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Here’s Why The Hulk Is Being Hidden From The Avengers: Endgame Trailers

Here’s Why The Hulk Is Being Hidden From The Avengers: Endgame Trailers

The fans have gotten three sets of footage and just 3 slow-mo shots of Bruce Banner from the movie, Avengers: Endgame. Yes, we know that Hulk is not to be revealed until Banner resolves his problem with the green Goliath, but come on, at least they could give us something. Infinity War had sat him out of all the action, but the sequel will make up for this.

The Hulk is now going through its 3 film story arc, and Endgame may be his last and final MCU movie. However, the question remains as to why there has been nothing about the Hulk in the trailers for Endgame.

The fans know that they will get a Hulk and he will be out physically while Bruce Banner will be in charge mentally. We also know that this will be the Professor Hulk version of the character.

However, this might not be entirely the case.

Hulk has to make the Mad Titan fear him when the next battle takes place and so that might not happen with Hulk being just Professor Hulk. The last time these two characters had battled, Thanos had proven to be much more superior than the Hulk. The Green Goliath will now need an edge to become equal to Thanos, and the solution to this is the World Breaker Hulk.

World Breaker Hulk is the very version of the Green Goliath that led the actual Planet Hulk storyline. Many superheroes on Earth had believed that Hulk was becoming a dangerous being for the people of the planet and so, they sedated him and sent him to a planet where there are only plants.

Hulk wakes up mid-flight in space and felt betrayed and well, angry. He then rips the ship off the ship and lands on a nearby planet which was populated with beings that could hurt him.

This is where Bruce and Hulk had made an agreement that Bruce would control the brains and Hulk would get to be the body. Hulk then becomes a gladiator on this planet, and beats everyone and also overthrows the ruler of the planet. He also meets his better half, and the couple expects a child.

However, the ship that he had arrived was made to explode by someone on this planet, and Hulk believed that the Avengers made it explode. The explosion had killed his wife and his unborn child, and this event unlocked a berserker rage within him, and he set off to Earth.

He had then arrived on Earth, and no one could beat him. The Black Bolt, Hulkbuster,  and the other Avenger were not a match for him.

If we compare this story from the MCU, Hulk himself decided that he should get away from Earth because he causes a lot of harm. This had led him to land on Sakaar, which is like “Planet Hulk”.

The ruler of Sakaar had been overthrown by a revolution and Hulk has returned to Earth. After this, things are a little different from the comics. This does not mean that the fans will not see World Breaker Hulk and he might not be called that, but he can be similar to this.

 To make him “World Breaker” very angry, something really huge has to take place. In the MCU, there are three ways it can happen:

One way is to kill off Black Widow. Bruce and Nat still have a lot of unresolved feelings, and this had been clear in Thor: Ragnarok and also, Avengers: Infinity War. If Natasha dies, then Hulk will go crazy with anger and become World Breaker.

The next can be if all the Avengers died. Kevin Feige and the Endgame creatives had said say that this would be a very emotional story for the original Avengers. Having Hulk hidden from everywhere may mean that something huge is coming.

The third one is a theory. It has been suggested that one of the Avengers would get their own Infinity Gauntlet. This Gauntlet is made up of Uru metal, and Thor even said that weapons made up of Uru metal are so strong that mortals cannot wield them.

Only Captain Marvel, Hulk and Thor, can wield the Infinity Gauntlet. If Hulk gets it, then his mind may react to the strength of the Uru Metal and unlock World Breaker Hulk.


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