Will The ‘Avengers’ Stars Host The Oscars This Year? Here’s What’s Happening


This year’s Academy Awards ceremony does not have a host as of now after the departure of comedian, Kevin Hart, but this does not mean that the Oscars will not have a little superheroic backup. As of now, it seems like the Academy is trying to pull all their stops to get Marvel’s MCU stars on stage this event.

The Hollywood Reporter had reported that the Oscars would be moving ahead with many different celebrity presenters and speakers foregoing the traditional host. With all this in mind, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has now reportedly been trying to put together the roster of the Avengers.

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This new report has suggested that the producers of this ceremony are now working to sign up many Marvel Studios stars and are hoping that all of them will be on stage together to get all the audiences super excited. There are no details as of now regarding how the Avengers actors and actresses would be incorporated into this show, but the producer, Donna Gigliotti and also, the co-producer Glenn Weiss are super keen on having this come to pass.

The sources have now indicated that many of the stars had been asked not to present at the recent Golden Globes to ensure that the participation in the Oscars would have more of an impact.

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If the actors behind the MCU make their way onto the Oscars stage, it will surely be a great time for Marvel and Disney to drop the next trailer for the upcoming movie, Avengers: Endgame. This movie will release on April 26th.

While a whole lot of people watch the Super Bowl and also, the Academy Awards, football’s biggest game will be airing on CBS by this year. The Academy Awards will be airing on ABC, and the network owned by Disney.


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