35 Shocking Avengers: Infinity War Set Images Before The VFX


Whenever a studio attempts making a film which turns comic book stories and characters into live-action, there are lots of challenges to be tackled. While just like any other Hollywood film, even the superhero genre films have to deal with the casting and other normal issues, but, their biggest challenge lies in recreating the larger than life and often extremely fantastical creatures and locations.

Ten years ago when the Marvel Cinematic Universe got going with the original Iron-Man film, the reception to the movie was spectacular. Everyone loved the performance of Robert Downey Jr. However, what impressed the audiences the most was the involvement of great action and visual effects.

Throughout the last ten years, we have seen numerous Marvel films release, and irrespective of how they performed on the box office, they have always been great looking films with mind-blowing special effects. Therefore, when Avengers: Infinity War, which turned out to be the grandest Marvel film until now and a movie which turned the MCU as we know it on its head, hit the big screen, we knew there would be fantastic visual delights.

The film lived up to the expectations and by earning more than $2 billion on the global box office; it became the highest-grossing superhero movie until now.

To turn the third Avengers movie into reality, the cast and crew spent years of work on it. Regarding the film’s special features, the executive producer Victoria Alonso revealed that out of the 3000 shots in the film, almost 2900 were visual effects shots. A great deal of work is required to create a single shot, and that is how we get to see the amazing visuals on-screen. Take a look at this collection of Avengers: Infinity War set images before VFX which will change your perspective about the movie.



Bruce Banner

Ooh, Thanos!

Blue Wakanda!


Computerized Version!


Hanging Spider!

Gamora’s home!


In his Actual Size!

Before The Big Fight!

Scarlet Witch Having Fight!

The Reality!


The Hulkbuster!

Set Vs Movie!

Before VFX!

Corvus Glaive

Strange In The Camera!

Proxima Midnight

The Green Screen!

What A Hold!

Thor vs Thanos

Thanos And Gamora

The Flying Characters!

The Fight!


The Great Fight!




The Iron Man Suit!

Avengers Infinity War Set Before The VFX!


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