25 Epic And Hilarious Avengers Comics That You have To See Right Now


Any Avengers fan will know all of these characters, the favorite moments, and villains. The Avengers is the complete band of superhero characters taken from a slew of popular Marvel comics. There’s something so gratifying about seeing all our favorite superhero characters come together to fight a greater evil. Part of this is the inevitable power dynamics and the characters’ hilarious antics.

Whether you’re a comic book fan or a movie enthusiast, thanks to the MCU franchise, it’s clear that The Avengers stories and the entire Marvel Universe has taken decades and dozens of films to develop and grow. In the wake of Infinity War, the Internet has produced an abundance of fan art, comics, and memes set in the Marvel world with special focus on our favorite Avengers.

As with any hugely popular cultural phenomena, celebrating our favorite parts of geek culture doesn’t mean we can’t also have some fun with it. It’s great to be passionate about our favorite nerdy pastimes while at the same time laugh at their plotholes and inconsistencies.

Let’s take a look at these 25 funny Avengers comics that have sprouted since the franchise’s boost in popularity in recent years.

25. Snakey Loki Bro

24. Black Widow Snub

23. Gender-Swap Poster Poses

22. Hulk Leaves You Hanging

21. Ant-Man Is Useful

20. Low Key Loki

19. Prettiest Armor In Asgard

18. Too Many Avengers

17. Loki’s Sentence

16. Costume Upgrade

15. Fans Vs. Non-Fans

14. Excessive Deadpool

13. Frozen Loki

12. Black Widow Snubbed Again

11. Avengers Backseat Gaming

10. Black Panther’s One Weakness

9. Winnie The Hulk

8. Tangled Vs. Frozen: Civil War

7. Gift From Tony Stark

6. Don’t Leave Me Hanging

5. Super Hulk

4. Challenge Accepted

3. The Next Generation

2. Where Is The Ministry Of Magic?

1. Baby Avengers


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