Top 50 Sexiest Anime Girls With Big Boobs

Top 50 Sexiest Anime Girls With Big Boobs

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Fans of this category enjoy the slim-fitting, big-breasted characters. Everyone has a favorite hot anime girl. Whether it’s because of her sensual movements, her lustrous looks, or the way she communicates straightforwardly, she makes you absolutely crazy!

In large part, anime’s popularity is because of its beautiful and attractive characters. A lot of anime fans watch their favorite anime shows in the late hours of the night, watching the beauty of anime characters.

While anime girls may not be as realistic as real girls, they have their own charm, sexiness, and beauty. We are so fascinated by these anime girls. Anime has always been known for its female characters. Someone’s day can be brightened when they see them.

Big boobs are a timeless trope found in almost every anime series, and they’re not going away anytime soon. Here are some of the sexiest anime girls with large breasts. This is a very important list. Not just for people who want a list of anime girls who are sexy. It’s just for anime lovers.

50. Shizuka Marikawa – Highschool of the Dead


In Highschool of the Dead, Shizuka Marikawa, who is the only adult, is one of the main protagonists. Among Shizuka’s contributions to the group are her medical skills and extensive medical knowledge. Additionally, she serves as an adult figure, caring for Alice Maresato and the others whenever needed.

Shizuka is a very tall, buxom woman with tremendous curves. A prominent feature of her physique is her humongous breasts. Her long blond hair falls past her waist, and she has hazel eyes.

A few bangs of her hair fall into her face, with two that fall at the sides, framing her face all the way down. When she appears, she usually appears sleepy, but in special circumstances, she puts on a serious face.

Shizuka, as the adult in the group, feels it is her duty to look after the kids. Although she is quite ditzy and prone to panic, she can be very serious when needed. Shizuka also shows great care for the members of the group, seeing it as her responsibility as the only grown-up among them and acting as a mother to Alice.

49. Rias Gremory – High School DxD


High School DxD’s main female character is Rias Gremory. She is the heir of the Gremory Clan after her older brother, Sirzechs, took the title of Lucifer.

In addition to that, she also goes by the name of the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess. A first-year college student at Kuoh Academy, she was the President of the Occult Research Club and is the school’s most beautiful student. Along with Akeno Himejima, she is one of Kuoh Academy’s Two Great Ladies. Additionally, she is one of Issei’s fiancées.

The beautiful Rias has a voluptuous body, white skin, beautiful blue eyes that she inherits from her father, Zeoticus, and a buxom figure.

The most distinguishing feature of her is her long, beautiful crimson tresses, inherited from her father, which reach down to her thighs with a single hair strand sticking out from the top. Also, she has loose bangs covering her forehead and side bangs framing her face.

Rias is a kind and a compassionate optimist who cares deeply for her servants and loved ones. When someone insults her or her peerage, she gets angry and violent, showing a fiery side. She also dislikes cruelty towards people because of this. Even though she is proud of her family’s name, she dislikes being referred to as Rias of the Gremory Family.

48. Medaka Kurokami – Medaka Box


The protagonist of the series Medaka Box is Medaka Kurokami. A class 13 freshman, she was the 98th and 99th president of Hakoniwa Academy’s Student Councils. Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, a childhood friend of hers, is forced to join the Student Council by her at the beginning of the series.

In addition to her very long purple hair that reaches down to her waist and bangs that barely overlap her red eyes, Medaka also has a semi-straight ahoge. In addition to her beautiful body, she has large breasts, which she is not shy about displaying.

A first-place finisher at the national test, Medaka is an excellent academic student. Additionally to her academic accomplishments, she has excelled in various other areas, such as calligraphy and sports, and obtained seemingly inhuman results. In spite of that, she lacks practical knowledge, as no one expects her to be able to understand subjects “below her.”

Despite her reputation for looking down on people, Medaka sees the good in everyone. According to her, everyone who seems to be a bad person has strayed from the right path. So far, she has always been right about this assumption, even if the people don’t realize it.

47. Tsunade Senju- Naruto


Sannin of Konohagakure, Tsunade descends from the Senju and Uzumaki Clans. It is said that she is the world’s strongest kunoichi and its greatest medical-nin. As a result of the repeated loss of her loved ones, Tsunade abandoned the life of a shinobi for many years. Ultimately, she returns to Konoha and assumes the mantle of Fifth Hokage, where her skills prove invaluable.

Tsunade has fair skin, brown eyes, and straight hair that part above her forehead. The rest of her hair reaches her lower back, with shoulder-length bangs framing her face.

As a child through her young adult years, she wore her hair tied in a high ponytail. As an adult, she keeps her hair tied in two loose ponytails. Her forehead is clearly marked with the Strength of a Hundred Seal, which appears as a violet diamond.

During her tenure as Hokage, Tsunade was committed to protecting Konoha and its villagers and was willing to lay down her life for them if necessary. Tsunade continues to support all other dreams she can.

Although Tsunade has many noble qualities, she is not without faults. As a result of her short temper, she is prone to striking Naruto for his immaturity or Jiraiya for his perversion; she is greatly feared for this.

46. Akeno Himejima – High School DxD


Akeno Himejima studies at Kuoh Academy as a first-year college student, one of the many female protagonists of High School DxD. She is Rias Gremory’s Queen and best friend. Keno is one of Kuoh Academy’s Two Great Ladies, along with Rias. Also, she is one of Issei’s fiancées.

Akeno has a voluptuous figure with very long black hair and violet eyes. The ponytail she usually wears reaches to the bottom of her legs with two strands sticking out from the top, sloping backward, with a ribbon tied around it.

Initially, she is seen to be almost an ideal Japanese woman, embodying Yamato Nadeshiko’s principles. Despite her calm exterior, she is shown to be highly sadistic in battle and doesn’t show mercy or remorse towards the enemies she kills, casually maintaining a smile over their deaths and expressing pleasure and lust over delivering them pain.

In spite of her reluctance to date men due to her past, she began to take an interest in Issei, thinking of him as a cute junior. In addition to playing with Issei and Rias, she likes to make Rias irritated by flirting with him.

45. Hakufu – IkkiTousen


In the series, Hakufu Sonsaku is one of the main female characters. She enjoys fighting and tackling stronger opponents. In addition to martial arts training, her mother trained her in flower arrangements and tea ceremonies.

Hakufu is beautiful and possesses a voluptuous body. The beautiful strawberry blonde hair that covers her ears and goes all the way down her back is long and flowing. She also has bangs, most of which are in the middle of her forehead, covering up most of her forehead. Hakufu’s top of the head also has two strands of hair sticking out.

Hakufu is usually a nice person, but she can be angry as a child when things don’t work out. As a headstrong person, she will jump into any situation or battle without thinking, exposing herself to severe danger.

Some of her behavior is extremely naive or shows moments of complete lack of common sense – for example, when she doesn’t see the big picture around her.

Though Hakufu enjoys fighting, she is adamantly opposed to killing or using deliberate violence against her opponents. Hakufu just wants to fight, despite her destiny to conquer all the schools. Basically, she fights for the sake of fighting.

44. Meiko Shiraki – Prison School


Meiko Shiraki is a supporting character in Prison School. She is vice-president of the Underground Student Council, a vigilante school organization; she is a third-year student at Hachimitsu Academy.

Meiko is assigned guard duty. For the two months that the boys are confined to the school’s prison block. Mari Kurihara, the President of USC, considers Meiko to be a subordinate and best friend. In Prison School, she is the mascot character.

A tall woman, Meiko has a slim waist and a voluptuous, full body. Her grey hair is mostly seen tied in a bun. Her uniform usually consists of a miniskirt, oval-shaped glasses, tights, knee-length boots, and an open collar.

Meiko is a confident student who is often seen wearing scanty clothing around campus. Her reputation as a sadist and misandrist is well known, especially among the five boys she physically punishes during their detention. The horsewhip she uses to punish detainees who disobey her is often seen with her.

When she is not working, she completes a hundred or more squats and pushups a day, and she can perform many brutal feats of strength. Meiko faithfully and strictly performs her guard duty over the male prisoners. However, she can also show sympathy for male prisoners.

43. Rangiku Matsumoto – Bleach


Rangiku Matsumoto is a lieutenant in the 10th Division of the Gotei 13 and serves under Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya.

A wavy blond hairstyle is complemented by blue eyes, full lips, and a beauty mark under the right side of her mouth. The feature that makes her stand out is her enormous breasts, which contribute to her curvaceous figure. Dressed in traditional Shinigami garb, she lets her robes hang loose in order to reveal her ample bosom.

Rangiku is a slacker who enjoys drinking and dislikes paperwork. She doesn’t show any modesty when it comes to her appearance, frequently referring to or complaining about her large breasts in casual conversations, much to the embarrassment/amusement of everyone around her at the time. To achieve her goals, she is not above using her considerable feminine charms.

She has an easygoing, free-spirited personality that contrasts sharply with Hitsugaya’s serious demeanor, but the two seem to be quite close nonetheless.

As a lieutenant, she is incredibly casual around him, always by his side, showing deep loyalty to him on several occasions, although her laziness behavior frequently irritates him. She seems somewhat self-centered, but she is sensitive to others’ feelings.

42. Yoruichi Shihouin- Bleach


Shihouin was the former captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13 as well as the former commander of the Onmitsukido.

Yoruichi Shihouin is a slender woman with well-endowed breasts whose height is average. Her skin is dark, her eyes are golden, and she has black hair. Ponytailed hair is her usual style, and her bangs are chin-length to frame her face.

She can transform for long periods of time into a small black cat, unlike any other Shinigami. In this form, she has golden eyes and a distinctive male voice.

As a former leader of the Onmitsukido and the captain of the Second Division, Yoruichi is intelligent and witty, and she has an intimate knowledge of Soul Society and its workings. Her behavior differs from that of other nobles, despite her noble birth.

She periodically changes into her human form directly in front of Ichigo just to see how he reacts to seeing her naked, which she teases him about. Additionally, she speaks a dialect used by elders.

Although it is unknown how she acquired her cat transformation, she seems to prefer spending most of her time in it. She especially enjoys transforming in front of people to see their shocked reactions since her cat form makes her sound male.

41. Lucy Heartfilia – Fairy Tail


Lucy Heartfilia is a Mage in the Fairy Tail Guild, where she is a member of Team Natsu.

In addition to having brown eyes, Lucy has shoulder-length blonde hair that is usually tied in a ponytail to the right, with the rest of the hair loose. Her pink Fairy Tail stamp can be found at the back of her right hand.

Additionally, Lucy does not always wear the same outfit. Nevertheless, she always wears a belt that holds her Celestial Spirit keys and a whip with a heart-shaped end, as well as keeping her skirt up.

Lucie takes great pride in her appearance, is very confident in her sexual appeal, and often exudes a certain amount of vanity. Despite her superficial attitude, she is a thoughtful, kind, and caring individual. Lucy treats her Celestial Spirits with a lot of respect, refusing to use them as shields or think of them in that way.

While some Celestial Spirit Mages view their Spirits as mere tools and objects, she fights alongside them as her allies. Even at the risk of her life, Lucy will go to great lengths to bring happiness to her Spirits. Despite being technically the owner of the Spirits, she prefers to be referred to as their friend instead.

40. Kan’u – Ikkitousen


Unchou Kan’u was known and feared throughout all of Kanto for her skill as a warrior. She was so skilled that the other fighters gave her the title “God of Martial Arts.”

She is a tan, slender woman with long purple hair that reaches all the way to her feet, tied tightly at the end. Her uniform typically consists of a revealing white sailor blouse, a matching blue skirt, loose white socks, and brown shoes. The hem of Kan’u’s blouse is shorter than that of the rest of Seito Academy’s female students, exposing her midriff and back.

In addition to having the nearly invincible Blue Dragon Crescent Blade as well as the legendary sword Kusanagi, she also has a great deal of chi.

Kan’u exhibits a high level of loyalty. Kan’u is also extremely proud of her skills and of her name.

Kan’u is first seen walking down a street, hearing about the Great Fighters Tournament. As the only member of Seito Academy to participate in the tournament, she surprises her opponents. After having beaten four opponents easily, she simply asks where the next one is going to be

39. Leafa – Sword Art Online


In Sword Art Online, Kirigaya Suguha is known as Leafa in ALfheim Online, as well as Project Alicization. She is a recurring character of the Fairy Dance arc, but her main role is in the Girls Ops spin-off. Suguha was raised in the same household as Kirigaya Kazuto and is his cousin and adoptive sister.

In addition to her short black hair, Suguha has dark grey eyes that are almost black in color. In comparison to other female cast members, her breasts are very large. She always appears to have an embarrassing expression around her cousin and has a cute childish look.

Suguha appears more like an adult in ALfheim Online than a child. She wears white and green clothes and has bright green eyes. Additionally, she wears a white and green collar around her neck.

Her long blond hair is often tied up with a flower-shaped hairband. She does not tie up her bangs with her hair, however. As with all of the other players in ALO, her ears are quite long and pointed.

In contrast to her cousin Kazuto, Suguha is upbeat and outgoing. It’s easier for her to converse with others since she’s more social. Her temper is easily lost if someone annoys or crosses her.

38. Tsukiumi-Sekirei


Minato’s fourth Sekirei is Tsukiumi, one of the story’s heroines. In a dream, she said she would kill Minato; this was due to her desire to become the strongest Sekirei without being winged by an Ashikabi, as well as misunderstanding how a Sekirei emerges.

Her hair is blond, and she has blue eyes. She wears a black dress with a white underdress that shows her cleavage. Homura and Kazehana nicknamed her “Panties flasher” because of her short skirt, which exposes her panties often.

Tsukiumi is a Sekirei with tsundere characteristics. Her short temper, aggressive nature, and tendency to rarely smile make her the most aggressive of Minato’s party members. She was the first Sekirei that wanted to be the strongest without Ashikabi’s assistance. It seemed as if she was willing to kill her future Ashikabi if they ever reacted, considering how much she hates Ashikabis.

Her behavior changed drastically after getting winged by Minato, and she easily gets jealous of other women when Minato is around other women due to her feelings for her Ashikabi. The fact that she proclaims herself to be Minato’s only legal wife sometimes causes rivalry between her and Minato’s remaining Sekirei.

37. Kurumu Kurono – Rosario + Vampire


In her third year at Yokai Academy, Kurono, who is a Succubus, dreams of being able to take Tsukune Aono from Moka Akashiya.

In addition to her light ocean blue hair tied in a ponytail with a purple maid headband that has a gold star on the left side, Kurumu also has deep purple eyes, thick black eyelashes, and large breasts, which she takes great pride in. She is still quite small despite having soft, bouncy, and massive breasts.

As a succubus, Kurumu has the ability to easily seduce men. She is liked by most of the boys in her school but falls in love with Tsukune Aono after he saves her from a furious Inner Moka.

Kurumu at first acts cold and arrogant to attract Tsukune but later tells him that he is her true love and that she will try to make him love her without using her succubus powers.

It is Kurumu’s confidence in her beauty that is often used to try and win Tsukune’s heart. It is common for her to tease her love rivals about how she is so much sexier than them. Moka, however, is not teased as harshly as the rest but is pushed aside when together with Tsukune. She is cheerful and self-confident.

36. Mirajane – Fairy Tail


Mirajane Strauss is a Fairy Tale Guild S-class mage and its “drawing card.” She occasionally models for Sorcerer Magazine.

She is a slim, short woman of below-average height. Her hair is long and white, curly at the ends, and has two bangs framing her face and extending to her chest; her hairstyle features a short, upward ponytail that is created by gathering her hair over her forehead and tying it on top.

Because she always wears such a style, her hair seems to have adapted to it, and her hair on her forehead always points upwards. Blue eyes and large breasts decorate her curvy, voluptuous body. The Fairy Tail Stamp is located on her left thigh. Mirajane is well known for her beauty.

Her friends and even strangers are treated with kindness by Mirajane, who is loving and caring. Mirajane, who runs the guild hall’s bar, takes on a motherly role within the guild.

The guild’s eccentricities do not bother her, and she rarely seems to be in a bad mood. Mirajane is dedicated to protecting her comrades in keeping with her motherly role.

35. Kirika Misono-Eiken


The unofficial leader of the Eiken club at Zashono Academy is Kirika Misono. Her M-cup breasts stand out. Kirika has been shown not to wear underwear unless she is wearing a bikini.

Kirika has long purple hair tied in a ponytail, black eyes, and large jiggly breasts. The only difference between her uniform and the Zashono Academy uniform is that she wears a purple ribbon instead of a red one.

Since Kirika forced Densuke Mifune to join the Eiken club, she has abused him relentlessly by either smothering him with her breasts, using his head to hold them up, hitting him with them, or just by deliberately showing him her breasts.

Kirika is renowned for being able to tell what people are thinking and what their intentions are down to the last detail. She has an excellent ability to read people.

Her family background is unknown, but she spends most of her time outside the club, drifting from place to place around town, where she is often invited in and given free food because of her friendly nature. Additionally, she feeds stray cats, possibly because she has been alone herself.

34. Junko Asagiri – Desert Punk


The anime series Desert Punk features Junko Asagiri as a recurring character.

Junko is a tall woman between the ages of 20 and 30. Besides green eyes and fair white skin, she also has long purple hair, which she sometimes wears down but sometimes pulls back into a ponytail. She wears custom clothing so that it fits her bust, which is about a G cup size.

Uzumaki Chemicals makes her tan Fisheye suit, and her helmet features a radio, binoculars, a night vision system, and heat detection. Her desert suit was designed specifically for survival in the desert environment, not for combat.

Junko is a voluptuous and cunning woman who uses her well-endowed body to achieve her desires. Because she is manipulative and has excessive breast size, she is seen as a fierce enemy by Kosuna.

Her skills with weapons are similar to those of Desert Punk, and she’s clever as well. According to the central theme of the series, Junko represents selfishness and disloyalty by frequently switching sides whenever it is in her favor.

She has little information about her family or childhood, and as a mercenary, she travels independently.

33. AyaNatsume – TenjhoTenge


The anime series Tenjou Tenge features the character Aya Natsume. Besides being a freshman at Toudou academy, she is also a Juken club member and the younger sister of Shin Natsume and Maya Natsume.

The beautiful Aya has long auburn hair that has a medium strand sticking up and a dark auburn eye color.

The moment Souichiro Nagi crashes into the shower room, Aya immediately falls in love with him and demands that he marry her, as it is a Natsume tradition that the first man to see her unclothed must also become her husband. Despite his vehement protests, she pursues him relentlessly throughout the series.

Like her sister, Aya fights with the Natsume family style. She knows jujitsu techniques as well as Natsume Goushin Ryuu.

Having a Dragon’s Eye gives Aya synchronized visions of the present, past, and possible futures, as well as giving her the ability to see and hear the dead.

Dragon’s Eye allows her to see everything, including wood, fire, earth, gold, and water, about her opponent. In other words, she can read the energy of everything in existence. She is able to predict the future and reconstruct images from the past. Aya is quite proficient with katanas, as she is an affinity for them.

32. Orihime Inoue – Bleach


Human being Orihime Inoue lives in Karakura Town. Her high school years were spent at Karakura High School.

Orihime is an average-sized teenager. Burnt orange hair falls to her waist, and she has brown eyes. For a teenager, she has a slender yet curvaceous figure, especially in terms of her large breasts. Hairpins are worn behind her ears to keep her bangs in place, and she removes them only to sleep, as they were a memorial to her brother.

She is independent, friendly, humorous, optimistic, sensitive, caring, and kind. In spite of her exceptionally high marks in school, she comes off as naive and clueless. She studies hard because her relatives give her less financial support when her grades drop.

She belongs to the Handicrafts Club and loves to invent ridiculous games to play with Tatsuki. Often, she loses track of what she is thinking or dreaming when she is zoned out with her mouth open. She has a vivid imagination and gets carried away thinking of absurd scenarios.

Orihime enjoys Asian flower print clothing and comedies. While Orihime eats some normal food, she cooks and eats strange food that is often unappetizing to others. Red bean paste is her favorite food, and she likes sweet potatoes with butter. Most of the time, she enjoys cheese and butter.

31. Kashiwazaki Sena – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai


Sena Kashiwazaki is the female protagonist of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. Her father is Tenma Kashiwazaki, headmaster of St. Chronica’s Academy. She is the first member recruited to the Neighbor’s Club.

With her wealth, beauty, and outstanding academic and athletic performance, she is popular with male students but have made her an outcast among girls. Although she is constantly surrounded by boys, all she wants are true friends, which leads her to join the Neighbor’s Club.

Despite being good-looking and popular with the opposite sex, Sena has no female friends before joining the Neighbor’s Club.

Sena is an attractive young woman who has inherited much of her looks from her mother. She has light blonde hair that is mid-back length with bangs swept just above her right side, she almost always wears a blue butterfly hair clip, she has blue eyes, and she has a curvaceous body that she likes to flaunt.

Although Sena appears to be an ordinary high school girl on the outside, in reality she is arrogant and prideful by nature, knowing full well that she should do so since she is so good.

30. Nico Robin – One Piece


Nico Robin, also known as “Devil Child” and “Light of the Revolution,” is an archaeologist for the Straw Hat Pirates. Her joining came at the end of the Arabasta Arc, making her the seventh crew member and the sixth to join.

Nicki Robin is a slender, tall woman with black hair that reaches her shoulders and dark, wide pupils. Additionally, she has a long, thin, and defined nose. There is a slight tan to Robin’s skin.

In addition to resembling her mother greatly, Robin also has a slightly darker skin tone than her, with the exception of her hair color and style. The length of Robin’s limbs, particularly her legs, contribute greatly to both her fighting abilities and her overall height.

Robin is the most serene member of the Straw Hat Pirates and rarely acts comically. Although Luffy acts impulsively, she treats him with more respect than the rest of the crew, to the point where she will laugh at his antics. She is one of the members that unconditionally supports Luffy’s decisions, along with Zoro.

Nico Robin is usually examining the data from the places the crew visits while on the water. She is very wise and patient in everything she does.

Despite her lack of specific roles on the ship, Robin is able to foresee what can be found somewhere, and that is of use to the crew. She is considered a very intelligent member by Luffy.

29. Mei Momozono- Mouse


In the series, Mei Momozono is Mouse’s blonde assistant.

She is a math teacher at the college’s physics department and a highly qualified computer and physics expert. Despite being trained to be Sorata’s servant since childhood, she decided that she would not follow Mouse blindly until she had seen him for herself, even planning to kill herself if made to follow a man she didn’t respect.

After being injured during her first mission, she chose to follow Sorata with her whole heart when he refused to abandon her, despite her insistence that he do so. The Muon family owns Yamanoue Academy, where her grandfather is chairman. Her shotacon tendencies seem to be attracted to Sorata in shorts due to how they first met.

Mei has fair skin and a curvy, busty figure. Besides her back-length golden blonde hair and green eyes, she wears a nice cherry red lipstick.

Her reputation is that of a hard-working, loyal, kind, and intelligent woman who is especially good with computers and devices since she works in a college. Additionally, she is straightforward in doing perverted acts for her master, Sorata, which she swore she would follow in being his servant.

28. Masane Amaha-Witch blade boobs


During the Great Quake that sank a portion of Tokyo, Masane Amaha, real name Yasuka Ohara, and her adoptive daughter Rihoko Amaha were kicked out of a domestic shelter. They were later chased by the NswF’s Child Welfare agency.

After fleeing to the recovering Tokyo, they were found and brought in for questioning and negotiations shortly after they arrived. She relinquishes custody of Rihoko to NswF, but soon after, she changes her mind and tries to take Rihoko back.

Although Masane can be laid back and a little negligent at times, she has a strong commitment to her goals.

Following the Great Quake, which killed thousands of Japanese, she was found with a Witchblade around her wrist and complete amnesia, not remembering who she was or what had happened. The Great Quake’s epicenter, Ground Zero, was where she was found.

Masane’s fighting ability is enhanced by the Witchblade, which gives her a retractable blade on her right arm and four whip-like attachments on her hair, which can extend to great distances.

Masamune is Masane’s nickname due to her large breasts.

27. Nelliel Tu Odelschwank- Bleach 


The former Tres Espada is Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck. While she was a small, childlike Arrancar, she was also known as Nel Tu.

Nelliel is a female Arrancar with hazel eyes and green hair. Her true form of this creature is that of a tall, well-endowed, curvaceous female with long, flowing green hair. In addition to the scar on her face and the crimson line, she has pronounced lower canine teeth. She has a large “3” tattooed on her back, indicating that she was the former 3rd Espada.

She is mature, logical, sophisticated, and intelligent. She is also fairly level-headed when it comes to fighting, stating that if one is fighting out of hatred, prejudice, or simple competition, it’s not worth it. As opposed to many Arrancar, Nelliel is somewhat pacifistic, and according to her Fraction, she preferred not to engage in combat unless it involved self-defense.

When fighting, Nelliel is relatively calm and silent, preferring to only speak when spoken to, a rather uncommon characteristic among Arrancar. Reading is something she enjoys, and she often reads after her missions.

Nelliel is a loyal, respectful, and trustworthy warrior who is eager to follow orders from her commander as long as that commander has proven himself worthy. In addition to being knowledgeable, analytical, easygoing, fairly compassionate, and humorous in her own right, she also exhibits a cheerful, energetic attitude when not on duty.

26. Erza Knightwalker- Fairy Tail


Erza Knightwalker is a member of the Edolas Kingdom and is the Royal Army Captain of the 2nd Magic War Division. She is the Edolas counterpart to Erza Scarlet.

Originally, Knightwalker had long, flowing scarlet hair, with an elegant knot in the back that became shorter over time as she tried to distinguish herself from Erza Scarlet on the Earth Land.

A halter-type armor top leaves much of Knightwalker’s cleavage and stomach exposed. She wears light-armored gauntlets and greaves on her forearms and forelegs, as well as on her thighs. Additionally, she wears a dark bikini bottom with a piece of cloth covering her hips. Her neck is covered with a dark scarf.

Erza Knightwalker has no compassion for her enemies, killing them without mercy, unlike her Earth Land counterpart. Due to her pride in her title, she took it as a personal insult when Lucy told her that Erza Scarlet was a staunch ally of the Earth Land Fairy Tail Guild and unquestionably loyal to her friends.

Her winning streak has made her overly arrogant. As a result, she doesn’t take losing lightly.

25. Ryofu Housen-IkkiTousen


Ryofu Hosen is a powerful fighter with a promiscuous personality and a habit of dressing skimpily. Among Rakuyo’s best fighters, Ryofu is one of the most prominent.

Ryofu is an average-sized busty girl. Ryofu is ruddy-skinned and has seafoam green hair that is always tied in pigtails. It is typical for her to wear the Rakuyo school uniform, consisting of a red blazer and skirt, as well as brown shoes. But unlike the other students, her socks are nearly knee-high, and she doesn’t wear the white shirt to conceal her large breasts underneath the blazer.

As Ryofu is very perverted, she enjoyed taking advantage of Ryomou and even leisurely commented how much she enjoyed Saji touching her, as well as groping Hakufu for fun. She was an expert in making chi-blasts and loved both Saji and her best friend, Chinkyuu. Saji was a love-hate relationship for her.

Even though she tried her best to escape her fate, she ended up causing it. Her illness would cause her death before she became an adult.

Ryofu is aggressive and independent, who prioritizes her own needs and desires over those of others. Unrepentantly, she is open about this fact, taking great pride in the fact that she is able to determine her own destiny.

24. Nami- One Piece


Straw Hat Pirates’ navigator is “Cat Burglar” Nami. During the Orange Town Arc, she became the third member of the crew.

Nami is a slim, average-height woman with orange hair and brown eyes. Most people find her attractive or even beautiful. There is a blue tattoo on her left shoulder that represents mikan and pinwheels. Her fashion and hairstyle frequently change.

She often wears shirts with four-letter words, such as “Gold.” She wears a gold bracelet, which her sister gave to her, on her left wrist along with the Log Pose, which she needs to be the ship’s navigator.

Nami is one of the smartest Straw Hats and the third smartest characters in East Blue. At the beginning of the series, Nami hated all pirates. In the past, she viewed pirates as always evil, but after meeting Luffy, she changed her mind. Nami also disbelieves in myths and legends.

Nami can be seen commanding the crew to raise the mast or draw the sails. Although she will often try to persuade Luffy not to go to dangerous islands, she will nonetheless obey his orders when he demands them.

23. Mei Terumi – Naruto


The Fifth Mizukage of Kirigakure is Mei Terumi. After the dreadful reign of Yagura Karatachi came to an end, she became the Mizukage, enforcing internal reforms and reestablishing diplomatic ties with other villages.

She is a tall, slender woman with fair skin. Besides her green eyes, she has ankle-length, auburn hair styled in a herringbone pattern at the back, a high bun tied with a dark blue band, and four bangs in front. Two of her bangs are short, one of which covers her right eye, and two are long, crossing each other below her chin.

Mei tries to avoid conflicts and is generally kind and cheerful. In contrast to the other Kages, Mei displayed more open-mindedness. Mei can also be very flirtatious. Despite her status as a Kage, she is also very respectful to others.

When it comes to her love life, Mei seems somewhat sensitive. She is not tolerant of insults related to her age or appearance either. As the village’s leader, Mei cares about Kirigakure’s welfare and history. Although Mei is brave and calm in battle, she is able to recognize her limitations as well as those of others.

22. Rushuna Tendo- Grenadier


In the series, Rushuna Tendo is the main character. The 16-year-old blond senshi is extremely curvy and has been trained in the positive teachings and kind ideals of Tenshi.

In addition to her training in the use of a revolver, she specializes in shooting with a form of Gunkata that disables rather than kills. Rushuna strives to end strife and chaos.

Her tactical analysis skills are excellent, and she is able to discern her enemies’ weaknesses in the heat of battle and exploit them with the tools she has. In order to pacify opponents who are hard to negotiate with, she hugs them to her chest. Taking hot baths is a weakness of Rushuna’s, and she indulges in it often.

Despite the fact that she has feelings for Yajirou, she doesn’t want to pursue them until her objective is accomplished. She can be jealous at times when she sees him with other girls, but she knows he always returns to her. Considering she is a traveler, her first name may refer to a Rushana Buddha.

Due to her natural blond hair and large bust, Rushuna has been referred to as a foreigner.

21. Zakuro Mitsukai – Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan


In light of Dokuro’s refusal to kill Sakura and Sabato’s repeated failures, Zakuro Mitsukai is another angel sent from the future to kill him.

Zakuro is Dokuro’s nine-year-old angel sister, even though she looks much older and has larger breasts than her sister. As most angels, she has superhuman abilities and wears a dress modeled after a naval officer’s uniform along with a left eye patch.

Zakuro is unusually polite, addressing people with an “-san” suffix after their names rather than an informal “-kun” or “-chan.” She is quite adept at battle and is soft-spoken. The towel she uses as her weapon is called “Eckilsax,” which can be split in two or more parts for close combat, as well as being stretched out to bind the opponent.

Sakura and Zakuro seem to get along well, although Zakuro sometimes suggests that Dokuro kill Sakura, but then realizes what she’s saying and apologizes. Even though Zakuro is nine years younger than her sister, her appearance really makes you think that Dokuro is the younger sister.

20. Miharu Sena Kanaka – Girls Bravo


The series’ deuteragonist and one of the central characters is Miharu Sena Kanaka. She bears a Star Mark on her forehead.

Miharu is from a world called Seiren. When she gets next to Yukinari, she is the only one who doesn’t give him rashes. Her fascination with the world around her is endless, and she loves to eat.

Miharu first associated Earth with Yukinari Sasaki when she saw images of him in her bath. The one person she had been waiting for so long, she believed, was him.

When she accidentally transports him to her bathtub in Seiren, she meets him. Despite being naked in her bath, her innocence and playful character prevent her from panicking. Having evaded Seiren’s citizens, she returns to Earth with Yukinari.

She almost immediately thinks of Yukinari Sasaki as a close friend when she first encounters him, but as the series proceeds, her feelings for him grow stronger, and she clearly has deep feelings for him. Occasionally she has shown jealousy when a girl takes Yukinari away from her or is in a perverted situation with him, but most of the time, she is not jealous.

19. Kuriko Kazetsubaki-Maburaho


Among the three girls, Kuriko is the oldest and uses her age to her advantage in her bid to become Kazuki Shikimori’s wife. She wears a skimpy outfit and uses talismans as her primary magic. As often as she tries, she has to be stopped by either Rin or Yuna for trying to engage in various sexual activities with Kazuki.

Kuriko’s only interest in Kazuki at the beginning of the story is to get his genes into the wealthy and powerful Kazetsubaki family and have the stature that comes with being the mother of a powerful sorcerer.

Kuriko, a third-year student and member of the student government, enjoys flirting with Kazuki and teasing Yuna. It is common for her to appear out of nowhere and embrace Kazuki, right in front of Yuna, or to use her charm, body, or family resources to seduce Kazuki. Kuriko slowly falls in love with him.

Kuriko is the most knowledgeable of the three girls when it comes to magic and politics. Although her magic count is among the best, it falls far short of Kazuki’s. In order to increase Kazuki’s spell count when his spell count was low, she would take him to this co-ed magic hot spring.

18. Boa Hancock – One Piece


Known as the “Pirate Empress,” Boa Hancock was the only female Warlord of the Sea before the organization was disbanded. The current empress of Amazon Lily, known as the “Snake Princess,” rules with her two younger Gorgon sisters, Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold, over the Kuja tribe.

In the Amazon Lily arc, she is the antagonist before becoming friends with and falling in love with Monkey D. Luffy. She becomes his ally during the remainder of the Summit War Saga as well as the Return to Sabaody arc.

Hancock is regarded as the most beautiful woman in the world. Comparatively to her abnormal and huge sisters, she has a well-proportioned figure.

With her long, black hair reaching to her waist, along with the locks framing her face, she displays her high forehead, deep blue eyes with long, voluminous eyelashes, along with pale skin and a tall, slender body. Her waist is narrow, and her breasts are large.

Hancock is a very complex individual. She seems selfish, pompous, spoiled, and used to getting her own way at first glance. She can also be arrogant and cruel, justifying her less-than-admirable actions with her unmatched beauty, making her think that anything is acceptable since the world will forgive her.

17. Miya Asama -Sekirei


Landlady Miya Asama of the Izumo Inn is also known as the “Hannya of the North.” As a result of her fearsome reputation, no Ashikabi or Sekirei have dared attack Izumo Inn.

In addition to her slender and shapely build, Miya has purple hair with short bangs, a hime haircut, and brown eyes. Despite being the oldest Sekirei, she still possesses the same youthful appearance she had when found on Kamikura Island 21 years earlier.

As Miya’s husband Takehito Asama was not an Ashikabi, she is an unwinged Sekirei. As Sekirei #01, she was the fearsome former leader of the first generation of the Disciplinary Squad, although Miya claimed that she had been a completely different person during her time with MBI.

Miya credits her eventual husband with enabling her to learn about the people and the world, thereby changing her outlook on life. There are often comments about Miya being a mother figure at Izumo Inn, but she strongly denies this. She states that everyone views her as a big sister.

She is also prone to wiretapping other people’s conversations by using a rubber duck outfitted with a speaker made by Matsu, whom she christened “Duck-san.”

16. Garnet Maclaine – Dragonaut: The Resonance


In the Gillard military, Garnet MacLaine is attempting to uncover the secret behind the Resonance process. The dragon that resonated with Asim fifteen years ago is revealed to be this woman, and she handles her responsibilities with dignity.

As the General of the Gilliard army, she is very intelligent and a capable commander, tactician, and fighter. Additionally, she has a high stamina, as she has taken significant damage and simply gotten back up to continue fighting afterward.

Garnet is a dark-skinned woman with violet hair and different colored eyes, green and red, identifying her as a dragon. Garnet is most notable for her big breasts and wears a brown Gillard military uniform that exposes her cleavage.

Since she visited Japan, she has always carried a katana with her, which she is extremely skilled with. In her dragon form, she is even stronger.

Eventually, she and Asim are engulfed in an explosion caused by Gio and presumed dead, though they are later shown to have merged with Thanatos. Asim’s older brother was allegedly killed by Garnet. Perhaps on orders from the younger prince.

15. Forte Stollen – Galaxy Angel


The Moon Angel Troupe’s fourth and senior member is Forte Stollen. Definitely the most experienced member of her team and formal leader of the unit; she was confident, headstrong, but mature. Her job is to pilot the Happy Trigger.

Her uniform consists of a single, cape-like jacket, reaching to her feet. Her dress, underneath, features a purple bottom that has gold and black emblems positioned across her midsection, while her chest is bare and supported by a strap that runs down the neckline of the dress.

A pair of black high heel pumps is also part of her normal outfit. Forte wears a peaked cap, crop, and her signature monocle whenever she is in uniform. Forte’s red hair isn’t very long, but the left side is longer than the right.

Forte was the oldest and most experienced member of the Angel Wing, so she acted as the team’s “big sister.” Forte is familiar with the quirks and workings of her fellow team members because of that experience.

Having masculine mannerisms, a headstrong attitude, a penchant for firearms, and a preference for brute force, Forte could be described as a tomboy. Forte, however, still keeps in touch with her feminine side.

14. Samui- Naruto


Samui is a Kumogakure kunoichi and the leader of Team Samui.

She is a tall, fair-skinned woman who has a curvaceous figure and wears a cold, aloof expression most of the time. The blonde has blue eyes and straight, shoulder-length hair cut in an asymmetrical bob style.

Wearing a very low-cut outfit that reveals her large cleavage, she wears mesh armor underneath, a short skirt with red handguards, high boots, and what appears to be a modified Kumogakure flak jacket that covers her stomach only. Additionally, she carries a tanto strapped horizontally to her lower back.

In contrast with her overly talkative and rather impulsive former teammates and hot-headed younger brother, Samui is quiet, mature, and generally silent, only speaking when necessary. She tends to use the word “cool” the most. Her self-control is also impressive. Even during missions, the Fourth Raikage considers her to be a valuable and capable Kunoichi, completely trusting her.

Samui is a skilled kunoichi in her capacity as a jonin. Samui fights with a tanto, wielding kenjutsu like her teammates. Furthermore, she is very knowledgeable, as evidenced by her in-depth understanding of the Gold and Silver Brothers and the four mythical weapons they possess.

13. Viola – One Piece


Viola is the second child of the Riku family and the current Crown Princess of Dressrosa, following the abdication of her niece Rebecca. She is Scarlett’s younger sister.

Viola is a slim, well-endowed, light olive-skinned, average-height woman. Her long, slightly wavy dark brown hair is pulled back and held in place by a rose, with a lock of hair hanging to the left of her face. The rose conceals a dagger.

She wears a long flamenco dress with violet polka dots and maroon frills as well as red roses in her hair, purple stiletto heels, and round earrings.

Viola’s character, Violet, an officer of the Donquixote Family, fits the stereotype of the dancing women of Dressrosa; she is emotional and romantic, but she will not hesitate to stab a man who betrays her. When necessary, she does not hesitate to use violence.

Her ruthlessness is actually an expression of her cynicism; no man she has ever been involved with has ever been honest with her, a fact she discovered with her powers. On the inside, she is actually a caring individual. Viola’s true self is nobler than her alias Violet because she gave up her freedom to spare her father’s life.

12. Nojiko – One Piece


In Cocoyasi Village, Nojiko owns a tangerine farm and is the elder adoptive sister of Nami. Their adoptive mother, Bell-mère, raised them together. During the Arlong Park Arc, she is an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates.

She has light blue hair and tanned skin and is an average-sized woman.

The tattoos on her right arm and chest are a gesture of sympathy and condolence towards Nami, who had been ashamed of her tattoo of Arlong’s jolly roger. She usually wears a beige sleeveless shirt, blue trousers, and purple sandals. She also seems to wear pink lip gloss.

In contrast to Nami, Nojiko is more level-headed. She is extremely supportive of Nami, her adoptive sister and generous toward Genzo, whom she and Nami had seen as a father figure. In contrast to her sister, she did not seem to get into trouble, even though she seemed to upset boys a lot.

Her responsibilities also grew as she age, including those of her island mates. When Arlong ruled, she tried to prevent others from raising their voices against him, while Nami did her best to honor the deal she made with him. Those who recklessly ruin their lives do not appeal to her.

11. Seras Victoria – Hellsing Ultimate


Seras Victoria is a main character in Hellsing. Alucard turned Seras into a vampire in order to save her from a would-be fatal gunshot wound to the chest, which he used to kill the vampire priest holding her hostage.

Her hair was originally cut into a flare cut, and her eyes were blue. Even though she had broad shoulders, she maintained a very voluptuous and buxom figure, enhanced by the fact that she was shorter than most of her allies. As a fully-fledged vampire, her hair turned almost platinum blonde, and her eyes became permanently red.

Seras appears to have always been strong-willed since childhood, as evidenced by her flashbacks. Seras is often seen as a tomboy; she is brave, strong, and courageous; she does not fear to challenge orders of her master if they are outside her beliefs.

Given her horrifying past, her devotion to morals and integrity is rather unusual. Although she is a loyal and trustworthy soldier, she will follow the orders of her commander if he or she has proven his or her worth.

10. Excel – Excel Saga


Excel is the main character in the Excel Saga anime series.

Excel is blonde and has green eyes.

The sole officer of ACROSS is her. In Excel’s work, determination and enthusiasm are excessive, but foresight and understanding are lacking.

Although she is impossibly unlucky, she never completes a mission without assistance, and she even succeeds by chance most of the time. Il Palazzo appears to be her schoolgirl crush at times, bordering on fanatic obsession, and she has even conversed with a picture of him while home alone.

Despite her brashness, ACROSS and Il Palazzo count on Excel to be loyal to their plans to conquer the world. Excel’s greatest virtues are her dedication to ACROSS’ mission and her single-minded devotion to Lord Il Palazzo.

Excel is, despite this, incompetent at her position and rarely succeeds. In addition to being hyperactive and energetic, Excel is well known for talking so fast and inconsistently that people around her find it hard to understand her. Even when she is speaking of herself, Excel tends to use the third person.

9. Puma Sisters – Dominion Tank Police


Gynoids, the Puma sisters, were originally intended to serve as bodyguards and love dolls. As such, they are very attractive and are specially trained for combat. As we learn throughout the OAV, they are equipped with various combat hardware such as enhanced targeting systems and dermal plating.

Furthermore, their android bodies give them superior agility, strength, endurance, and so on. In addition, they are immune to the effects of the bacterial cloud and do not need to wear gas masks.

The two sisters are identical. They are both very attractive and tall. Their heavy blonde hair is adorned with cat-like ears. They have long, unkempt hair. Sometimes, they appear to have mismatched blue/green eyes – one is right-blue, and the other is left-green.

Their preferred weapons are automatic and heavy. In most cases, they’re armed to the teeth. Powerful armor is often used for their battle suits. They seem to prefer suppressive fire over precision shooting. Whenever they can spray an area, they do so. It’s a mystery where they get their gear; they’re always broke.

The airheads are oblivious to many simple aspects of real life. They are fascinated by anything that glitters and has big guns. They both enjoy expensive toys and will steal any expensive item that appeals to them.

8. Narusawa Ryoka – Occultic; Nine


Ryoka Narusawa is a main character in the series and a spirit guide with enormous breasts who is Yuta’s best friend. Describes herself as “Ryo-tas” and Yuta as “Gamotan.” Using an electric stun-gun modeled after an old-fashioned raygun, Yuta nicknames it the “Poya-gun” after a tower in Wardeclyffe.

Ryoka has light brown eyes and short brown hair. She is seen wearing a long white coat with embroidered blue roses adorning its collar, accentuating her shapely figure. In addition to wearing white gloves, she also wears white thigh-high socks and white shoes.

Ryoka Narusawa is a vibrant, bubbly girl. Despite seeing her as a comic relief, the episodes hint that she is actually part of something larger. Even though everything is truly dark, her seemingly carefree personality adds humor to the plot and story.

She tells Yuuta about how he was able to do everything he was able to do, like why he could still send text messages and communicate with the outside world. He was using radio waves for everything he did. She eventually became Yuuta Gamon’s “minion” after she discovered that he has special powers involving the “astral world.”

7. Quetzalcoatl – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid


Lucoa, also known as Quetzalcoatl, is a supporting character in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. Originally a dragon goddess, Tohru’s friend, she was exiled after consuming a cursed liquor that led to a scandalous affair which prompted her exile.

Quetzalcoatl is a tall, fair-skinned woman with an hourglass figure and enormous breasts in her human form. Her long wavy hair is blonde, and it takes on a turquoise and green hue at the ends. One of her iris appears to be different in color from the other due to heterochromia.

The exterior of her left eye is navy blue, while its interior is yellow, with a green slit pupil. With a yellow slit pupil, her right eye is green on the outside and black on the inside. However, she usually keeps her eyes closed. Like Tohru, Quetzalcoatl retains her horns but does not retain her tail or decides to hide it.

Lucoa appears laid-back and carefree, and she is seldom seen without a smile on her face. Wisdom, kindness, and nurturing characterize her, and she often offers advice to her younger kin. She is not above using her body to get what she wants.

5. Reiko Katherine Akimoto – Kochi Kame – Tokyo Beat Cops


In the anime series Kochikame, Reiko Catherine Akimoto is a main character. Reiko is a patrol officer in the Police Box.

In the series, Reiko is portrayed as the main female beauty. Among her features are long blonde hair, bangs, and amber eyes. Her feature assets are her large breasts and her tall stature.

She wears her signature pink uniform, which consists of a short skirt and a coat with long sleeves, at the Police Box. She often wears expensive, lavish, or otherwise fashionable clothing when out with other characters, sometimes of an attention-getting nature.

Along with her busty and blonde appearance, Reiko is a pleasant and sympathetic character who is willing to help those in need. Whenever she is not assigned to a particular task, she makes tea for the others in the Police Box.

As the daughter of both Japanese and French parents, Reiko is Eurasian; having lived in France before coming to Japan, she has received a high-class education and excels in cooking, ballet, music, and sports. She is a visual representation of a female character who possesses both beauty and brains.

4. Fujiko Mine – Lupin the Third


Mine is a professional burglar and confidence trickster. To add more of a female presence to Lupin III, Fujiko Mine was created.

Fujiko has a variety of outfits, unlike the other characters, who wear the same clothes with only color changes between series, movies, and TV Specials. Fujiko wears glasses occasionally, but it’s unclear whether she wears them as a fashion accessory or as a result of vision problems, where she switches between glasses and contacts.

Despite not being part of Lupin’s gang, Fujiko often works with them or beats them at heists. The main tactic she employs is to stick with Lupin and company and then double-cross them just as they are nearing their ultimate goal. She often has to betray Lupin to get close to the enemy; then, once she has gained his trust, she will get the swag and escape.

She speaks dozens of foreign languages as well as her native language, making her an expert in disguise and accents. She is just like the other members of Lupin’s team in that she can pilot any land, sea, or air vehicle, with her preference being a conventional Kawasaki motorcycle.

When necessary to finish a job, she is very promiscuous, kissing and sleeping with different men for information or to escape a situation.

3. Lyrule – High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World


The anime features an elf named Lyrule as the deuteragonist. Having treated the injuries of the seven prodigies upon their arrival to the other world, she was a beautiful and mysterious elf. She is Winona’s adopted daughter.

As a concubine, she would be desired by the nobles, so the villagers intend to keep her secret. Tsukasa suspects that Lyrule is behind their presence in the world. Lyrule seems to have feelings for Tsukasa.

Her long light green hair reaches her back, along with her large breasts and a pair of turquoise and blue ombre eyes. She has pointed ears, which is a characteristic of elves.

Lyrule is known for being a very caring person who is always willing to lower herself to meet the needs of others when necessary. She seems to have a crush on Tsukasa Mikogami, whom she believes to be very strong and kind.

It is shown that she is an expert in magic and is capable of hearing the sacred voice of the celestial spirit of the seven light faith despite the fact that she has been weakened by the emperor’s power.

2. Millianna – Fairy Tail


Millianna is Erza Scarlet’s childhood friend from their days as slaves at the Tower of Heaven. She was also one of Jellal’s minions for a time.

Millianna has an average height and a curvaceous figure. Furthermore, she has a cat-like appearance, possessing cat-like ears, nose, and mouth. Her brown hair is styled into cat ears at the crown and tied into two ponytails at the base. In addition, she has four red tattoos that look like whiskers.

The jacket she wears has white stripes and black trimmings. A pink dress with a white bow tie and light pinkish ruffles is also worn by Millianna, as is a bell choker and white leggings.

Millianna is very cheerful and peppy. She is passionate about cats and does not want to see them hurt in any way. From dressing up like one to meowing, she mimics a cat. Despite being close to the rest of her friends, she apologized to Erza for the events at the Tower of Heaven.

Children like her were taken from their homes and forced to build the R-System, aka the Tower of Heaven. It was there that she met Erza, Jellal, Wally, Sho, and Simon, and together they dealt with the cruel “motivational methods” of their captors.

1. Black Hanekawa -Bakemonogatari


After the sawarineko takes over Tsubasa Hanekawa’s body, Black Hanekawa appears as an “alternate identity.” She is the result of Tsubasa’s encounter with the oddity, which is known for possessing people.

Due to the fact that Black Hanekawa is simply a sawarineko assuming control of Tsubasa’s body, she mostly takes on Tsubasa’s appearance: long hair, a voluptuous figure, and plump breasts. Nonetheless, the sawarineko changes Tsubasa’s appearance, turning her hair into white silver, her eyes into golden hues, giving her cat ears, and making her pale.

Hanekawa seems to like being scantily clothed and is often seen wearing the underwear that Tsubasa wore before the sawarineko took over.

In contrast to Tsubasa, who is soft-spoken and reserved, Black Hanekawa has a completely different personality. Playful and talkative, her words are often filled with the sounds that cats make, and she is blunt and sharp-tongued when talking.

The combination of her superhuman strength with her distracting clothing and her more brutal side makes her a frustrating and difficult opponent. In addition to being a manipulative individual, she also feigns death to attract her next victim.

Well, that is our fifty sexiest anime girls with the biggest boobs from your preferred anime shows. With the most blazing looks and executioner impulses like these, one can be certain not to mess around with these darlings from the anime world! Don’t hesitate to pick your pick and witness increasingly marvelous activity scenes of your most supported most sultry anime young ladies!


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