5 Iron Man Suits That Will Make Appearances In Avengers 4


Every new film in the MCU that features Tony Stark will also feature an all-new new Iron Man suit. All the fans are always super excited to see the new tech that will be shown in all new movies and Marvel. The nanotech armour in Infinity War has been the best Iron Man suit to make an appearance so far, and many are now trying to figure which suit/s will make appearances in the Avengers 4 movie.

1. Upgraded Nanotech suit

The fans have also seen many concept artworks with Tony Stark wearing an upgraded Iron Legion before the movie; Infinity War had released. Well, even if they do not bring out Iron Legion, the fans are sure to see many new Iron Man suits.

An artwork by ultraraw26 had given all the fans a pretty accurate look at the new suit which will be a hybrid of the first Red and Gold suit and also the Nanotech suit.

It is sure to have a few new weaponry that the fans have seen via leaked images.

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2. Pepper’ Rescue Armor

Many rumours suggest that Pepper will sport her own suit and Gwyneth Paltrow had been seen wearing a mo-cap suit on the sets of the Avengers 4 movie. Then an image of her in a purple and white suit had surfaced, and fans hope to see her as Rescue.

3. Iron Man’s Quantum Realm suit

A new leaked image of a toy had shown the team suits for Rocket, Thor and also Captain America and these suites where white. It looks that the suits will be built for time traveling via the Quantum Realm.

4. The Nanotech War Machine (with Proton Cannon)

Almost everyone who is related to Iron Man will be getting a nanotech suit and so will War Machine.  We may see War Machine have a nanotech armour as well and these rumours have become stronger after the Proton Cannon had come into the picture.

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5. The Thanos Buster

Many rumours claim that Tony will make a new armour for fighting Thanos and it will be able to harness all the powers of the Infinity Stones- the Thanos Buster

Avengers 4 will release on May 3, 2019.


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