61 BibisBeautyPalace Sexy Pictures Are Essentially Attractive

61 BibisBeautyPalace Sexy Pictures Are Essentially Attractive

German fashion and beauty YouTuber Bianca Heinicke, better known by her YouTube channel name Bibis Beauty Palace. She was born on 6th February 1993. Heinicke brought up in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. After obtaining her Abitur, she went to college to study social sciences but later left to concentrate on making YouTube videos. As of August 2018, she has over 5.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

She started making her videos in December 2012, progressing her first 500 subscribers within less than two months. Her videos emphasize on hair, makeup, fashion, travel, lifestyle, and challenges. In the year 2014, she earned an award in the Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle category at the Google Play Awards. In May 2015, she inaugurated her own cosmetics brand named Bilou, meant as an acronym for Bibi loves you.

Over time, the variation of her cosmetics products, namely the flavours of her shampoos, has increased. From March 2016, her channel exceeded three million subscribers. As of 2017, she had the fourth most prominent YouTube channel in Germany.

Bianca Heinicke among her husband Julian Claßen seemed on YouTube Rewind 2015 and 2016. In May 2017, Bianca disclosed her first song under the nickname Bibi H., named How It Is (Wap Bap…). Within many days of its release, the song’s video evolved the eleventh most disliked video on YouTube, and most disliked video on any German YouTube channel, surpassing the multiple formerly most downvoted videos by ApoRed within hours. Bianca attained advertisements for the contentious gambling app Coin Master.

Bianca is wedded to the German YouTuber Julian Claßen, nicknamed Julien. After a nine-year relationship starting on 1st March 2009, they wedded on 12th September 2018. On 4th October 2018, she gave birth to her son named Lio. She later said that she was pregnant with their second child, a girl.

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