Here Is A Cool New Avengers 4 Fan Trailer Revealing The End Game Mentioned By Doctor Strange


People are often impatient, and some people are more restless compared to the others. However, if you wish to find out the extreme range of impatience, then you must take a look at one particular Marvel fan. We are all waiting since the time Avengers: Infinity War ended to find out what will happen eventually in Avengers 4 and how. But, apart from the talented fans who have created a lot of material on YouTube. There are numerous fan-created videos with massive likes, but, we have found the best for you, and here we will share with you a video that will make you even more restless for the Avengers 4. Consider it to be one of the things that you have to deal with as a Marvel fan.


Back in July, there was a rumor that emerged from the deep space that the name of Avengers 4 would be ‘End Game.’the name separated the Marvel lovers into two sections, but, now another rumor has come up. However, it has also become a source of inspiration for many fans to create videos about the title “End Game.” Avengers: Infinity War featured a lot of superheroes, and that has helped the maker to use various clips from several films.

If you felt that the Avengers: Infinity War had a huge cast then get ready to be surprised because we would be seeing the largest cast ever assembled in any MCU film until now in next year’s Avengers 4. After the infamous Thanos snap, many of the beloved superheroes turned into dust instantly, and it led to countless fan theories and makers of these fan videos have used them to reveal what might be in store from all the theories and the movie as well.

This is a great video as it features an image of Captain Marvel with desperation in her eyes and we are aware of the place Captain Marvel has among the Marvel fans. The superhero from the 1990s is going to arrive on the big screen early next year. The story of an ex-U.S. Air Force Fighter Pilot Carol Danvers, who was drawn into a battle between two alien races, and that played a crucial role in giving Captain Marvel her superpowers.

In the video here, the Captain Marvel plot has been referenced to in some ways as nothing important has been featured here, but, we know that with the great success of “Ant-Man and The Wasp” and the hype for “Captain Marvel”, we will see a connection between the two and that is likely to be the much talked about Quantum Realm. It has been a mode of traveling back in time, and we have seen it a few times in the Ant-Man films.

Thanos murders Iron-Man, Nebula is in control, and Thor arrived from the sky with the great thunder and lightning wrapped from his body, making a great visual treat for the Marvel lovers. The video has a lot of gripping scenes and visuals of the iconic characters.

For the time being, all that we have is these fan-made videos, and we are optimistic about Anthony and Joe Russo doing justice to the great expectations that fans have with the Avengers 4, which is scheduled to hit the big screen next year.

So far nothing is confirmed about the release of Avengers 4 trailer which is making fans with nothing else to do, but, to create fan videos and write tweets to figure out what the upcoming film will have in store. Fans have now been waiting for the Captain Marvel, but, being the first film of the superhero, there is no existing video clips of her to use. In any case, this video has featured a visual of the most eagerly awaited MCU superhero of the day.