15 Best Oppai Anime of All Time

15 Best Oppai Anime of All Time

Anime does cater to all forms of fantasies from sexuality to violence to the best of suspense thrillers. The genre of Oppai is also very popular with the fans of anime for its content which has a heavy dose of sexuality. It deals with the concept of heavy breasted women being involved in the anime. However, when we speak of Oppai anime, we include anime that has sexually explicit content and is suited for an adult audience. Naturally, such a genre has a significant fan following and today we attempt to have a compilation of some of the best Oppai anime of all time.

List of the Best Oppai Anime of all time:

15. Masao Gakuen (2016, 12 episodes)

Masao Gakuen

The central character in this anime has the ability to take out the powers in a woman through some lewd activities. He has to lead a group of girls as they try to save Earth from a disastrous alien invasion. This anime has the thrills and also the oppai moments which make it so popular among the fans of the show.

14. Heaven’s Lost property (2009, 13 episodes)

Heaven’s Lost property

The character of Sakurai Tomoki in this anime is blessed with an angel who can grant him a wish. He keeps the angel for himself and there he is, with a pretty and bust angel at his service. There are plenty of moments in the anime to satisfy the urge for some oppai anime and it does have a story to go with it, unlike some other entries in this genre.

13. Monster Musume, Everyday Life with Monster Girls (2015, 12 episodes)

Monster Musume, Everyday Life with Monster Girls

The government wants to prove a point when it comes to the romance between interspecies couples such as monsters and humans. One of the highlights of the anime is possibly the fact that the monster girls in the show are blessed with monster oppai which provides for plenty of such moments. The protagonist is Kurusu Kimihito who is in charge of the experiment and the effort.

12. Princess Lover (2009, 12 episodes)

Princess Lover

The character of Arima Teppei loses his parents in a tragic accident. Since then, he is taken into custody by his grandfather and he enjoys a lot of luxury by virtue of his grandfather being a rich businessman. Soon, his life becomes all about being with the most beautiful women and enjoying the pleasures of material life. This anime has a lot of oppai moments and can be quite a delightful watch for the fans.

11. Bikini Warriors (2015, 12 episodes)

Bikini Warriors

What happens when four hot and beautiful ladies set out on adventure? They are low on intelligence but high on beauty and they travel through a fantasy world. There is not much of a story in this anime, and it is all about the girls stripping down to the bare essentials by the end of the episode. With short 5 minute episodes, there are plenty of moments of skin show and this is a popular number among the audience.

10. Queen’s Blade, The Exiled Virgin (2009, 12 episodes)

Queen’s Blade, The Exiled Virgin

Leina Vance seeks independence and as the main protagonist of the story, she is a busty warrior. She was denied her rightful inheritance and soon she started to fight back against the wrongs done to her. There is a significant amount of violence in this show and it also has moments of oppai scenes which are fascinating for the fans. It has to be a popular entry in the list of Oppai anime.

9. Valykrie Drive, Mermaid (2015, 12 episodes)

Valykrie Drive, Mermaid

When it comes to the world of Oppai anime, this is clearly one of the raging favorites. The story of Valykrie drive is about a group of girls who have been isolated into a quarantine to prevent a virus outbreak. If there is a lesbian encounter then they turn into weapons and this so-called meaningless story becomes redundant due to the ample bosom show that takes place in this show. There are moments like these by the beach which make this a popular entry in the list of such anime.

8. Maken-Ki (2011, 12 episodes)


There is not much of a story in this anime, but due to the presence of a significant oppai, nobody seems to complain. This anime tells the story about a boy named Ooyama Takeru who gets to go to a martial arts school where he mingles with some busty warriors and gets close to them every now and then. His initial wish of going to a school where his busty friend went could not materialize but he was not complaining.

7. The Qwaser of Stigmata (2010, 24 Episodes)

The Qwaser of Stigmata

The central plot involves a special kind of breast milk called soma which is used to introduce a special power. It tells the story of Tomo Yamanobe and Mafuyu Oribe who are school students. Then comes the character of Sasha who is a throw-away Qwaser from Adepts and he is impressed with the kindness of these two boys and helps them. There are numerous moments of fan service and oppai scenes which grant this an entry in this list.

6. To Love- RU (2008, 26 episodes)

To Love- RU

The character of Lala is an alien a princess of some empire and to avoid a particular political marriage, she comes to Earth and wants to marry Rito. The character of Rito is a simple boy with simplicity and regular qualities and it is baffling for him to get married to a princess. He, in fact, has a crush on Haruna. But he still has to protect the princess, because failing to do so her father would destroy the world. Some of the scenes such as bath scenes make it a must-watch Oppai anime for the fans of the genre.

5. Sekirei (2008, 12 episodes)


Sekirei goes ahead to tell us the story of a busty warrior named Musubi who plays a deadly game where one such warrior is stacked up against another. All the female warriors are dying for some attention from Minato and these girls do not hold back when it comes to showing off their curves. Not only is this a great Oppai anime, it can also be said to be among the best when it comes to action. Sekirei does not fail to impress and is a must-watch for the lovers of Oppai anime.

4. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (2012, 12 episodes + 7 specials)

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Here we have an anime with a make-believe world where the people are transported regularly to another world. The other world is of magic and sword and some people manage to return alive to their own world. These people are gifted with some unique abilities and an organization further trains them to master their powers. The story goes on as Akatsuki brings back with him a girl named Miu after defeating the Dark Lord. There are several moments that make this a strictly for adult Oppai anime.

3. The Testament of Sister New Devil (2015, 12 episodes +OVA)

The Testament of Sister New Devil

This is an anime that deals with the life of Basara who is faced with the arrival of his stepmother and her two daughters after his father remarries. The two stepsisters are actually from a demon clan and during his father’s absence, they attack him. The twist in the tale is that Basara himself is from a hero clan and manages to overpower them only to learn that the sisters are under some compulsions. He decides to lend them a helping hand the following events make it an exciting entry with several scenes that make it an Oppai anime.

2. High School DxD (2012, 12 episodes +6OVAs)

High School DxD

The story of this anime is about a school named Kuoh Academy which had a great reputation as long as it was an all-girls school. The situation changed when a decision was made to make it a co-ed and five guys were introduced in the mix. The story of this anime moves on as the guys are caught being a peeping tom and the five boys must survive the punishment on offer to make it through their school life.

1. Highschool of the Dead (2010, 12 episodes + OVA)

Highschool of the Dead

There has been an apocalypse which has led to humans being turned to zombies. In the midst of such a crisis, a group of students and the school nurse are trying to survive the situation. In the process, they also check for some survivors as several moments of challenge are put before them which they must overcome to survive. This is among the most popular Oppai anime due to some of its mature content.


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