61 Ann Sheridan Sexy Pictures That Will Make Your Heart Pound For Her

61 Ann Sheridan Sexy Pictures That Will Make Your Heart Pound For Her

The most popular actress who worked regularly from 1934 in several films and television series as well and was known as The Oomph Girl who received 250 marriage proposals from her fans in a week is none but Ann Sheridan.

She was born on 21st February in 1915 in Denton, Texas. Her parents were Lula Stewart Warren Sheridan and G.W. Sheridan. When she was at North Texas State Teachers College in 1932, her sister sent her pictures to Paramount Pictures. Later, she won a beauty contest and as part of the prize, she was offered a small role in Paramount film, The Search for Beauty.

She made her debut in acting with the film, The Search of Beauty in 1934 when she was 19. Later, she appeared in several paramount films but remained the name uncredited. That year, she appeared in the film, Behold My Wife. She appeared in her first lead role in the film, Car 99 in 1935. That year, she appeared in the film, Fighting Youth with Universal but next year, she signed a contract with Warner Bros. After that, her career began to rise and she moved into B picture leads. In 1938, she again did a film, Letter of Introduction with Universal. Gradually, she started getting roles in A pictures with the film Angels with Dirty Faces in 1938. In 1941, she appeared in the musical The Man Who Came to Dinner. The following year, she appeared in the war film, Wings for the Eagle. She became the heroine of the novel, Ann Sheridan and the Sign of the Sphinx that published in 1943. She was from films since 1944 and came back in 1946 with One More Tomorrow. The other films of her are Shoot the Works, Home on the Range, Mississippi, Mystery House, Navy Blues, Come Next Spring and many more. She had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame or her contributions to films.

From 1936-1939, she was married to actor Edward Norris. In 1942, she married George Brent but they divorced a year later. In 1966, she married for the third time and was with him till death.

On 21st January 1967, she died of gastroesophageal cancer while filming the television series, Pistols n Petticoat. Her ashes were stored at the Chapel of the Pines Crematory in Los Angeles.

She has achieved the Golden Apple Award, NBR Award, and Star on the Walk of Fame.

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