Style heroes: 34 Most Stylish Photos Of Actors From The Marvel Cinematic Universe


While superhero movies and TV shows are nothing new, and there have been plenty of highly successful as well as popular superhero inspired films based on various Marvel and DC characters, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has turned out to be the real game-changer. Debuting with Iron-Man in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe won over fans right from the outset, and in the last ten years, 20 films from this shared superhero franchise have hit the big screen, earning billions of dollars. In fact, the Avengers: Infinity War, broke all records related to superhero films and went on to become the highest-grossing superhero film ever by crossing the $2 billion mark on the box office.

Superpowers, amazing stories and incredible battles between good and evil (at times between forces that fall in-between), appeal to the fans, but, they are not the only reason why the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans live and breathe everything that is dished out by the Marvel Studios. Frankly, there is a great deal of eye candy stuff that we see in the Netflix shows, TV shows, and movies.

While Hollywood is known to cast good-looking people generally, the comic book fans are aware of the fact that there are numerous characters drawn and created to look amazing, charismatic and totally captivating. Fortunately, Marvel’s casting choices have been spot on. There are dozens of Marvel Cinematic Universe characters that most of us have had a crush at some point in time. Whether it is the gorgeous Black Widow, the magical Scarlet Witch or you happen to be someone who follows Loki; you have a great company.

Elizabeth Olsen

Scarlett Johansson!

Angela Bassett

Anthony Mackie

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benicio Del Toro

Bradley Cooper

Chadwick Boseman

Chris Evans

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Pratt

Danai Gurira

Dave Bautista

Florence Kasumba

Gwyneth Paltrow

Idris Elba

Jeremy Renner

Josh Brolin

Karen Gillan

Kerry Condon

Letitia Wright

Linda Cardellini

Mark Ruffalo

Paul Bettany

Paul Rudd

Peter Dinklage

Pom Klementieff

Robert Downey Jr.

Sebastian Stan

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Holland

Vin Diesel

Winston Duke

Zoe Saldana


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