20 Fantastic Behind-The-Scenes Aquaman Movie Photos


Aquaman has completed filming and is now in post-production stage. Sometime back, the star of the movie Jason Momoa took time to reflect upon the production and appreciate the experiences.

Momos shared a set of images from his phone which displays events from the past many months of his life. These photos feature behind-the-scenes shots from Aquaman.

You can check them below.

SO many beautiful MEMORIES it’s been awesome going through my phone,” Momoa posted on Instagram. “I wish I could show more Mahalo to my team you know who u are I will take you with me in my heart always. Mahalo to Australia for being so amazing to me and for respecting my OHANA I am going to miss so many. It’s been a wild ride this last seven months All my aloha j. JUSTICE LEAGUE TOUR. Here we go. Can’t wait for the world to see it. Mahalo zack for picking me. Love u”

The last photo of the gallery has Momoa accompanied by a young actor. The younger actor is holding Aquaman’s trident along with Momoa, and has tattoos identical to the Aquaman tattoos, indicating that he might be the actor who would portray a young Arthur Curry. Momoa acknowledged that the upcoming Aquaman film would be an origin story which will go down to the very beginning of Arthur Curry’s life.

 “It’s the whole origin story, for sure,” Momoa said. “You’ll see young Arthur and everything. It goes from before he was born…it’s the whole mythology of it.”

Aquaman is scheduled to release on December 21, 2018,

1. Amazing Selfie!

2. Game Time!

3. Awesome!

4. Aquaman and Mera

5. Party Time!

6. The Real Underwater!

7. Cool!

8. That Wink!

9. Foto On-Sets!

10. Super Hot Aquaman!

11. Shoots!

12. Guitar Time!

13. Mera Posing!

14. On The Beach!

15. Filming The Scenes!

16. Ohh Yeah!

17. Its Good To Ride Sometimes!

18. He is Funny!

19. Camera in The Cameras!

20. Crazy Superheroes!


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