22 Best Seinen Anime & Manga Series To Start Your 2022

22 Best Seinen Anime & Manga Series to Start Your 2020

Last Updated: April 07, 2022

No doubt shonen anime is the king of anime world with millions of viewers across the globe, and you must have countless spectacular characters as your favourites from them. If you have finished with your fair share of shonen genre animes and interested in watching something a bit more mature and serious, then seinen is the next immersive anime genre that you must try to keep your anime hunger well satisfied. The seinen animes are basically aimed for young adult males with complex plots explored and great characterization focus over typical action of shonen series.

If you are interested in exploring the world of most popular seinen anime and manga, then let us present you the most fan-favourite list of awesome seinen animes and mangas for your exploration. Our list will rank best of seinen series, so make sure to continue till the end and best satisfy your anime urge.

22. Gate

Total Episodes: 24


This seinen anime series is the perfect mix of adventure, action, fun, and excellent story building. The plot begins when the whole of Japan finds itself under attack by strange creatures and beings from another medieval world. Thanks to the Japanese self-defence force, the first enemy fleet from the alternate world defeated and forced back. But, now they are stuck with a magic gate to another world right in the middle of Japan. One team of Japanese self-defence group sent to the alternate world fully prepared to find the purpose of the invasion, and they eventually find themselves within demi goddesses, elves, magic, and more. The adventure continues from here to determine whether fantasy magic or modern-day technology is better. The charming characters of Gate are definitely worth exploring.

21. Inuyashiki: Last Hero

Total Episodes: 11

Inuyashiki Last Hero

One of my personal favourites, the story here follows our series lead Ichiro Inuyashiki, a 60-year-old, good-hearted man struggling to balance his life as his wife and children continue to insult and disdain him. His only comfort is the adopted old dog Shiba Inu. One day, Inuyashiki suddenly finds himself face to face with a mysterious alien and woke up as a living cyborg weapon. While he intends to do good with his newfound abilities, his life takes a sudden change when a mentally unstable high school boy finds himself with the same power as Inuyashiki and targets to innocent people. The plot here reflects both side of human nature and how morals will change with certain circumstances.

20. Hellsing Ultimate

Total Episodes: 10

Hellsing Ultimate

Are you ready for some bloody vampire action? Then, Hellsing Ultimate is something that you don’t want to miss here. Heeling is a secret organization of British Government established to battle supernatural threats. The present leader of Hellsing organization Integra Wingates Hellsing controls her personal army and the most powerful vampire Alucard. Along with Seras Victoria – a newly turned vampire, and Integra’s super mysterious butler, now Alucard and Integra must face the terrorist group Millennium, the secret organization of Vatican, monsters, ghouls, and a lot more. The bloody, gory battle scenes and mature contents will entertain you to the core.

19. Alderamin on the Sky

Total Episodes: 13 & Light Novel Series

Alderamin on the Sky

The plot revolves around Ikta Solork, a young man appointed in the battlefield but more interested in the job of a librarian. Ikta’s country, the Katvarna Empire, is involved in an endless battle with the Republic of Kioka. Alongside with his childhood friend Yatorishino Igsem who happens to be an invincible noble swordswoman, Ikta will continue his adventures as the renowned invisible lazy general. Alderamin on the Sky is the perfect blend of strategy and action with splendid characterization.

18. Baccano

Total Episodes: 13 & Light Novel Series


The story of Baccano follows the transcontinental train named Flying Pussyfoot in 1930, a legendary journey that definitely will leave a bloody trail all over the country. During same times, an ambitious scientist named Szilard and his unwilling partner Ennis is searching for the missing bottles of the immortality elixir in New York. With lots of hands to hand combat, gang wars, alchemy, and the immortality stuff; the plot here is super interesting that you definitely don’t want to miss for sure.

17. Parasyte -the maxim

Total Episodes: 24

Parasyte -the maxim

Another of my personal favourites. The story of Parasyte – the maxim follows the bright highschooler Shinichi Izumi who is now unwillingly a part secret alien invasion. Luckily the alien parasite ends up in his hand rather than the brain, and now both Shinichi and the creature must cooperate with each other to survive this secret invasion and destroy other aliens who seek to destroy the earth. The show will offer a great seinen plot with superb sci-fi and horror takeover.

16. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Total Episodes: 26

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex

Are you a mecha and cyberpunk lover? No doubt Ghost in the Shell should be your start from this list. In a not so distant future, humankind has the advance technology to transplant human body and flesh to advance cyber parts completely. These transplants allow humans to increase both their physical and cybernetic powers. However, criminals misuse technology for very dangerous crimes. So, the Japanese Government has established a special police force unit named Section 9 to deal with such sensitive crimes.

15. Bungou Stray Dogs

Total Episodes: 36 (3 Seasons)

Bungou Stray Dogs

Nakajima Atsushi, an 18-year-old boy, discarded from his abusive orphanage because of the attacks by suspicious a white tiger surrounding him. Starving and out of options, Nakajima comes across Osamu Dazai, a suicidal detective now rescued by Nakajima. Dazai invites Nakajima to join an agency with weird jobs and supernatural detectives. Together with great colleagues, newfound friends, and foes; also, Nakajima has to solve the mystery of the white tiger. The second and third season of this story follows different storylines and focus on different characters. This supernatural and mystery-themed seinen anime will bring you great characters and eccentric storylines.

14. Mononoke

Total Episodes: 12


The story takes place in feudal Japan, where evil spirits known as Mononoke creates a problem for both households and the countryside. In this fear-filled world, a mysterious individual known as Medicine Seller helps others to slay the Mononoke. He vanquishes the evil spirits using his special Exorcism Sword. However, to draw his sword, he must understand the truth and reason of the Mononoke attack. Armed with his sharp intellect and great fighting skills, the Medicine Seller travels place to place to strike down the evil spirits.

13. Black Lagoon

Total Episodes: 12

Black Lagoon

The plot here revolves around the Lagoon Company, which is a group or master mercenaries known for their excellent smuggling skills. As they work in the black market, the ground constantly finds itself in trouble with Government, cartels, thugs, and more. The lead character of this series, Rock who used to be a Japanese salaryman and winds up working with the company after he is declared dead after being kidnapped. The over the top action and foul-mouthed characters are among the best anime characters of the 21st century.

12. Durarara!!

Total Episodes: 24


The anime starts with Mikado Ryuugamine visiting downtime Tokyo district Ikebukuro to attend high school with his closest childhood friend Masaomi Kida. Though Mikado has always keen to experience city life, he is not completely prepared to experience the strange, dangerous world of Ikebukuro loaded with murderers, gangs, and urban legends including the no head Black Rider. Along with his adventures, he will meet new friends and uncover the dangers that he has to survive. The action, supernatural, and mysterious world of Durarara is worth your every second.

11. Berserk: The Golden Age Arc

Total: 3 Movies

Berserk The Golden Age Arc

The sword-for-hire Guts is immensely strong and has a very little direction in his life as he fights one battle after another. However, this all changes when he is defeated by Griffith, who leads the Hawk mercenary army. As Guts decides to join the band and the relation between him and Griffith starts to grow, Casca, the swordswoman in the Band of the Hawk refuses to accept Guts and his influence among other group members. While the two men fight together to rise to power, soon the dark, mysterious, and prophesied goals of Griffith will be revealed, bringing tons of dangerous troubles.

10. Spice and Wolf

Total Episodes: 13, Manga: 16 Volumes

Spice and Wolf

The series lead Kraft Lawrence is a young man with an ambitious dream to start his own shop one day. One day he runs into Holo, a beautiful wolf girl and the goddess of the harvest. As she decides to travel with Kraft out of boredom, she helps Kraft by using her great knowledge of people and becoming a successful trader. This seinen anime stands out in term of fantasy, combat, romance, and gradually fastens after few episodes.

9. Ergo Proxy

Total Episodes: 23

Ergo Proxy

Due to the explosion of the methane hydrate layer present in earth’s atmosphere, the small number of remaining mankind population is now forced to live in special isolated domed cities scattered all across the dangerous, inhospitable, and arid planet. Now humans live in a highly controlled society and autonomous robots called AutoReivs to control their daily lives. In one of these domed cities named Romdo, Inspector Re-l Mayer is assigned to investigate concerns related to AutoReivs infection Cogito virus. Soon, she comes in contact with a monster called Proxy. The plot here is extremely enticing and will definitely spellbound you for hours.

8. Heroic Legend of Arslan

Total Episodes: 33, Manga: 12 Volumes

Heroic Legend of Arslan

Who doesn’t love some great medieval action!!! The King of Pars is killed in a battle as a result of a horrible betrayal. Pars is soon taken over by the Lusitania nation, leaving the crown prince Arslan to go on a run. With his servant Daryun by his side, Arslan promises to gain enough power to retake his homeland. The series is created by the geniuses of Legend of the Galactic Heroes, is an accurate and quality adaption of the manga and light novel series.

7. Death Note

Total Episodes: 37

Death Note

Even the amateurs of the anime world get excited by simply hearing this title. The story here is beyond extraordinary. The gods of death shinigamis can kill any person if they see their victim’s face and write it down in a notebook called the Death Note. A shinigami named Ryuk intentionally drops his death book into the human realm to test human behaviour. The high school student Light Yagami finds out the Death Note and soon discovers the devastating power of the Death Book. With this godly power, Light decides to kill all criminals and build a new world without crime. But, things go out of control soon, and the Japanese Government assigns the top detective of country L to solve the whole issue.

6. Mardock Scramble

Total: 3 Movies

Mardock Scramble

Rune Ballot is a teen prostitute living in Mardock City. One day Rune is picked up by a casino manager named Shell who gives her everything that she ever wished for. Unaware of Sheel’s false past, innocence, and even the false life that she is living, Balot feels extremely grateful towards Sheel. With curiosity, one day Rune research the past of Shell on a computer and finds out the truth that changes her life upside down in an instant. As Shell find out what Rune has done, he attempts to kill her by blowing up her car. The mystery plot of Mardock Scramble is definitely worth viewing.

5. Tokyo Ghoul

Total Episodes: 60

Tokyo Ghoul

In this fantasy world, modern Tokyo has become a city of terror where man easting ghouls exist and terrorize after the dark. As the ghouls have the ability to blend in as humans into society, it’s almost impossible to find them. Our story here follows Ken Kaneki, a college student who is drawn to a mystery girl named Rize Kamishiro. Unfortunately, Kaneki finds out that Rize is a human eating ghoul as she tries to eat him. Kaneki is saved by Touka Kirishima and starts his new life as a half-ghoul but refuses to eat human flesh. The plot has excellent character building and action scenes for you to delight yourself for hours.

4. Knights of Sidonia

Total Episodes: 24, Manga: 15 Volumes

Knights of Sidonia

After a thousand years of an alien race named Gauna had destroyed the solar system, now the small part of escaped humanity is living inside enormous seed ships. A young man named Nagate Tanikaze is living in a seed ship named Sidonia and getting trained to pilot powerful robotic weapons called Gardes. As he joins the legendary unit of Tsugumori, he and his fellow pilots must risk their lives to protect the rest of humanity from the Gauna. Don’t miss this ultimate battle for survival.

3. Psycho-Pass

Total Episodes: 33, Movies: 5


Another popular addition to our list. The plot of Psycho-Pass takes place in the near future, where there is technology available to instantly measure and asses an individual’s personality and state of mind. As the gathered information is recorded and processed, the term Psycho-Pass then used to measure an individual’s being. Our story revolves around the enforcement officer Shinya Kougami who is tasked to manage such crimes.

2. Code Geass

Total Episodes: 50, Movies: 3

Code Geass

The Holy Empire of Britannia is ruling over Japan with dominant military power in the year 2010. Now renamed as area 11, Japan has significant resistance against the tyrants ruling the country and constantly fighting to regain their independence. The main lead Lelouch Lamperouge, a Britannian student, finds himself caught in the crossfire between Area 11 and Britannian. Though he ables to escape with the help of a mysterious girl named C.C, now he has the power of Geass or “Power of Kings” or “the power of absolute obedience”. Lelouch decides to use this great power to help the resistance and soon takes the avatar of masked vigilante Zero.

1. Cowboy Bebop

Total Episodes: 26

Cowboy Bebop

In the distant future of the year 2071, now humanity has been able to colonize various planets across the solar system. There is an Inter Solar System Police group who takes care of crime. This intergalactic police group is also aided by the outlaw bounty hunters referred as cowboys. Spike Spiegel is a carefree and mellow hearted cowboy and works with his pragmatic partner Jet Black to chase down bounties and collect rewards. As few new members join their crew, a highly intelligent and a genetically engineered Welsh Corgi named Ein, a strange computer whiz kid named Edward Wong, and an enigmatic trickster with memory loss named Faye Valentine; their adventurous journey will take a dark path to unravel each of member’s past.


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