9 Women Who Have Dated The MCU Actor, Benedict Cumberbatch


Who is Benedict Cumberbatch dating?

A lot of the famous Hollywood women have dated this Doctor Strange actor, and we have a list that will give our readers a lot of details about these super lucky women. This list will consist of Benedict Cumberbatch’s current girlfriend, his past relationships, their pictures together, and also a few Benedict Cumberbatch dating rumours. We also have a list of his comprehensive dating history, and this will tell you almost everything one needs to know regarding Benedict Cumberbatch’s love life.


The list will feature Benedict Cumberbatch’s ex-girlfriends and also a few additional information about these women, like when these lucky ladies were born and what their jobs are. These women come in all types of shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common -they have all dated Benedict Cumberbatch.

Benedict Cumberbatch is now married to Sophie Hunter, and the couple has two sons.

1. Sophie Hunter

By July, in the year, 2014, the opera director named Sophie Hunter and the actor, Benedict Cumberbatch had started their relationship. The couple had gotten married by February 14, 2015, and their wedding had been held at the 12th century Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Isle of Wight. This couple has two sons- Christopher and Hal Auden.

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2. Dakota Johnson

The actor, Benedict Cumberbatch had been rumoured to have hooked up with the Fifty Shades actress, Dakota Johnson in the year, 2013.

3. Charlotte Asprey

The famous British actress, Charlotte Asprey and the MCU actor, Benedict Cumberbatch had also dated for a while in the year, 2013.

4. Katia Elizarova

This famous and sexy Russian model, Katia Elizarova and Benedict Cumberbatch had been spotted holidaying in Ibiza in the year, 2013.

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5. Lara Pulver

The Sherlock co-star, Lara Pulver has been rumoured to have hooked up with the actor, Benedict Cumberbatch in the year, 2012.

6. Liv Tyler

Benedict Cumberbatch has also been rumoured to have hooked up with the actress, Liv Tyler by the year, 2012. She is the daughter of Steven Tyler and Bebe Buell.

7. Lydia Hearst

The actor, Benedict Cumberbatch has been rumoured to have dated the model, Lydia Hearst in the year, 2012. Lydia Hearst is an actress and also a lifestyle blogger.

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8. Anna Jones

The famous fashion designer, Anna Jones and Benedict Cumberbatch had dated for a year, from 2011 till the year, 2012.

9. Olivia Poulet

The actress, Olivia Poulet and Benedict Cumberbatch had been in a relationship from the year, 2001 till the year, 2011.


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