New BTS Avengers 4 Images Confirm That [Spoiler] Will Lead To Thanos’ Death


Thanos’s entry into the MCU had been marked with a lot of destruction and deaths of the Avengers. The Mad Titan had arrived with a very strong aim, and he had made his move with a lot of deliberate intents.

It is very likely that all the events of the upcoming movie, Avengers 4 will surely be inspired from one or even more comic book storylines that relate and focus on Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. We must note that anytime that Thanos has gained semblance on the infinity stones in the comic books, it has been the soul stone that was would lead to his downfall. Now, we have a new BTS image from Marvel Studio and this kind of suggests that Thanos will meet his end soon.

The only person who had been able to put up a fight against the Mad Titan in the movie, Infinity War had ben Doctor Strange. He had pushed all his magical prowess to a limit and had also taken over the Mad Titan. But this was unfortunately not enough. In the film, ‘Doctor Strange’ we had seen the Ancient One take Strange on a tour through all the universe’s realms. The dimension before the dark dimension had been referred to as ‘Benevolent and life-giving’, and this is the quantum realm.

It looks like the life-giving element in the quantum realm is very much related to the soul stone, and we must note that all of this is just speculation, but it still seems like a confirmation that the benevolent and life-giving realm, the quantum realm will eventually be the reason for Thanos’ downfall.


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