Avengers: Infinity War: 10 Things That Fail To Make Sense Even After Rewatching It Ten Times


Avengers: Infinity War was the most eagerly anticipated film of this year. Still, it managed to do even better than anybody could have anticipated. No matter whether you are a loyal MCU fan or just a random moviegoer, this film proved to be mind-blowing. It had so much to offer that a lot of fans had to resort to repeat viewing. While it is obvious that no superhero movie is perfect, repeat viewings bring to notice various flaws. Avengers: Infinity War is no different. The film features many things that won’t make any sense no matter how many times you watch it. Here are ten such things listed for you:

Is Thanos a James Bond baddie?

A large number of fans were afraid that Thanos would kill Tony Stark in Avengers: Infinity War. Surprisingly, Thanos expressed his appreciation for Tony as a par visionary and let him live through the notorious snap. We wonder why?

You can say Thanos was being noble and grand or both. The truth is he messed up with something that even Sherlock Holmes would have considered to be elementary.

Their location

Avengers: Infinity war was famous for being a film that featured the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe together, almost the entire MCU that is. There are some characters like Ant-Man and Hawkeye missing, and there were weird explanations like ‘spending time with family’ or ‘house arrest’ given for their absence. Really? They decided to follow the rule or do family duty while the aliens were wrecking the planet?

Red Skull’s saga

The appearance of Red skull in Avengers: Infinity War surprised us. He was last seen disappearing while he held the Cosmic Cube. He suddenly pops up on an alien planet, providing instructions about the Soul Stone.  Crazy!

Why did the Cube dispatch him to this alien planet? We hear about Red Skull meeting other Soul Stone seekers, but, how many could there have been anyway? This cameo makes no sense.

Reality Stone

Going by the logic, the Reality Stone is probably the most powerful Infinity Stone. Using it, Thanos can change any portion of reality as he desires. He can revive the dead or restore destroyed planets like his own and so much more. He defeated various Guardians of the Galaxy members using it and turned Mantis and Drax into monstrosities. However, they turned to normal as soon as he left. Why?

Hulk’s Refusal

In the build-up to Infinity War, we all expected Hulk to battle Thanos. This took place very early in the famous and was a non-starter of a fight. Hulk was flattened by Thanos in no time. After that, the green monster refused to come out throughout the film, leaving Banner to scrape through somehow.

We see no logic in his hesitation. Simply can’t see any reason why he should miss out on the action, no matter what the makers try to convince us with.

Thor, the scholar of languages

MCU’s version of Thor is greatly modified. He has become funnier over time, and Thor: Ragnarok was his peak. This is the reason why he pleased the crowds in the scenes where he interacted with the Guardian. However, one of their scenes was senseless.

Thor told Rocket that he could understand Groot because he studied his language on Asgard. Since when did a warrior Thor start learning alien languages? Makes no sense

The curious case of Doctor Strange

With every new sequence, the tension mounted in Infinity war, and it was at its max when Doctor Strange stunned us. He evaluated millions of futures and found out only one timeline where the heroes win. We wonder if he had such powers to foresee the future then what made him wait so long to do it? Why didn’t he figure it out before Thanos’ arrival was announced?

Stronger or weaker

You might find this one a bit problematic, but, hang on. The whole film’s premise was about the idea that the heroes could unite and beat Thanos. This almost happened, but, Star-Lord ruined the plans by attacking the Mad Titan.

However, logically, Thanos should have swatted them like flies before they could even touch him. He flattened the Hulk without a care, but, later when he is even stronger, he is almost controlled by characters like Spider-Man and Mantis? Really?

The ending

The honorable thing about Thanos is that he is an alien of his word. He declared that he was going to wipe out half of the life from the universe and then “watch the sun rise over a grateful universe.” By the time the credits rolled, he had done precisely that, and he was at absolute ease.

However, what we fail to understand why he had to kill all those people? He could have easily doubled the resources using his Infinity Gauntlet.

The shield of Wakanda

Fans of Black Panther were delighted to get another glimpse of the secretive nation of Wakanda in Infinity War. Apart from seeing some characters made famous by Black Panther movie. There was the cool shield which was capable of repelling anything or anyone. It was such a powerful shield then why was it not used as a permanent defense. Had it been around earlier, Erik Killmonger could never have entered Wakanda and caused so much destruction.


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