30 Amazing Infinity War Set Images Taken Before The Special Effects Had Been Added


The MCU’s “Avengers: Infinity War” had easily become one of the highest-grossing movies in history. For bringing in the 3rd “Avengers” movie to life on the silver screen, it had taken a lot of work from the team, cast and crew. When it comes to this movie’s special effects and features, the executive producer, Victoria Alonso said that there had been 3,000 shots in the movie and she had then sad said that around 2,900 of the visual effects had been shot.

Many of the Marvel fans took a few BTS videos which were released by Marvel with the images that they had taken and compared them with the final movie.

While the film is packed with a whole lot of CGI effects, it is surely not all blue and green screens. “Infinity War” has a whole lot more sets than you would expect. The film includes a lot of locations that range from Wakanda, planets like Titan and Vormir and also, New York City. Many parts of the filming had taken place on stages like Fayetteville, Georgia.

Pinewood Atlanta Studios had been a location for many of the sets in the movie, “Infinity War.”

“They were gracious enough to let us light it on fire,” Christopher Markus said.

Here, we have for you 30 images from the film set before their special effects:

Thanos Fight!

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Not That Big Grasses!

Thanos And Thor!

Thor Arrives in Wakanda!

The Meeting!

Iron Man in A CGI Suit!

Not That Big Battle!

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The Army!

With And Without VFX!

The coffee shop at Waverley train station!

Without The Suit!

Guardians’ ship on set!

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Thanos And Iron Man Fight!

Josh Brolin Behind-The-Scene!


Fun On The Set!



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Michael Shaw on the set!

Terry Notary shooting the film!

Gamora’s Home!

Black Panther!

On Reel And After Special Effects!

The Black Order!

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Josh Brolin As Thanos!


Not That Deadly!

Green Screen Wakanda!



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