New Endgame Theory – [Spoiler] Will Help Banner Bring Out Hulk


As Avengers: Endgame is just a few more months away, all the fans are waiting to see if and how Hulk will make his appearance. According to an all-new theory that comes from one of the Redditors, StripplefitzParty, instead of actually getting help from Shuri, the Hulk’s abilities are set to be unlocked by someone who is way more capable of these wonders:


“I’ve seen the theory that Shuri might play a pivotal role in either recreating Vision or performing a procedure on Bruce so that he becomes Prof. Hulk. However, after Mark Ruffalo’s comment about working on set with Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One, I believe this could be how Bruce becomes Prof. Hulk. We witnessed a lot of sorcery from the Ancient One in Doctor Strange in battles with Kaecilius and his followers, but the one scene that makes me think she can do more in terms of unlocking inner potential is when she took Strange on the cosmic, astral joy ride. At one point, Strange’s body is shown to have layers that are taken apart from one another and then reassembled. Almost every single theory/leak about A4 has indicated that time travel will occur, and one really interesting one is Bruce going back in time with other Avengers, and while the others attempt to perform some time-travel espionage Bruce goes to the Sanctum Santorum to talk with Doctor Strange because he fell through his roof the first time they met in IW. However, because at the time of the Battle of New York, Doctor Strange had not started his magical journey at Kamar Taj, so the Sanctum would be guarded by another sorcerer and would likely take Bruce to the Ancient One upon hearing his knowledge. It would be here that the Ancient One learns not only about Thanos’ actions and the mission the Avengers are on but also about Bruce’s condition and does some magical therapy to bind the two spiritual forms of Hulk and Bruce together so they can cooperate as one physically.”

It is surely very weird how the answers that the fans have been looking for all this while was right in front of us. Mark Ruffalo had also revealed that he had enjoyed working with the actress, Tilda Swinton, and since then we have been trying to figure out a possibility where the Ancient One and Banner could actually be together in a scene.

If these two stars have to share a scene, then it is possible that the Ancient One will help bring out Hulk. The answer for the Hulk Conundrum lies in pure magic instead of science. According to the MCU, Magic is the science that we have not understood as of now.

Avengers: Endgame will release on April 26.