Here Is The Official Blu-Ray Trailer Of Avengers: Infinity War


The Avengers: Infinity War’s Retailer exclusives unveiled so far include steelbook packaging, art book set, and a Funko Pop gift set.

Best Buy is going to offer an exclusive steelbook with the cover displaying only Thanos wielding the Infinity Gauntlet and a full set of Infinity Stones. This steelbook cover from Best Buy will include a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc, a Blu-ray disc, and a digital code. You can pre-order it for $34.99.

Target is coming up with their own special gift set which includes the Blu-ray and a bonus Infinity WarIron Man Target exclusive Funko Pop. It is an all red, shiny vinyl figure variant of the iconic Avenger in his brand new nanotech powered armor. This bundle is exclusive only to Target REDCard bearers and can be pre-ordered at $41.99.

Target is also offering a separate 4K UHD exclusive, costing $32.99 and it includes variant cover art and a 40-page gallery book. The International retailer Zavvi has a pair of exclusive Avengers: Infinity Warsteelbooks, having a 4K/2D Blu-ray and a 4K/3D Blu-ray with T-shirt bundle set.

You can also be the first to stream Avengers: Infinity War upon its digital release if you pre-order it now on digital seller Vudu for $19.99. Pre-ordering now will give you an instantly available featurette bonus, and the film will automatically get added to your digital locker as soon as it releases.

The home release contains 45-minutes of special features which include a movie intro by makers Anthony and Joe Russo, a gag reel and various deleted scenes as well as other featurettes such as ‘The Battle in Wakanda,’ ‘The Battle on Titan,’ ‘Kingdom of Thanos,’ ‘New Teams,’ and ‘Decision of a Father.’

Avengers: Infinity War has created the record for being the biggest global box office opening ever and has gone on to become the highest-grossing superhero film in history as well as the 4th highest-grossing film ever with $ 2.039 billion.


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