22 Best Iyashikei Anime of All Time


Sometimes watching anime is all about taking a break from reality. The monotonous struggle of the harsh world does take a toll on us, and we want our entertainment to be relaxing. Iyashikei anime is all about the healing effect that some anime can have. These are the shows which will help you to unwind after a rough day and they have no emotionally challenging or draining content. Iyashikei anime is often set up on the backdrop of a rural establishment and the characters are simple. The storyline is not too fast-paced and there are no sudden drastic changes in the characters of Iyashikei anime. Here, we have brought together a list of some of the best Iyashikei anime of all time which can heal your worries.

1. Tamayura: Hitotse

Tamayura Hitotse (1)

This has a beautiful story that is woven around the character of Fuu Sawatari and her father. They were photography enthusiasts and took a lot of pictures untill her father died. The emotional trauma made her lock up the photo-album and the camera and this anime deals with the time when she decides to start all over again. She starts going through the album all day and is greeted with all the happy memories and that prompts her to make use of the camera yet again. Tamayura: Hitotse is a classic in the world of Iyashikei anime and you should not miss out on such an amazing show.

2. Flying Witch

Flying Witch (1)

Makoto Kowata is a sweet girl who visits her second cousins to seek training for becoming a witch. The place where she arrives is full of wonderful scenic beauty and it provides her the perfect space to brush up on her skills. This anime has some moments to absolutely free your mind of stress. The setup is just apt for a relaxing time and there are some moments when her witchcraft is perceived by her friends and family with a pinch of salt.

3. Non Non Biyori

3. Non Non Biyori

The story of this anime is based on Asahigaoka which is a village that lacks the privileges of city life. Yet, in a world devoid of luxuries and amenities, the story goes around five girls who find peace in each other’s company. They indulge in sweet little adventures around the village and their simple school life and friendship is sure to bring a smile on your face. Non Non Biyori is all about letting go of your stressful thoughts and embracing simplicity.

4. Aria the Animation

4. Aria the Animation

Here there is a generous dose of science fiction but the anime does not have the usual space battles and aliens that you would usually associate them with. The story shows an imaginary setup where the humans have managed to colonize Mars and it is called Aqua. The process is ongoing as far as setting up Mars is concerned and we see a character named Akari Mizunashi who is a tour guide for the Neo Venezira who resides there. The visual effects are so calming that you would fall in love with this soothing anime.

5. Mushishi

Mushishi (1)

Mushishi is a term used in this anime to denote people who can see Mushi. Mushi is a type of creature whose sole purpose is to live. They have no further goals or objectives and are just centered round living. They do however trouble the people and this anime has a character named Ginko who is a Mushishi and helps those who are bothered by Mushi.

6. Natsume’s Book of Friends

6. Natsume’s Book of Friends

Is it a good thing if one can see spirits? The protagonist of this anime, Takashi Natsume has the unique ability and his grandmother left him a book after her death. This book was about the spirits she could contact and Takashi only felt harassed by the spirits till he finally warmed up to the idea. Eventually, his interactions only do him good and although subjects like spirits are involved this anime has a relaxing element that you will love.

7. Barakamon

Barakamon (1)

Barakamon is a story about a character developing into a better and a more talented person. A proud and self-centered calligrapher is exiled by his father for misbehaving with a person who offered some criticism. He goes and starts living on Goto Island where the villagers are not the friendliest. But he starts to better himself and learns the art of being on his own.

8. Is the Order a Rabbit

This is among the sweetest Iyashikei anime and the central character named Cocoa Hoto is a charming lady. She works as a waitress in a café called Rabbit House. Her sweet and gentle interactions with other waitresses leave a positive impact on their lives. She is a source of positive energy and can make lives better without even trying and while watching this anime, you are sure to fall in love with this character.

9. Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless (1)

For some people, the character of Tanaka can be a dream life. He is basically a person who shies away from any kind of work. He lazes around all day and the anime shows the struggles of his friend who tries to ensure that the listless life of Tanaka can remain that way. There are some things about Tanaka like his ability to fall asleep anywhere, which makes him a very unique personality. This anime will induce a lot of laughter and can also nurture your fantasy of having a lazy time.

10. Encouragement of a Climb

Encouragement of a Climb (1)Here we see a sweet story about two friends named Hinata and Aoi. While Hinata loves climbing, Aoi is afraid of heights which make her movements restricted. The anime shows how Hinata helps Aoi overcome her fears and go about reliving their childhood memory of watching the sunrise from a hilltop. Slowly and steadily she helps her friend and the anime has a definite feel-good element associated with it. This Iyashikei anime can also be inspiring for many viewers.

11. Kemono Friends

Kemono Friends has twelve sweet and relaxing episodes and selects itself in the list of the best Iyashikei anime. This is a story about friendship and celebrates the bonds that are established. The anime shows friendships that develop slowly between the characters and the fun they have through the series. After a long and tiring day, this is just the kind of show which will provide some peace.

12. Hidamari Sketch

The main character of this anime named Yuno is an ambitious artist and she seeks admission at the prestigious Yamabuki Arts High School. She has some friendly neighbors who are willing to help her out and allow her to explore the world of art to the fullest. Here we also see the hesitations that Yuno is faced with regarding moving away from her family. Overall, this is a very entertaining Iyashikei anime.

13. Poco’s Udon World

Poco’s Udon World (1)

The loving story involving father-son emotions is bound to draw you close to this Iyashikei anime. The protagonist named Souta Tawara has to give up an illustrious job and return to his hometown to run his shop. This is where he meets a strange little boy who is actually a shapeshifting Tanuki. Their relationship is the highlight of this anime and it never fails to entertain with its rich content.

14. K-On

  1. K-On presents before the viewers a simple story about four friends who are trying their best to perform brilliantly at the school’s cultural festival. One of the girls named Yui Hirasawa is new to the school and she could not play any musical instrument. For the sake of joining the band, she learned the guitar and got better at it with time. Their chemistry lights up the show and among the relaxing Iyashikei anime, this one surely deserves a mention amongst the best.

15. Sweetness & Lightning

If we told you that one of the entries had a story based upon how a widower raises his daughter, you would not think it is Iyashikei anime. But the story of Sweetness & Lightning manages to instill more feel-good vibes than it brings melancholy. The story goes ahead as the father learns to cook and realizes the true joy of parenting. He manages his busy life of being a teacher and yet takes time out for his little girl named Tsumugi. You are bound to end the show with a wide smile on your face.

16. Bunny Drop

Bunny Drop (1)

This Iyashikei anime is centered around the character Daikichi Kawachi. After his grandfather passed away, his family refused to take care of his illegitimate 6-year-old child. Despite having no experience on how to raise a child, Daikichi Kawachi takes responsibility and takes her along. The very concept of a young man raising a little girl is thought-provoking and this anime has some heartwarming moments which explore the relationship between the two.

17. Yuru Camp

Yuru Camp (1)

This anime is all about the central character Rin Shima who is in love with camping solo. During one of her trips she meets another girl who was lost and while sharing the tent they became good friends. Soon, Rin introduced the girl to the wonderful world of trekking and camping and now she has a partner to join her. The difference between the two characters, the wonderful scenic beauty and the general calm storyline makes this an amazing Iyashikei anime.

18. Oh my Goddess

Oh my Goddess (1)

Keiichi Morisato is a college student and he dials the Goddess Help Line by mistake. When a Goddess allows him a wish, he thinks that it is a joke and he wishes for her to stay with him forever. Now, the wish comes true and they take refuge at a Buddhist Temple together. His relationship with the Goddess Belldandy is what makes this such an amazing show. It compels us to have a calm soothing effect after a hectic day.

19. Shirokuma Café

Shirokuma Café (1)Can you imagine a café that is run by a Polar Bear? In your imagination you can and Shirokuma Café is one such place. Here the humans interact with various animals and the general theme of this anime is a light-hearted take on social life. This is among the best Iyashikei anime because it helps you to take your mind off serious things and just let go of the bad thoughts for the moment.

20. How to Keep a Mummy

How to Keep a Mummy (1)

This anime is surely among the cutest entries among the Iyashikei anime. A high school student named Sora Kashiwagi receives an unusual gift from his father which is a cute little mummy. It shows the mummy as an adorable pet and not as a scary entity and the show is about their relationship and the characteristics of the sweet little mummy. The mummy is called Mii-kun and it seeks attention from Sora at all times.

21. Yuri on Ice

Yuri on Ice (1)

Yuri who is the main character in this anime, was a pro-skater but has lost his edge and seeks to retire. At this point in his life, he encounters two new skaters and soon he rediscovers his competitive edge. While the sport does occupy a significant part of the anime, Yuri on Ice has the feel-good moments which make watching this anime a relaxing affair. Do not miss out on such a heavy dose of entertainment.

22. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (1)

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K: The protagonist of this anime has various superpowers such as X-ray vision and telepathy abilities. However, he is faced with more trouble than benefit from such powers. Kusuo Saki is the main character and his struggles with power and willingness for a normal life is what forms the basis of this anime. It is a must-watch for all the Iyashikei anime lovers.


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