Avengers 4 Rumors: The Speculated Plot Leak Reveals A Fantastic Finale To Marvel Cinematic Universe


As far as Marvel Cinematic Universe, bogus plot leaks are not unusual. Therefore, when we talk about Avengers 4, that kind of strategy is likely to be deployed.  In fact, there was one major plot leak which sounded really cool, but, was trashed. While reading stuff on Reddit and 4Chan, we should always be careful with what we believe. We don’t  mean that everything is a lie out there, but, generally, it is.

   There is the latest plot leak on 4Chan, thanks to Reddit, and if it is true, it reveals a lot of spoilers. We have warned you!

First Act

  • The film starts with Ant-Man going back in time to events that took place before Iron-Man 1, by using a time vortex in the Quantum Realm. He spotted Hank Pym, and they start building a “sling ring.”
  • Eternity helps them (to achieve his own goals), by providing them with special Gauntlets that give them control of their movement across time.
  • Cue title sequence.
  • Iron-Man and Nebula return from Titan and meet the surviving Avengers.
  • Thor visits Hel to raise an army of fallen Vikings. He meets some old friends, and even Hela is there.
  • Ant-Man emerges from a time vortex and informs the Avengers about the proceedings and gives them the “sling ring.”
  • Inside the first one hour, Thanos comes to know about the “sling ring” and he dispatches his army. Thor also sends his army.
  • In the battle that follows, both the future Thor and future Captain America die. Thor dies in the opening battle, and Captain dies during a fight with Thanos’ army after undertaking time travel. Thanos also sends his troops to chase the Avengers in the “sling ring.”

Second Act

  • The Avengers undertake time travel to gather the Stones and stop Thanos.
  • Captain of the past is hired to replace the future Captain. He was picked up right from the point where Red Skull was transported by the Tesseract.
  • The Avengers reach the Battle of New York (things get worse here), the events of Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, and prior to Thor and Thor: The Dark World.
  • Captain Marvel accompanies them on their missions, but, is not much active until the film’s last hour.
  • During their visit to events before Thor, Hawkeye gets hold of Odin’s Gauntlet.
  • Dr. Strange eventually manages to emerge from the Soul Stone, and travels back in time in the “sling ring.”
  • When Thanos discovers their plot to create another Gauntlet, he sends more of his troops after them.
  • The resultant battle sees half of the past Avengers and half of the future Avengers die.
  • Hulk puts on the Gauntlet, but, loses his arm. He ends up getting a mechanical arm.
  • Finally, Thanos is killed, and the Gauntlet, as well as the Infinity Stones, are destroyed.

Final Act

  • Tony soaks up the power of the Infinity Stones that got destroyed.
  • It is revealed that Eternity is none other than a future version of Tony who had discarded his physical body.
  • He has been toying with the events all over time, and we find that the only people who could truly act with “free will” were Dr. Strange, Hulk, Red Skull, and Thanos.
  • It is revealed that Eternity used Strange to get rid of Dormammu.
  • The present Tony comes to know that he will turn into a “conquerer” and become the ruler of the Universe. The people recall him as “Kang the Conqueror.”
  • Another 20 minute battle of everyone vs. Kang takes place wherein Dr. Strange travels back in time and murders Tony before he turned into Kang/Eternity.
  • After everything is over, the Avengers are glad to see the end of the war.
  • The post-credits scene shows Ultron wake up.

We must say that this is a highly interesting fan theory. The Reddit user who shared it also gave their opinion, stating:

It’s probably fake, but it does line up with a few different things. The set photos hinting at time travel, the other leak that mentioned hulk wielding the gauntlet (and becoming professor hulk) before the leaked pics show a more “intelligent” looking Hulk. Also the whole “I hope they remember you” line Thanos gave to Tony in Infinity War, takes on a whole new perspective in this plot.


And about the Kang thing… Although they technically can’t use Kang, there have been deals before that where “under the table.” Ego, the living planet, for example, was owned by Fox, but they managed to do a trade with Fox. It could be a similar deal with Kang but all in all, it’s probably fake.

 So that’s it, guys. If you have read the theory above and it turns out to be the actual narrative, then don’t blame us. If it all turns out to be a fake and you feel disappointed, still, don’t blame us because we warned you.  We will find out the actual truth only when Avengers 4 hits the big screen next year. As of now, the film is scheduled to be released on May 3rd, but, recent chatter indicates it might come out a bit earlier.


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