Avengers Finale – It Maybe The Endgame For Captain America, But Not For The Iron Man


Avengers: Endgame will be the last film for a large number of our heroes. However, the ones that are most likely leaving the MCU after this motion picture are Iron Man and Captain America. So with them leaving, the inquiry that dependably emerges is that who among these two legends, who’s identity the one that fails horrendously.

We know it for a reality that one of them needs to be shelved. The Russosbrothers have guaranteed that the closure of the film will break our hearts, so its absolutely impossible that both of these pioneers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe could make it alive. Either the Cap bites the dust, and Iron Man gets resigned, or Iron Man passes on and Cap is resigned, or both would bite the dust as prodded by Age of Ultron.

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On discussion about this, a Reddit user under the namefarores_winds has concocted his hypothesis that contends Captain America to be the one that kicks the bucket so Iron Man can resign. This is what he composed – ‘Captain America and Iron Man don’t get along not because of the Sokovia Accords disagreement, but because Bucky killed Tony’s parents. This theme of parenthood is incredibly important, and it sets the stage as the major motivation behind Tony’s character arc in phase 3. He hates Steve because his best friend killed his parents. He loves Peter Parker and sees him as a son. He had a dream about having a child with Pepper. And he is about to marry Pepper. This is a major theme. Parenthood and family.’

Till here, the hypothesis is right on the money, as this is the thing that we as a whole have seen till now. Infinity War prodded a wedding and Tony Stark being a dad, while Steve has dependably been somebody who might forfeit himself to spare others. Along these lines, this is the thing that should occur, and this is the thing that will most likely occur.


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