New Avengers 4 Fan Theory Suggests That Banner Will Become The Hulk After [Spoiler’s] Death


The Marvel movie, Thor: Ragnarok had started a three-movie arc for the Hulk, and this had continued in the film, Avengers: Infinity War and it will end in the upcoming Avengers 4 movie. Ragnarok had teased the very fact that this Green Goliath wanted to live his life the way he wanted to but then, in Infinity War, he had been defeated by Thanos and sent into the resting room Now, the movie, Avengers 4 will show us Banner being turning back into the Hulk but how will this happen?

The Russo Brothers had revealed that this character was simply tired of saving Bruce’s life all the time. Hulk was tired of being used only when Bruce needed him. An all-new concept art for the movie, Avengers 4 has all the fans concluding that they will see a Professor Hulk and here, Bruce Banner will control of the brains and the Hulk will just get to do the physical stuff.

For this to take place, Bruce might have already figured out a way to deal with the Hulk, but now, a fan on Reddit has a pretty dark and very brutal theory which will bring Hulk out of comfy shell. This theory suggests that Thanos will kill the Black Widow and this will cause the Hulk to blast out:

“Thanos will put Natasha’s life in danger which will get Bruce really angry but still not hulk out. But then she will eventually die which will finally unleash the Hulk – but plot twist! It’s just a Reality Stone trick. Widow isn’t actually dead, Thanos just wanted to unleash the Hulk like Loki did in The Avengers. But this time, he’ll Mind Control Hulk to help him fight against [the other heroes].”

Natasha may not die in the movie, but her life could be threatened. This will be a motivation for the Hulk. A fan had commented on this theory:

“I actually think vice versa, from how easily Thanos dispatched the Hulk in Infinity War. He will not see him as a threat at all and might simply be killing Black Widow as an example to other Avenger aggressors. Of course, this will enrage and traumatize Banner/Hulk to the point where they both feel absolute fury and reach a strength which Thanos could never have anticipated, leading to a brutal beating that comes close to ending the Mad Titan’s motives completely and ultimately fulfilling the traditional comic lore of why Thanos considers the Hulk one of the few beings he never wishes to confront directly.”

What many other fans think will happen is that they will ultimately see the Professor Hulk by the second half of this movie, but Thanos will not kill Black Widow. She cannot die because of the coming A-Force film, and this will lead to her solo movie.

Thanos may critically wound Black Widow, and this will cause the Hulk to lash out. Thanos will then be thrashed by the Hulk. But we do not know if he will destroy Thanos.

Avengers 4 will release on May 3, 2019.



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