Best Sci-fi Anime of All Time


It is difficult to ascertain the specific science fiction genre when it comes to anime. The reason behind this is that most of the anime does have a futuristic setup and has a lot of imaginary technology and powers. Still, we have tried our best to devise a list of some of the best sci-fi anime of all time. Science fiction is a genre that has millions hooked onto it. We are always curious about the imaginary and to see full-fledged technological developments and a make-believe world is amazing for most people. We have however kept out the mecha anime as it is clearly a separate genre involving robots.

The list of best sci-fi anime:

1. Kaiba


Science fiction is all about dealing with some abstract concepts and Kaiba deals with one of the weirdest concepts ever in anime history. The mechanical bodies are traded in Kaiba and thus come the idea of a personal identity not in sync with one’s body. The storyline of this anime was also impressive and everything together makes it one of the best for our charts.

2. Trigun


The main character of Trigun is an outlaw and yet he changes life for the better for other people. Other characters in this show also are great examples of practicing compassion and nonviolence and this sci-fi anime not only entertains but also educates at the same time. The idea of live and let live is perfectly propagated through Trigun and it is definitely one of the best sci-fi series.

3. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

Comboy Bebop has earned its popularity because this is an anime which has everything from action to comedy to adventure to sci-fi. This is an absolute entertainer and the characters in this show are memorable. Not only is it one of the best sci-fi anime, it also ranks among one of the classic anime shows.

4. Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star

This is one of those anime, which instill a lot of positivity in you. The perfect synthesis of drama and comedy which can be seen in Outlaw Star has impressed the audiences. This has been a somewhat underrated sci-fi and deserved a lot more attention than it actually received.

5. Ghost in the Shell (Stand Alone Complex and Arise)

Ghost in the Shell (Stand Alone Complex and Arise)

This gives us a glimpse into a futuristic world where there are very few natural people or naturally born humans. The arrival of cybernetic enhancements take its toll and even the protagonists of this anime are often in self-doubt as to whether they deserve the rights that humans have since they are losing touch with their human entity.

6. Gantz


What if you were told that after a horrible death, you would be assigned missions? That is what happens in Gantz where some people after their death, find themselves in a room with tasks such as killing an alien. This is a show which invokes a lot of shock and is definitely not for the faint-hearted people.

7. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

One of the protagonists of this show is Haruhi and that is a character which is hated by many. But Haruhi is also a goddess who controls the entire universe while some characters are trying hard to not make her aware of the same. It surely makes for a great watch with such a gripping storyline.

8. Level E

Level E

Watch this anime if you are up for some crazy ideas. Things like aliens being weird and rude and crashing at someone’s apartment take place in this anime and the saving grace is the story which is wisely constructed for the viewers.

9. Zetman


The main character in the anime Zetman had the ability to turn into a terrifying creature and the government had for itself a heroic suit. While it becomes hard to figure out who is in the wrong and who is right, the story does manage to keep you hooked on to the show.

10. Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy

It is an alternate world and many things happening in Ergo Proxy does not make much sense. The anime revolves around a young girl who seeks to unravel the mysteries and it is extremely entertaining for a science-fiction anime.

11. Persona Trinity Soul

Persona Trinity Soul

Although this anime was based upon a video game, even those who did not play the game could understand this power-packed sci-fi anime. Persona Trinity Soul is among the favorites for many and some of the mysteries that are showcased are truly outstanding.

12. Ai no Kusabi

Ai no Kusabi

While this sci-fi anime has its entertaining elements, it also brings forward the harsh life of the poor and the hardships they endure. The main character was a slave and eventually he found his way back to poverty. In the garb of clever storytelling, this anime also delivers a powerful message.

13. Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain

A schoolgirl develops such a computer system that it enables her to get mails from a girl who was murdered. The thrilling plot moves forward with the struggles that this girl had to encounter as she tried to maintain sanity in the face of solving this mystery.

14. Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl

In this sci-fi anime, small orphan girls are made in cyborg assassins. They work for an organization and have their trainers who mould them into ruthless assassins. While some brand this as a little slow and bland, it does have some interesting bits which make watching it worthwhile.

15. Dirty Pair

Dirty Pair

This anime is a perfect case where girl-power is celebrated and the main characters are two girls who manage to fight criminals. They are termed ‘Dirty Pair’ but they are extremely effective when they work together. Some stunning action sequences and some brilliant animation makes this an amazing sci-fi.

16. Space Dandy

Space Dandy

If you remember Johny Bravo, then one of the main characters in Space Dandy would be relatable. There is a lot of goofy content in this sci-fi anime and if you are in for some light-hearted fun, then this can be a great anime to opt for.

17. Armitage III

Armitage III

When there is prejudice in a society, there are certain ills that are a natural outcome. In this anime, the evils of prejudice are highlighted in a make-believe setup where there is a lot of prejudice against androids. An android officer seeks to make things better and has for company a human who has been compassionate towards the cause. Armitage is a must watch for those who love some thrilling moments in an anime.

18. Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown tells you the story of a boy who gets involved in a fight between forces when he tries to help a girl with pink hair suffering from injuries. The girl’s character Inori is an exciting buildup and fans love the show for such quality-rich content.

19. Vandread


In the sci-fi anime named Vandread the imaginary situation that has been floated is that men and women are struggling for power and almost treat each other as a different species. It has the sufficient amount of drama and a lucid storytelling where you cannot go away from this one once you start working.

20. Witchblade


The success of Witchblade has been due to the compassion that the audiences feel towards the protagonist of the anime. The main character is a woman whose daughter is taken away by the government since the woman did not have a job. When later the woman discovers her special powers, the story takes a turn for the better.

21. Shangri-La


The inequality in income, corruption, and many others were all soon sorted out. The thing with this anime was that unlike many others, it actually leaves a good note in the Temple.

22. Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate

From action to a clever murder, from drama to emotions, this sci-fi anime is a mix of everything and don’t want to discuss work now.


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