Top 55 Best Adult Webtoons (Manhwa)

Top 55 Best Adult Webtoons (Manhwa)

Webcomics or Manhwa have become extremely popular in recent times as they are able to connect to the readers and also create a visual impact. If you are wondering what webcomics are, the name says it all. A good amount of these webcomics deal with erotic and adult content. In this list we are compiling 55 of the best adult webcomics which are currently available. If you are trying to enter the world of adult webcomics, give this a read. We bet you’ll find the perfect match for your taste!

1. Perfect Half

Perfect Half

The first adult webcomic of this list is Perfect Half. This webcomic sets the story in the world of fantasy where males are wolves and females are foxes! The most common method of fighting and asserting dominance over one another is of course, intercourse. The characters also protect their freedom through this. For the readers who like fantasy and fiction, this would really get you going!

The manga has vibrant colours and elegant character design which gives off an attractive visual appeal. Perfect Half also has a large set of very interesting characters. This is sure to get your attention and keep it.

This manga appeals to the wildest side of human fantasies and will definitely absorb you! Wouldn’t that be amazing? If you’re into fantasy and fiction this is a must read and brilliant start to your adult manhwa journey!

2. Lust Awakening

This adult manhwa centres around the story of a young man who is jobless and is searching for a job. Due to his unique name, he gets a job as a caretaker in a different city. Young-Hue, finds himself in a house with his employer’s daughters and he has to adhere to one rule, not to get sexually involved with these women. However, these women have never been in the presence of a male figure. The story quickly turns up the pace, where these women unravel their hidden desires with Young-hue.

This manhwa is the best for those of you who are seeking to reveal your sexual fantasies and explore! It is a very soothing adult webcomic which allows the reader to indulge themselves in the world of Young- Hue. Wouldn’t you like to know how to reveal your deepest fantasies with ease?

3. Lady Garden

Lady Garden

Lady Garden is a manhwa which is centred around a mansion called lady garden. A man named Kang Doo aspired to be a UFC fighter. However after he got banned he started to look for jobs. He is then hired at this mansion as a security guard. Lady Garden is exactly what you would think it to be and what its name suggests. It is like a garden of young and beautiful women! The story goes on to depict the lives of these young women and their daily struggle with which Kang Doo helps them with. As a reward for his bravery Kang Doo gets to be sexually involved with them.

This story is a light read and is quite good for those of you looking for something not serious! Lady garden is the perfect escape for readers who need a break into a mansion filled with very hot ladies.

4. Sneak A Peek

Sneak A Peek

5. Brawling Go!

Brawling Go!

Brawling Go is an extremely funny anime webcomic which one will come across. This webcomic circles around the life of a man who has problems with getting it on. The young guy surfers from erectile dysfunction and finds it difficult to hold his erection, that is, until an accident. One day when he is out with a friend of his he gets bitten by a snake. His friend uses unconventional ways to relieve him of his trouble. His problem during this process is eased up and this helps him discover the wonders of lust!

As funny as this sounds, the story is very enticing for young readers and it also has a light hearted nature which is attached to it. We would like to recommend this manhwa to anyone who likes humour in their fantasies as this is bound to make you laugh. The story is interesting and it sure will fix your mood right away!

6. Lilith’s Cord

Lilith’s Cord

The story of this manhwa starts from the beginning of time itself. The story follows the common belief that human beings are the descendants of Adam and Eve. However, a small portion of the human beings alive are not the descendants of these two and instead come from Lilith. Lilith is considered as the first Eve. The descendants of Lilith have different powers and states and they survive by sucking the life out of other human beings.  The story is centred around one human who is unlike others and cannot be conquered.

This manhwa is a good read for those of you who are into fantasy and stories related to fiction. We recommend this to people who are looking to dive into a different world altogether to explore their fantasies.

7. Drug Candy

Drug Candy

Drug Candy has a very realistic story which a lot of readers will connect with. The story as it goes is that a man is going through a rough patch. His marriage is deteriorating and he also gets demoted at his job. At such a time of his life, he meets a young girl, who will change his life around. Find out where the story goes accordingly! This manhwa is filled with sex scenes and also has a very interesting backstory. The manga has very fascinating characters and there is a high chance of people relating to the characters as they are so realistically made.

If you’re looking for a manhwa which offers some sort of connection, this may be the one for you. Overall, it is a very good read and will definitely interest you to keep going! This is a great one for those who are reading adult anwha for the first time!

8. Secret Class

Secret Class

Secret Class is a manhwa which is a bit different from the others on this list. This manhwa is based around the story of an orphan young man who was adopted by his father’s friend.As he grows up, he has no idea of the relationship between a man and a woman. His aunt and his sisters decide to give the young and pure man a secret class.

This manga has good characters and although they are not perfect, they are very human. The comic also shows how Dae Ho starts to discover his repressed and hidden side and this is great for those people who are reading manhwa to explore themselves. We would suggest going ahead and putting yourself in Dae Ho’s shoes!

9. Sunggi’s Study Group

Sunggi’s Study Group

A young man in his 30’s is unable to get a proper degree and thus, he joins a group with two other younger women. This manhwa is based on very real life circumstances and includes comedy and romance. This manhwa is for those of you with erotic fantasies in school and college. The art of the manhwa is pretty good and the characters are also very light hearted.

We suggest this manhwa to all of those people who are seeking something light. If you guys want to chill, drink something and read to let the stress out then this is the manhwa that you should be reading!

10. Wet Women

Wet Women

The title of this manhwa suggests the nature of this manhwa right off the curb! The  story revolves around a young woman who goes by the name of Hye Yuri. She currently works as a delivery executive for a sales company. But she has more than one reason for doing so. Her actual reason is to find a man who can fully satisfy her.

This webcomic is surely for all of you women who are seeking something different and more. It may also be very friendly to those of you who are waiting for the right guy. Either way, we suggest you get on Hye’s bike and take a ride with her, on her conquest!

11. Aharoo


12. H-Mate


This adult manhwa is one of those very realistic and relatable manhwa. The story revolves around the protagonists of Taebong and Jang-Mi. Set out in Korea, this manga shows a story where Jang-Mi goes through a terrible break up and moves in with Taebong due to financial crisis. As the story progresses the characters show different layers of emotions and slowly they end up having sex. The story shows a bond being formed through a wide series of incidents which are gentle, nice, harsh and so on.

This manga has a very potent set out in a very realistic context. This is a great read as the character development and the backstories are very convincing. Theta are very realistic and the story is also very gripping as it tends to take all the readers through the emotions in it.

For those of you who are looking for deep thoughts and need a heavy dose of love and intimacy, this one is the perfect one!

13. He Does a Body Good

He Does a Body Good

This webcomic is a very funny one when it comes to the story. The main character in this story is a nerd who doesn’t get much luck with women. One day while going somewhere a girl calls him ugly because he was looking at her. The guy then goes and busts an electric mattress which when he tries out his physical prowess changes. This story is one of the simplest and funniest stories for an adult manhwa!

This story is perfect for you if you are bored out of your mind and need something to laugh about. The characters are decent and the artwork is very beautiful. Overall, this manhwa is a light read which is sure to get your funny bone tickling due to its story!

14. Household Affairs

Household Affairs

This story is a bit different than the other ones on this list. It belongs to the Borderline-h genre. The story goes as there is a woman who has a workaholic husband and she is unable to tolerate the lack of feelings which is present in their marriage. She decides under such circumstances to commit adultery in her marriage with a delivery guy. The delivery guy becomes very possessive about her in a short amount of time, However, we say that this one is different because there is a twist in the plot. This woman’s husband is actually one of the best  assassins in the market.

This manga has very good characters and since it is by Lehzin, the artwork is also very beautiful. However, if someone is booking for something a bit on the darker side this is perfect for them. You will thoroughly enjoy the fast paced yet slow plot and it builds up a certain amount of anticipation. The story has emotional involvement and if you want something heavy then this is it!

15. Rental Girls

Rental Girls

This manhwa takes an unconventional storyline which kenagges the readers and may even make them empathise. Rental girls is about a rental video store, which offers pornograohic rental videos. The story circles around one viewer who rents a wide range of different pornograhic content from this store and then starts viewing it. Each different video is shown as a difefren arc in this manhwa. It can be said it’s like one manhwa which is made up of smaller manhwas.

The sub-stories are sure to get you hooked to the plot. We recommend this one to all the readers who are looking for something quick and engaging. There is an overflow of sexual content and lewd character behaviour in this one and is really enjoyable for those of you who prefer that. Additionally, each story has a different personality attached to the characters which makes them all the more enjoyable!

16. A Pervert’s Daily Life

A Pervert’s Daily Life

The story is centered around the characters of Jinwoo and Seyoung who get off to a rocky start. Seyoung lives in a company dorm with a male employee who is her direct superior. Seyoung fnds Jinwoo at the most inappropriate te possible as he was enjoying his pleasure time. This leaves Jinwoo embarrassed. However Seyoung also was no ordinary rookie and has her own secrets!

This manhwa has a consistent theme of art and additionally, the story is very light and simple to follow. There is no complication and for you all who like to view stuff that’s short and sweet this is it! The characters are also very friendly and relatable and very interesting to follow. This manhwa has its own charm and if you like being charmed, we suggest, dive right in!

17. Lilith


Lilith stands distinctly out of tsi entire list of manhwa that we have curated. This is because Lilith is a  Girl’s Love manhwa. The story of this manhwa is pretty interesting and the scenes which are shown in the series are amazing! Jahee is a school teacher who works hard and is very shy. Once she gets in her room however, she is absolutely different and kneels at the end of a whip. Her childhood friend Huiin is the one with the whip and she thoroughly enjoys this with Jahee. Sulhwa is another character who starts studying in the school and this leads Jaehee to explore her feelings. This manhwa is about how much pleasure Jahee can get from pain!

This is a recommended manhwa for all those of you who swing both ways and also love a gripping story. The characters are also interesting and the emotions are very evident. Give this a try if you want something mild but thrilling!

18. An Innocent Sin

An Innocent Sin

Nayeon the main character thinks that she’s all alone on her last train home and she feels the urge to enjoy herself during this time while fantasizing about her desires. At this time a man walks up to her and offers her a business card. Nayeon takes the crd as she finds the man to be handsome and arrives at a place called peach puff.

Filled with sex scenes and Nyeon’s search for a man who can fulfill her desire, this manhwa really gets it on. It also hooks the reader up within minutes of the story developing and you’ll love what you see. The artwork is consistent and beautiful and we would recommend this to you if you want to see something steamy!

19. Solmi’s Channel

Solmi’s Channel

This one is cyberpunk to the core of it! The story revolves around an engineer named Jinsoo who is really interested in augmented reality and has wanted to use technology in the most creative ways. Solomi, a cam girl, asks him to develop adult content for her live stream and this gives him the opportunity of a lifetime. This story revolves around the different possibilities that jinsoo sees and wants to implement. It can be helping people walk around naked in public, using holographic clothes or boosting orgasmic pleasure through technology.

If you’re a tech whiz and love this kind of stuff, then this is sure to catch your attention. The characters are investing and the story is also fun. It is a lot of porn with a side of creativity and will help you have fun and enjoy the process at the same time!

20. Bastard’s Dead Man

Bastard’s Dead Man

This one is yet another one of those manhwa where the CEO of the company Shin Lee has a certain problem when it comes to getting women. His problem is getting an erection. Hyoggi is a deliveryman who is extremely charming and answers calls within just a few minutes. Hyonggi crosses paths with Shin’s daughter and rescues her from an extremely dangerous situation. But there’s more, Shin discovers that Hyonggi may be the solution to his penile problems!

Again, this is akin to  most of the light reads on this list. We recommend thi manhwa to you all, who may be able to empathise with the characters or are looking for some respite from daily life.

21. Love Parameter

Love Parameter

Love parameter has a story which is bound to resonate with a large number of audiences. If you’ve ever felt shy during school to talk to girls, this story might give you a space to relate. Our main character Young Hoon has difficulty in talking to women and he spends most of his time trying to find a girlfriend but he fails terribly. However, one day a strange thing happens and he gets  a pair of new glasses. But, these are no ordinary glasses. As soon as he puts them on, he realises that he can see peoples’ feelings, their secrets, their memories and the amount of money they made!

One of the most interesting plot lines in this list belongs to this very manhwa here. This one is sure to take you on a ride and help you relive your teenage fantasies. Our recommendation, grab a drink, get your couch and dive into it!

22. Redemption Camp

Redemption Camp

Redemption Camp is as meta as it gets when it comes out the name. It follows the theme of we must atone for our sins. Th tory is about the life of a woman named Da-ae who has a lot of secrets and a lot of dirty acts and offences which she is guilty of. Gitae, the son of a minister in this story, sees the different sins that Da-ae is committing and he decides to make her pay for the same. Gitae forms a redemption camp where he brings together all of Da-Ae’s victims. The story continues and flashes between the past and present of Da-Ae’s life.

This manga is a bit serious and contains a lot of explicit content. The ending of the manga may even make readers a bit emotional. For all that matters, we think that this one is not for the faint of heart. So if you’re feeling brave, read on!

23. Club Sodom

Club Sodom

Club Sodom is political to its core. If you’ve seen House of cards, this may be the perfect flipsyde adult manhwa versio for you. The story revolves around the hate and entanglement between a female journalist who is cheeky and beautiful, a wise and really beautiful female parliamentarian and an assistant.  The story of the manhwa is tailored around these carters and is filled with drama and romance. Most of all though, it is pleasurable but painful and it resonates with the story.

This manhwa is extremely entertaining and it is going to keep you biting your nails, eating your popcorn and making your heartbeat frantically through each chapter. If you’re looking for thrill, this manhwa has it all. It is filled with adultery scenes and it is pure pleasure for the readers!

24. Secret X Folder

Secret X Folder

Secret X Folder is surrounded around the folders that men keep. The manhwa  has a different story and it is centred around, you guessed it, secrets.  This manhwa deserves a read sheerly because of the fact that it is created by the curator of the legendary Drug candy. The graphics of this one are better and are the hour. The artwork is sure to keep you guys entertained throughout and you get a sweet folder or hidden secrets with this one!

25. The Sharehouse

The Sharehouse

The sharehouse again, is a very heavy read which is present. The sharehouse actually has a very convincing storyline and the buildup is magnificent in the case of the manga. Loosely put it, the story is about a 34 year old man who marries a 20 year old girl. This girl is his teenage crush’s daughter. As lighthearted as it sounds, there are themes which imply that love comes with sacrifice and also speaks of human imperfection. This manhwa is extremely emotional in its nature and displays anger, jealousy, love and sadness. Angry sex is also introduced in thsi manhwa.

Our suggestion would be that if you’re looking for an emotional rollercoaster and you love the thrill of experiencing a lot of different emotions because of high empathy, go for the one. You will definitely not regret it!

26. Touch To Unlock

Touch To Unlock

Touch to unlock is set in a very realistic but fantasy based setting. It is more like those mangas which include reality with superpowers. The story goes around the character of Chiho, who is generally an unlucky guy.But he was born with a very rare and auspicious destiny. The problem was that Chiho’s mother was a shaman and she shared his energy with 7 girls of the neighbourhood to help them overcome their cursed fates. Chiho has now become an adult and he needs to retrieve his energies. The only way to do that is by touching these women.

Let’s just say, if you like ulterior motives, then this manhwa is a good read! The story, the art, the characters and the overall manhwa is brilliant. This is a great manhwa for all those who are entering the world for the first time. You guys should go ahead and jump into it!

27. My Stepmom

My Stepmom

This manhwa is simple and classic in taste. It is really what the name suggests guys. The story is about a guy and his 10 year dler stepmom, who might be trying to tempt him. But, is it that simple? The story surrounds the character of JinWoo the young man, who starts to discover his sexuality once he gets attracted to his stepmom. Later on through a series of events, it is evident that Jinwoo develops his tastes around his encounter with his stepmom. The try has deeper meaning and layers which are hidden within its plot.

Either way, this anhwa is one which is appealing to people who like complex emotions and people who just want to read it for quick relief. So try it out, it’s worth the time!

28. Love Shuttle

Love Shuttle

This manga’s story revolves around a late bloomer and it goes as the character of Doyun  is categorised as an omega character. He is a tall chinese man and a full grown adult who is yet to face the heat. When his body comes to time, it can be seen that he has no one to turn to and his work rival Taehan helps him out.

This manga has a very gripping story and additionally, the main characters of this manga are extremely strong. Not only does this manga give us good characters, but the artwork is also amazing. For people into soft manhwa and love stories this is the one for you for sure!

29. My Friend’s Dad

My Friend’s Dad

My friend’ dada is literally what the name suggests. A young woman falls for her friend’s father and then wants his affection and love. One fine day he decides to go and ask him whether he sees her as a woman or not.

Talk about taboo and love this manhwa has it all. This manhwa is one of the better manhwa’s which cars to a majority of the audience. This one will allow you to relax and read this. However fair warning it does have a lot of explicit content in it too.

30. One-Room Hero

One-Room Hero

Our main character Mingu has spent his entire life in a boy’s school and finally gets into college. Adding to this he finds himself surrounded by women in the food and beverages department as the ratio of male to female is 1 s to 9. Mingu’s opportunity to date chicks and i’ve his romantic campus life dreams are right ignorant of his eyes! But all of that is messed up when he lies at a drinking party and his life’s turned upside down. Our main character who is a virgin is termed as a sex beast and the story continues furtehr.

For those of you who are wanting to watch or read something which resonates with you and your teen dreams, then this is the one for you. The artwork is very nice and also the manga does not have too many complications and is a drama series. This is good for those looking for some spice.

31. Talk to Me

Talk to Me

Talk to me starts off with the character of Raeyim who has a very pure image. She however, thinks that she is not desired by her s/o Sechan because of this image of herself. Neither does she want to be labelled as a “slut”. So she slowly starts opening up to Sechan about her sexual desires one by one and then the story progresses further.

This manhwa has a good sense of art and the story is a story of new beginnings and discoveries which are made. It shouts out that inner desire which is hidden with all of us. So if you’re in a place like Raeyim go ahead and jump right in. This will surely help you to acknowledge you deepest and darkest fantasies *wink*!

32. Wife Training

Wife Training

Wife training is about a man who is a helpless virgin and he is unable to get women to sleep with. In this situation however, he creates an online persona where he claims to be asex god. People start showing him respect and slowly a man offers him his wife out of respect. Our protagonist is in a dilemma and is unsure of whether or not he can tame his follower’s wife.

This one is a bit tricky to read and is kind of funny when you look at the start. The characters are very light and this manhwa is suggested by us for the sheer element of entertainment and entertainment only. You all are sure to enjoy the different moments of the main character’s problems and the sex scenes as well!

33. Sports Girl

Sports Girl

This manhwa has a composition of six different stories within it all about women who play sports. There’s a boxer, a wimmer, a biker, a runner, two wrestlers and a gymnast. All the stories in this involve the theme of a first sexual encounter. All the men in these stories are people who play sports as well. However, there is an ascertain twist because the women except for the inner are dominant and the pens to initiate the sexual encounter. In such circumstances, this manhwa is the appeal to raiders who like women who play sports.

The artwork of the manhwa is fine and it makes for a fine level of indulgence. This manhwa is very entertaining for those of you who may be sports girls, or may have fetishes regarding such women. The stories are lighthearted and the characters are not complex at all. This is a good one to read after a tiring day!

34. Young Boss

Young Boss

35. Pheromone-holic


Hyunwoo is the main character of this manga and he is described as a loser. This guy’s freshman year was horrible and his sophomore year is turning out to be pretty much the same for him/ However, it can be viewed that the things take a very weird turn for him as he saves the life of an old snake-oil peddler on his way home. Huyunwoo is offered a special potion by this man as a reward for his good deed with a promise that it will make his dreams come true! Add to that an apartment building full of hot college girls and his very own crush.

This manhwa has a good story and is also centred around a college student’s life, so it’s pretty relatable. The artwork for this one is amazing and the characters are interesting too. This manhwa is recommended by us for those of you starting off with manhwa and have repressed fantasies!

36. Lightning Rod

Lightning Rod

Lightning rod is a manhwa about how lightning strikes a pretty normal guy and his life turns around because of it. [no info on story]

How cool is that? Lightning strikes you one day and the next day your life turns around. We’re sure that a lot of you will enjoy this manhwa to the greatest extent.

37. Lady Long Legs

Lady Long Legs

The main character of this story Ji Hyunwoo gets a chance to turn his life around. He signs a contract with a rich and very powerful lady to do so. The story is a combination of childhood love and personal tackles along with a business race too. This manhwa has quite a few sex scenes which are present and the chacrcters are also light but still interesting enough.

Like most on this list, this one too is a read for people who want to chill out and have some fun with reading. The potline gets better as it develops ad further the sex scenes are quite explicit as te lot thickens. This also has a good feminine based twist and for those of you who like dominant women, this one is just perfect!

38. The Good Manager

The Good Manager

The good manager is about a guy who used to work in the military. Our main lead Kitchee becomes the celebrity mager for a K-pop group that goes by the name of The Berries. This lands him close to his crush, Miji bae . The story indicates that this is his dream job come true and what better circumstances for someone to work in eh?

This manhwa has quite some scenes and also has a very interesting story which is filled with drama and a bit of charm as well. After all, our main character’s glance takes everyone’s clothes off. This is a must read for everyone who likes a charming story in the limelight as it provides a lot of both!

39. Uncle


A young girl who is very timid by nature gets caught in the eye of an elederly man. At first she is very scared but the old man has a totally different side to him. This manhwa is listed as a story which is funny to the bone and it also involves a lot of drama. The story unfolds between these two individuals.

If you liek comedy then this one is your stop! We mean, who doesn’t like a good laugh. What’s better than to laugh over the weird encounters of two characters of absolutely different ages right?

We often get to see this happening in real life and we believe that this will resonate quite an amount with you! It also provides the reader with a certain sense of connection and is very good. So if you’re feeling low, jump right in!

40. The Desire To Kill

The Desire To Kill

Every single man in this story is mad behind the girl Si-ae. Her very curvy figure and her distracting stare make her the most irresistible woman that she knows. However, she is slowly starting to put the life of lustfulness behind her and is trying her best to be content as a housewife belonging to a well-to-do family. This is, until ut male character Park Gijin returns to ehr life. He is the only one man who was able to satisfy Si-ae. Her sexual urges begin to be the biggest threat to the security of her current lie and she knows that she has to get rid of him. But she is finishing it harder and harder to resist her sexual urge!

This one sounds very thrilling and full of drama and you can bet that it is. If you’re looking for a story which takes you on a hell of a ride this one is it. With a lot of steamy sex scenes and expicit content, this one i sure to satiate your needs. That’s why we recommend it!

41. The Spot Master

The Spot Master

The story revolves around our character who wanted to satiate the needs of all the women that he gets into bed with. This helped him to learn the spot technique. This story is circled around this man and his experimentation of this technique. The urge for him to be able to satiate a woman is high, but will he be able to do the same?

This manhwa has a lot of steamy scenes and  it is a romantic one at that. So for the readers who like romance with their act of leisure, we definitely think you should give this one a try. What if you find the right spot for yourself?

42. Queen Bee

Queen Bee

Queen bee is centred around the characters of Junie  who is a woman who cannot forget the touch of Darla. Junie however, makes it ehr mission to touch darla better than he is able to touch her. This is an intense and gripping manga with tech charters at each others’ necks, always trying to outdo each other. It really brings out the competitiveness that some of us may feel in the bedroom and it sure is going to get your nerves wracking from the very beginning.

The storytelling of this manhwa is brilliant as it keeps the reader at the edge of their seat until the very end of each chapter. You might be biting your nails and this one surely has the potential to get you dedicated. So we suggest that you take some time out before you open the first page, because within no time you’ll be flipping pages at light speed! For those of you who are trying out adult manhwa for the first time, this is one that you all will thoroughly enjoy and gives the full experience of the same. So go ahead!

43. Seductive Uniform

Seductive Uniform

This manga is a bit unconventional but it is good. This story is centred around uniforms which are very seductive. The story cenres around all the different types of sexy costumes and outfits that can be worn and how different outfits which are normal can also be worn seductively. This maga takes the radar through a series of substoriew and it is repetitive but with a cosmetic twist.

If you ever wanted to role play an knwo how to dress sexy, we think that thi manga i going to open your eyes and midn to the world of dressing up to have sex! The artwork of the manga is good and the characters of the stories are also very interesting. This one is surely going to help you explore your own fantasies and for many of you it may also show you what you may or may not like. So this is a must read for you all into this stuff.

44. She’s The Girl

She’s The Girl

The story revolves around a group of friends who work very hard on the weekdays and they party hard on the weekends. So one day these people decide to get their weekends off and pray to the fullest. In this process, a young man named Young-soo meets the girl of his dreams, but after a night of teasing and fun she disappears into the wind. Doe that remind you of the fabled femme fatales may of us fanatsise about?

However, the artwork of this manga is really good and the story is also very hopeful to say the least. The story of the manga again, is very relatable to a lot of us who have jobs and we barely got time for love and other affairs. So I would suggest giving this a red and maybe your wishes will come true!

45. The Perfect Roommates

The Perfect Roommates

46. The Stand-up Guy

The Stand-up Guy

Standup guy is about a character who is called Minhyeok. By all the standards of society this man is the good apple who has done everything by the rules for all his life. He’s one of those guys people look up to because he’s a very supportive co worker and an excellent fiancé at that. One fine day however his blissful future takes a very serious turn. He finds himself getting dumped by his wife and this leaves him devastated. However, he soon realises that there are enough people to desire him in their lives. In Fact he is surrounded by these people! Our character goes through a series of upheavals and soon realises that a devil may care attitude is a charm to the women around him. Learning to play the right cards his journey continues!

Describing this manga only one word comes to mind: revolutionary! Have you ever been put down because you were a good person? Have you been cheated on or lied to? Most of us have and this character resonates deeply within that good person inside us. We recommend this one for all those of you going through a heartbreak!

47. The Inheritance

The Inheritance

This is a story about how a young boy receives his father’s Inheritance upon the man’s death. The story places this young boy at the centre as he suddenly rises to fame because of the large Inheritance that he has acquired from the death of his father. Now all the ladies have the hots for him because of his money.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a life with a lot of money and girls running after you, we suggest that you read this. The manga has good visuals and the story is also very emotional and interesting. There is a bit of drama, a bit of romance and to be very honest, a bit of everything. This is an amazing read for all those who get tired of life and need something larger than it!

48. Soojung’s Comic Store

Soojung’s Comic Store

The love of our cute protagonist, Soo-Jung’s life has returned to him and is working at his comic store! What should he do? The story sounds very interesting and it gives an option of an unforeseen circumstance where the past catches up to you to fulfill your dreams! Very realistic, very to the point and very relatable.

If you’ve ever let go of a love and want it to return to your life, you should give this a read. It is filled with romance and emotions and if you’re into soft love, then you’ll like this for sure!

49. The Fiancées Live Together

The Fiancées Live Together

The leaf character Sang-Won is a middle school student who has a fiancé who is 24 years old. She lost her parents and now she will be living with her family! The main lead tries to deny the fact that his fiancée is 9 years elder to him and also feels very comfortable around her because she doesn’t act her age on the outside. She is very sweet, innocent and kind. However, San-Won also doesn’t know about the hidden side of his finances.

This story has food art with it and also we think that it shows the desires that we have inside. There are a lot of suggestive and sexual scenes as well. Romance is filled in this storyline and is sure to touch the heartstrings. So we recommend those who like romance to go for this one.

50. Family Adjustments

Family Adjustments

51. Tie Me Up

Tie Me Up

Tie me up has a very, very unconventional plotline. It is about two different individuals, one who works at an adult toy company and another who is an adult content journalist. The story of tie me up goes as the man working at the store cannot satisfy his girlfriend and she leaves his life. Whereas for the journalist, she is unable to orgasm in bed and this information is leaked somehow. This leads the both of them to go to a hardware store and buy a rope to take their lives. However, neither of them die and their problems have also been cured! They venture on separate journeys to find out the full potential of this rope!

This story is gripping as they are unrelated and different arcs, but the characters have very similar lives. The story involves the chase, life hacks and also a sense of relatability. It is entertaining and definitely good for a first time reading.

52. Stepmom’s friend

Stepmom’s friend

A young boy Seok has lost his mother and then one day his father remarries a young woman. She is beautiful and also very graceful. Seeing that she is very nice to his father and her he slowly starts opening up to her. But one fine day he finds a sex tape which requires a ridiculous amount of money to watch. When he watches this he finds out that it is a sex tape of his step mom. Then he is wary of his stepmom but one day he meets her friends and they have sex. Then the story continues.

For those of you who like taboo and have always had fantasies of older women, this one is a catch for you all. There are numerous sex scenes and the art is great too! The story is light and this would provide the perfect relief.

53. Dog on Patrol

Dog on Patrol

54. Silent War

Silent War

55. Yahalue



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