi is a retired baseball player whose grandfather requests him to return a stone tablet to Lucretia Zola, who is an old friend living in Sardinia. Then as the plot progresses you will be a part of the journey that Godou embarks upon where he meets a demonically manipulative sword-mistress named Erica Blandelli, he also encounters the god of war named Verethragna whom he kills off. After doing that he gets recognised as the Campione, a god slayer and gets the responsibility of killing god who are selfish and takes advantage of their positions. You will then be able to see how everything turns out for Godou after becoming a Campione.

19. Freezing


There are two teams known as the Pandora’s and Limiters, and they are trained in order to protect the earth from the clutches of the aliens who have come from a different dimension called the ‘Nova’. Pandora’s are a group of genetically modified girl warriors and their male counterparts can freeze the enemies and make them cripples. The plot runs with the lives of Kazuya Aoi, a Limiter and his partner Satellizer el Bridget, a Pandora. Then you will suddenly find yourself in the middle of a love triangle and the plot gets interesting when these three try to sort out their problems along with their responsibilities of saving the world.

20. BokuwaTomodachigaSukunai


The plot revolves around Hasegawa Kodaka, a transfer student at St. Chronica’s Academy. He looks like a complete delinquent because of his brown-blonde hair and piercing eyes which does nothing to help him acquire friends. As we all know a lonely heart searches for another lonely heart, and thus he finds another of his classmate named YozoraMikazuki, who is as lonely as him and talks to her imaginary friend named Tomo. being two socially awkward people they decided to open a club named ‘Neighbour’s Club’, a club for people with no friends. Then you will find how this club attracts people of different personalities, and whether they get along with each other in the future.

21. Heaven’s Lost Property

Heaven’s Lost Property

The plot shows the life of Tomoki Sakurai, who is a young man who does not want anything but some peace and quiet in his life. But all hell breaks loose when he meets Ikaros, an Angeloid who fell from the sky. And as the plot progresses you see him continue to encounter theses Angeloids, who keeps falling from the sky.

22. The Qwaser of Stigmata

An iron Qwaser Alexander, a strange young man is saved by MafuyuOribe and his adoptive sister Tomo. A Qwaser is a person who can call upon the power of a particular element in order to fight against his enemies. Soon you will find out that Alexander's quest is to search for a mystical relic known as the 'High Circuit'. Mafuyu and Tomo will be both very surprised to find out the source of the powers of these Qwasers. Though it's a fan-service anime but the plot is heavy with action, and the mystery regarding the source of power of the Qwasers will keep you hooked to the series.

An iron Qwaser Alexander, a strange young man is saved by MafuyuOribe and his adoptive sister Tomo. A Qwaser is a person who can call upon the power of a particular element in order to fight against his enemies. Soon you will find out that Alexander’s quest is to search for a mystical relic known as the ‘High Circuit’. Mafuyu and Tomo will be both very surprised to find out the source of the powers of these Qwasers. Though it’s a fan-service anime but the plot is heavy with action, and the mystery regarding the source of power of the Qwasers will keep you hooked to the series.




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