The Final And Epic Endgame Battle Revealed By LEGO Set Leak


The movie, Avengers: Endgame has now been shrouded in mystery, but an all-new toy set may have just revealed a few aspects of the huge and final battle between the Marvel superheroes and Thanos.

The all-new set has been titled Endbattle in New York and is an expansive set which has 213 pieces. This set will retail for $299.99, and it features a larger than life Mad Titan holding a huge Infinity Gauntlet. In spite of being larger than all the other superheroes, it looks like he has many minions, like two brutish beasts that breathe fire and also have huge claws and he has a sentry that has 3 wings on each side and also jets in the feet.

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A much smaller Gauntlet can also be seen, and we also see Spider-Man (with his spider-arms in tow), Iron Man, Doctor Strange and also, Thor (with Stormbreaker).

Of course, these figures are a part of the “Elephant JX” brand, which is a knockoff of LEGO.

We must note that not all the aspects or elements of a toy make it into a film, as we had seen certain LEGO battle sets from Avengers: Infinity War did not find their way into the film.

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Thanos will surely be the central figure that the Avengers will be taking on, and the fans have many theories on the same, but a few theories have Thanos working with the Avengers after someone else gets a hold of the Gauntlet.

Avengers: Endgame will release on April 26th.


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