Home Comics Here’s Why A Batman Beyond Movie Will Save The DCEU’s Future

Here’s Why A Batman Beyond Movie Will Save The DCEU’s Future

Here’s Why A Batman Beyond Movie Will Save The DCEU’s Future

Warner Bros. is not really having a very good year, and two of their biggest stars have been rumoured to leave the studio-ben Affleck and Henry Cavill (Batman and Superman). Other than this, 3 of the four DC movies years have proven to be schismatic, and have divided the critics and the fans.

If this studio’s production choices are indications, then, Warner Bros. is very dissatisfied with the plans for the DCEU, and they have tried to come up with a new success formula.

Warner Bros.’ indecision has been resulting in many fragmented visions for the entire DCEU. WB’s Batman stand-alone movie has also been on hold for a very long time ad this project has been plagued by many production problems.

To start with, the actor, Ben Affleck will not be playing the role of Batman from now on, and there has not been any information regarding who will take up this role.

Now, many fans are wondering about the status of Reeves’ stand-alone Batman movie and if this film had fallen prey to WB’s splintered leadership.

But there is a way out of this hole that has been dug by WB, and this is to set Reeves’ Batman movie away from the era of Affleck in storyline, tone and setting, and this will allow the character and the lore to grow away from the production problems.

What better story to adapt than Paul Dini, Alan Burnett and Bruce Timm’s Batman Beyond in the year, 1999?

Whether or not Zack Snyder’s vision had been tasteless is pretty debatable, but the point is, WB does not want anything to do with this and is now searching for a way out of it. A live-action Batman Beyond is not WB’s permanent way out, but it sure will be a temporary escape.

A Batman Beyond movie can allow the DCEU to work out the studio writer’s block and will also enable a few of the movies to move ahead.

The Batman should be set on a very different timeline and on a different Earth. Just like Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman and The CW’s Flash. Aquaman also features the very same concept. Arthur Curry’s origin movie will be set years before all the events of Justice League.

Refocusing this movie film on a future event that has not been affected by any other story in the same time period will surely allow a Batman movie to become successful.

There is no risk of messing up the narrative, and the crew and cast will be free to play around with elements as they want.

Choosing a live-action Batman Beyond movie is an element of contention in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.


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