Thor’s Age Gets A Number In The Avengers Movie


Marvel Cinematic Universe with its diversified series of super heroes, most of them from the early ages, are all well above thousands of years old. Though one question that lingers in all our minds is that ‘who’s the most eldest Avenger?’As compared on-screen, it’s Robert Downey Jr’s. Tony Stark that seems to fit the bill. However, Captain America is technically in his 90s due to being solidified in ice since World War II. It’s really neither of them, but, as Thor is significantly more seasoned than any of his partners.

This has never really been conceptualized in previous movies, yet Avengers: Infinity War at long last puts that riddle to rest. While conversing with the Guardians, the Asgardian ruler uncovered that he’s 1,500 years of age. He certainly searches useful for his age, as well, as we wouldn’t state he’s daily more than 1,499.

Despite the fact that this is the first run through the God of Thunder’s age has been explained expressly, different motion pictures including the character have given us a few signs with respect to what number of birthday events he’s survived. In 2011’s Thor, we’re informed that Odin crushed the Frost Giants and received Loki 1,000 years previously the occasions of the film. As Thor is the senior child, we realized that he was around as of now.

This fits with how the character was depicted toward the start of the 2011 pic, as well. Nearing his 1,500th birthday celebration, the God of Thunder was still entirely youthful for an Asgardian, consequently why he acted neglectfully and didn’t yet comprehend the obligation of getting to be best. He was most likely in what might be compared to his late 20s at the time, however at present he’s an increasingly develop 30-something.


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