13 Best Zombie Anime That Have Extremely Good Plots

13 Best Zombie Anime That Have Extremely Good Plots

Zombie anime has legions of followers who love each moment of these bone chilling thrillers. While watching a zombie anime we just don’t focus on a bunch of dead people (who are actually not dead) running around in search of brains to eat. There has to be a genuine and thrilling plot to top all the chasing among the dead, undead and the living. There are moments of hope, toppled over with even more trouble which makes this genre of anime particularly interesting. We have put together a list of the fan favorite anime. Pick up any random one from the list and we assure it is going to be worth it.

13. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate is an OVA that was made after the first Hellsing anime wrapped up. Nonetheless, this series of Hellsing really follows the manga more than the first anime. Once more, this arrangement can’t be about zombies yet zombies are an important part of the powerful horror supernatural world.

This anime has a variety of reviews from viewers. Half of the population believes it to be a great piece of art you should never miss if you are a true anime lover, and the other half believes you are just wasting time by watching it. Now it is completely upon you to decide what you think is right. So, take your time watching the anime and decide for yourself. If you like it well and good but if you don’t…..

12. HighSchool of Dead

HighSchool of Dead

Highschool of the Dead is seemingly the best zombie anime till date. This has a lot to do with its genuine plot. As the title infers, the story follows five secondary school students.

The anime tells how these students cooperate to get to security after their secondary school gets overwhelmed by zombies. The fan service that this series shows can be over the top on occasion, yet the blood and savagery more than compensate for it.

Though the series follows a very simple story and does not really show anything too deep. But still you are bound to give it a 5 star based on the simple fact that it is a very good entertainment series. It has everything you should expect from an anime series of this genre.

It does not have anything extraordinary that will make it stand out, still you won’t be able to leave it and stop watching. It gives you everything you will ever want and it’s a perfect watch. Till now the anime has released only 1 season with 12 episodes.

11. Sunday Without God

Sunday Without God

Sunday Without God is an anime which falls under genres like fantasy, mystery and supernatural. This anime is about a world where people can never again reproduce or die. The thought is that God gave up on his creation and left behind gravekeepers – creatures with the capacity to enable the living dead to rest.

The “zombies” in this show are very different and are not quite the same as the regular type yet they are kinda similar to each other. Anybody that bites the dust despite everything exists, with no indications of rotting away.

Male eye candies!! Well you can never deny the fact that anime is mostly about the gorgeous characters, whether guys or girls does not matter. This anime happens to have many hot male specimens to drool over while enjoying the series. A needed bonus! This series has 12 episodes in addition to one OVA.

10. Is This a Zombie?

Is This a Zombie

Not exclusively is this show about zombies, but it is a parody that makes it unmistakably unique from a portion of the other anime arrangements on this rundown. The show spins around Ayumu, who is heartbreakingly killed by a serial killer. Be that as it may, at that point a charming supernatural young lady warlock revives him but then he is executed again.

Be that as it may, the young lady’s forces assist him with returning as a zombie. He and the young lady must be careful on the grounds that there is an evil spirit who is after Ayumu. The show has two seasons and some OVA.

This anime has many different flavours in it. It has some perverted situations in it but not in a bad way but more of a hilarious perverted situations. It has some drama going on as well. Most importantly you will never get bored while watching this series. There are 2 seasons for this series with 13 episodes and 11 episodes respectively.

9. Seoul Station

Seoul Station

In the event that you watched and appreciated the South Korean zombie film Train to Busan, at that point you would adore the South Korean enlivened film Seoul Station, the prequel to this hit 2016 zombie film.

It got high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. It follows the experience of a young lady who attempts to live a life even after midtown Seoul gets overwhelmed by zombies. There are just three characters, which makes the film rather clear and simple to follow.

When you compare anything to the perfection that is Train to Busan, you tend to grow a huge deal of expectation over it. The same goes with Seoul Station. But the best part is this animated movie does not disappoint it’s watchers. It is a well made zombie movie which touches all the basic ingredients that a good zombie movie must include.

It is very well made and will keep you entertained throughout the whole thing. The plot is so compelling and the characterisation will seem so real that it will make up for any kind of flaws that this movie might have. So, if you have already watched Train to Busan don’t wait too long to watch this movie, and if you haven’t then maybe you should try out both in the proper order.

8. GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack

GYO Tokyo Fish Attack

The 75-minute long OVA, GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack is taken from the manga of a similar name composed and shown by the well known horror manga writer Junji Ito. As the title shows, rather than human dead bodies, Tokyo is enduring an onslaught of numerous stinky undead fish which are contaminated by a sickness that people can get contaminated with as well.

In this turmoil, a young lady named Kaori goes on a journey to locate her missing beau. What makes this anime much stranger than the undead fish is the way that these zombie fish have metal legs that empower them to stroll ashore. Crazy right? Well it gets crazier as you watch it.

In zombie movies or series the viewers are not really bothered about the fact that why there are zombies in the first place. We just like the chaos that ensues and the chasing around that takes place. Well, when it comes to this anime you will have to know that the ratings are really low and you will not find much positive review over it. But let’s take the leap and dig deeper.

The plot seems strange and gross in the beginning but then it goes very weird. It has the horror factor that you search for in a zombie movie but that’s the only good thing going on with this anime.

7. School-Live!


This show is so adorable and charming that it’s difficult to trust it’s a zombie anime. But let’s not judge a book by it’s cover. It isn’t so surprising, because the Japanese animation industry’s interpretation of the zombie kind regularly veers off from the West’s.

Be that as it may, when you watch the main scene you see charming school young ladies doing adorable things. But then in the long run you will discover that they’re the main over comers of their school in a dystopian zombie world.

If you want that utter helplessness to consume you when you watch a zombie movie or a series and you see an uncountable number of zombies and the main characters don’t really have an escape plan? Well then you are in the right place.

The plot of this anime series is utterly depressing and you will feel really helpless while watching this. The anime has only 1 season of 12 episodes so far, though there is a possibility of a second season. The viewers showed a very positive reaction to the very positive reaction to the very first episode, which in return increased the manga sales. A chain reaction it seems to have followed.

6. Corpse Princess

Corpse Princess

Joining the positions of people who were transformed into zombies is Makina Hoshimura, the main character of Corpse Princess. While she may not resemble a zombie and doesn’t eat brains, she’s certainly one of the undead.

She gets restored in the wake of being executed near her family, and now needs to slaughter 108 other resuscitated bodies to have the option to join her family in paradise. Her definitive objective is avenging her family’s demise by crushing the group of undead known as Seven Stars.

Though this anime does not have a very deep or meaningful plot, it still provides you with the thrill that you need while watching a zombie anime. It has all those bloody showdowns and other exciting parts as we go deeper.

Though there are many reviews that do not put this series of 13 episodes under a very good light, there are also people who would disagree with that kind of situation. So, you will have to watch the anime yourself in order to decide whether it gave you the chills that you wanted to get.

5. Gungrave


In light of a mainstream third-person firing game, Gungrave is a genuine anime show that centers around the main character’s way of getting retribution.

Known as  Beyond The Grave, or Grave for short, the main character is already a human named Brandon Heat. After he was deceived and killed by his closest companion and mafia syndicate accomplice, he was breathed back into life as a practically invulnerable zombie-like animal.

He currently lives to exact revenge on the closest companion who deceived him and the syndicate he used to belong to. Beside this he also maintains a thrilling life of killing other undead creatures.

While watching this anime you will witness many things and won’t be able to stop yourself from appreciating each of these factors. This series with 26 episodes has a genuinely good plot that you will enjoy, a set of impressive and talented voice actors, and a very good animated production.

Overall there isn’t much you can complain about while watching this anime. It has many messages lying around throughout the series, and these messages make this series one of a kind. Though a second season was never made but still it doesn’t stop the viewers from wanting more.

4. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

On the off chance that you’re not extremely strict about what comprises as a zombie, at that point unquestionably watch Tokyo Ghoul. It follows the excursion of a typical, calm 18-year-old undergrad named Ken Kaneki.

All the crazy things begin in his life after he faces a near death experience. How exciting! Well not really. He is spared by getting an organ transplant from a ghoul. The transplant changes him into a human-demon half breed who should now eat individuals to live.

Ken must make sense of how to protect his mankind while concealing the way that he is presently a devil.

Viewers can’t handle the fact that this anime has only 4 seasons. They want more! It is one of the best Anime in this genre and you must check it out. This series has created a very high standard for all other animation series of this genre and this theme.

This anime has received many high praises and reviews for its superb plot, characterisation and overall production. It is filled with horrific scenes and will make you question your life decisions, like you should while watching a series with undead people in it. But beside this it has a lot of emotional material that will hit home quite hard.

3. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Set in the Industrial Revolution era, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is frequently named as the steampunk Attack on Titan. This is because these two anime are similar aside from the fact that the foes are difficult to kill undead beasts called Kabane and not some obscure monstrous creatures.

The only difference between these two anime are that the individuals on Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress remained safe from the Kabane by post like stations and huge walls. At some point, a train seized by the Kabane collides with one of the stations.

Declining to surrender to this evil destiny, a youthful specialist named Ikoma effectively makes a weapon that can slaughter the Kabane, starting his excursion as a legend.

You will be hooked from the very first episode of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. This anime has a normal number of episodes under its bag, i.e., 12 episodes. When it came out in 2016 people who watched it were really in awe of the whole production.

Attack on Titan is considered to be the best Anime of all time but that opinion changed with the release of this anime. There were many who wanted to enjoy a second season for this anime, but unfortunately Wit Studios has not given out any information on the probable release of a second season.

2. The Empire of Corpses

The Empire of Corpses

In another eighteenth century England, researcher Victor Frankenstein finds a technique to reanimate a dead body. At the point when his creation gets crushed, another strategy for reviving the dead bodies is found, preparing for utilizing these bodies in difficult work in the nineteenth century.

Be that as it may, in contrast to Victor’s strategy, this more up to date technique can’t restore the souls of these dead people back to the body. John Watson, a clinical student, is later entrusted by the British government to get Frankenstein’s notes on restoring a dead body with a spirit.

This anime is considered to be very similar to Frankenstein according to some of the viewers. If you want to watch the movie on the basis of the theme of the undead you can go ahead. The creator was one of Japan’s best sci-fi writers but he died very young without even completing the novel.

After watching the movie you will have the urge to check out the novel and the creator’s other novels. Otherwise you might get a bit confused as the movie seems like it has put random scenes together. However, it is a movie definitely worth trying out at least once.

1. Zombie-Loan


It appears that Japan truly feels weak at the knees over zombies. Right now, two primary characters Chika and Shito are zombies who can continue living in return for chasing away different zombies. They are later joined by a young lady named Michiru, who can see a ring around an individual’s neck when they are going to bite the dust.

Chika and Shito utilize Michiru’s uncommon capacity to follow the undead so they can take care of their obligation to Zombie-Loan, the organization that breathed life back into them.

When it comes to this anime people are just not satisfied with the number of episodes it has. Most of the anime are considered to have 12 episodes minimum, but this anime has 11. The plot is considered to be very real and original though like most things it had his good as well as bad parts.

The story is very interesting and you will get invested in it. But what will give you a headache is that you will think nothing got properly wrapped up or explained by the time the anime came to an end. So you should be prepared from the very beginning and be ready to watch a good series in exchange for one sacrifice from your part.


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