7 Superpowers That Make Aquaman One Of The Most Powerful DC Superheroes Ever


DCEU is trying to get back to its feet after the less than encouraging outcome of its biggest superhero film until now: Justice League. Now, Aquaman is the next big film from the Warner Bros. DC Comics based cinematic universe, and it is expected to revive the fortunes of the franchise. After having featured in the Justice League, Aquaman is now going to get his own solo action film. The King of the Seven Seas will arrive to theatres all over the world in December. However, do we really know him? His powers are not just about talking to fish or swimming under-water. He has a lot of superpowers that we are sure you had no idea about. Let’s discover seven superpowers of Aquaman which make him one of the deadliest DC heroes!

1. Sonar Sense

The Sonar Sense is a power that is attributed with marine creatures. Dolphins are generally regarded as the creatures that taught us how the Sonar Sense works. They use high pitched frequencies and then use the echo to locate their prey as well as to create a mental map of the world around them. They don’t need to use their eyes to do this. Arthur Curry aka  Aquaman also has this ability. Echolocation is a power that was first seen as a talent possessed by Aquaman in Super Friends. It might not look a magnificent superpower, but, it is a great boost for him.

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2. Super Strength

Everyone knows he is strong. But, do we know how strong? Aquaman lives underwater, and the readers have never really got much chance to see him using his strength to its fullest. However, make no mistake, Aquaman is incredibly strong in terms of muscle power. He can pick up a whole building and can crush a whole ship with his bare hands. He recently took on the Superman, and successfully survived it. This is proof enough of his amazing strength.

3. Superhuman Endurance

A normal Atlantean needs to survive under extreme water pressure, as the kingdom is located in the depths of the ocean’s floor. They have a naturally created thick skin which also serves the purpose of being a super strong armor that keeps them safe from small arms attack. Arthur is a royal, therefore, his endurance is even higher. He can dive much deeper than the other Atlanteans, and also has strength that can overcome even the most thick-skinned Atlantean.

4. Water Manipulation

Arthur Curry is capable of Hydrokinesis, i.e. the power to control the water and use it whichever way you wish. In a comic book story, Aquaman had lost his hand, and then the Lady of the Lake gave him a water hand by using her magic. This hand allowed him mild hydrokinetic powers such as splitting the waves in half and altering the density of ocean. Arthur doesn’t have that arm anymore, but, we just hope that he will get it in the Aquaman film.

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5. Heat Resistance

Are you under the impression that oceans are cool and peaceful? The water bodies known as oceans cover 70% of the planet’s surface, and this includes the extremely hot tectonic fault lines. During a fight with a villain known as the Volcanic Monster, Aquaman revealed his power of being able to bear extreme heat that would kill any normal human or even Atlantean. His endurance is so strong that he can stay alive even if drenched in molten lava.

 6. Teleportation

Aquaman’s trident gives him the power to teleport over great distances. In Aquaman #40, the weapon’s teleportation power was revealed. By the time, Aquaman #44 came, Arthur Curry started using it a lot and had even managed to teleport to some alien planet which was light years away from Earth. However, in the recent comics, he has been shown to be back to hop his way across the distance.

 7. Magic

Magic has a very profound place in Atlantis. While the marine kingdom is technology driven, the ancient roots are still a big thing in the underwater province. Arthur Curry, courtesy of his royal origins, can access the ancient Atlantean magic. That is the reason why he was able to use Poseidon’s Trident and also the Water Hand given by the lady of the lake. He is not proficient in magic, but, he has some sort of link to the Atlantean mystic powers.


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