New Avengers: Endgame Theory Explains Why Nick Fury Waited So Long To Call Captain Marvel


Ever since the post-credits scene of Infinity War, many fans have been asking one question, “why did Nick Fury wait so long to call Captain Marvel?”

Now, an all-new theory comes in from the Reddit user, QuanticQ and this suggests that Carol and Fury has not ended up in good terms, and this is why Fury never contacted her until he was desperate:

“What if due to the events of Captain Marvel, Fury and Carol end on bad terms? Something about how she dealt with the Kree war perhaps. Or maybe she deceives him in some way. Not 100% sure of the reason why, but if true it could be an interesting dynamic. It could explain why Fury didn’t call her to help with the events of the first 2 Avengers movies. I see it as the last thing she says is along the lines of “if you ask for my help again, everyone better be dead” and then she blasts off to space. It might also tie into the missing eye and what looks like cat scratch marks behind Fury’s eye patch. A general timeline of events could be like this:

  1. Fury trusts Carol to do something(about the Kree war most likely)
  2. Carol decides to go a different route to solve the problem
  3. Fury tries to stop her, but Goose (or Chewie or whatever) gets between them and damages Fury’s eye
  4. Carol finishes the war and tells Fury not to get in touch with her again

Again, I’m not 100% sure on what all the plot points could be, but I thought that them ending on bad terms could be an interesting explanation to Carol not being called on previously.”

This Redditor has pointed out a very interesting fact and as it has been hinted before, this adds more a lot of reasoning as to why Fury has not called Carol all along. After the Captain Marvel prelude had been released, the fans got a few hints in the comic suggesting Fury’s reason for not calling her.

The Prelude had shown us where Fury had been during Infinity War and the events of Civil War. It had not put a lot of focus on Captain Marvel, but there had been a reference which presents a huge hint about Captain Marvel, and the very reason why Fury did not called her.

Here, we see Maria Hill talking to Fury, and then this conversation gives the fans a hint about Captain Marvel. Fury then says “If we do our jobs right, we may never have to.”

This dialogue gives us the very vibe that Carol and Fury did not really end up on good terms in Captain Marvel.

The reason why many fans feel that Carol and Fury did not end on good terms was confirmed in dialogue which Fury has said in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Fury and Steve had been talking about trust, and Fury said, “the last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye”.


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