Avengers: Infinity War: New Fan Theory Reveals Who Is The Actual Villain In The Film


Everyone knows how the Infinity Stones are crucial to the plot of Avengers: Infinity War. The film revolves around how Thanos wanted to acquire the six stones and kill half of the life in the universe. .

However, what if we tell you that Thanos wasn’t the villain of the story, and the real villain was a particular Infinity Stone known as the Mind Stone? Well, that is what an Infinity War fan on Reddit has recently shared. According to Redditor Zaneman777, Thanos is not the actual mega-villain of the MCU, but, it is the Mind Stone that has in some way or the other, been the real bad guy in the MCU movies. You can take a look at the complete theory below:

The common premise of this theory is that Mind Stone is the actual perpetrator of the plan to murder half of the life from the Universe and it is corrupting all those who possess it and also manipulates those around it. Frankly, it is quite an intriguing premise, and there are some solid points raised by the theory, especially the way Thor was troubled by Loki’s behaviour in Avengers. Vision is the only character that might not have been negatively affected by the Mind Stone. However, it was also suggested by others that the reason why Vision remained immune from the negative influence could have been the fact that he was created by Ultron, only for evil purpose, and the presence of the Mind Stone, reversed that evil.

Although this interesting theory seems to be a bit outlandish, it is the latest in a vast array of theories that fans have come up with to answer the question about the actual Infinity War villain’s identity. Right from the time the movie released, fans have been arguing about who or what is the actual Avengers: Infinity War villain, and while the general consensus is about Thanos being the villain, there are some who have gone on to suggest that the actual villains are the Star-Lord or Thor because they failed to stop Thanos. Some have even suggested that from a different perspective, Thanos is the actual hero and not the villain. Even Kevin Smith recently mentioned on his show Fatman on Batman (now renamed as Fatman Beyond), that Thanos can be considered as a hero since he killed only half of the life from the Universe and not all of it.

“Controversial choice, Thanos. From a certain perspective he’s a hero,” Smith said. “He could have literally wiped out everybody with one snap. I call that mercy.”

In any case, irrespective of who or what is the actual Infinity War villain, half of the universe has been killed, and the heroes have a mega responsibility on them when Avengers 4 releases next year.


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