37 Crazy Avengers Memes That Will Make Fans Laugh Till It Hurts


Marvel Comics has been entertaining fans for several decades now, but, before 2008, they didn’t have a global reach, and most of the Marvel Superheroes were not known to audiences outside of the comic book fandom. However, it was the arrival of the Iron-Man movie in 2008 which changed everything.

There was hardly anyone who could have accurately predicted the kind of impact the Iron-Man was going to make on the pop culture. It was not only a fantastic film but, it also got going the plans from Marvel about creating a franchise revolving around the superhero squad known as The Avengers. This dream was fulfilled in 2012 when Marvel’s The Avengers hit theatres. It was a film which brought Thor, Iron-Man, Captain America, and the Hulk together on the cinematic screen for the first time in history. It also dominated the pop-culture with the unmatched humor, amazing characters, and mind-blowing action scenes. All of a sudden the obscure characters like Black Widow and Hawkeye became household names, and heroes like Captain America, Thor and Iron-Man became legends.

As is the case with everything else in pop culture, The Avengers also became a rich source of online humor. Jokes about the superheroes and the world inhabited by them are all over the internet, and they have become a great part of the meme culture. The stills and screenshots from Avengers have turned into a perennial source of humor. Taking into account, the hype surrounding the last Avengers film, Avengers: Infinity War and the anticipation for Avengers 4, we have created a compilation of the most hilarious Avengers memes. Take a look!

They Are Just Cool!



The Target!

Red And Gold!

Nailed It!

House Arrest!

MMM Whatcha Say!


Oh Yeah!

Vibranium Ninja Stars!


Being Hungry And Running A Lot!


God of Thunder With An Umbrella!

Pretty Much!


Wakanda Forever!

Oh No!

Killing The Interview!

Best Answers Ever!

Happy Now!

You’re Valkyrie!

What A News!

Classic Thunder!

Abort Mission!




Send Him An Angel!


I Don’t Feel So Good!


Depressing Tricks!



Avengers Memes!


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