New Justice League Black Suit Edition Video Clip Shows Superman Meeting Alfred


There are a lot of grievances that all the fans have with the movie, Justice League, which had released last November. There were many things that did not sit right with the fans in this movie but one thing that all fans noticed was the absence of Superman’s black suit. The resurrection of the Man of Steel had led to him sport a much darker costume in the DC lore, and the fans were a little annoyed that Joss Whedon’s iteration of this character did not wear the black Superman suit.

The original director, Zack Snyder had actually intended for this black suit to make an appearance in the movie, but the fans had never really gotten a good look at the scenes that he had filmed with Henry Cavil in his black costume because Snyder’s cut release had never been released. Now, one of the fans have taken it upon himself to try and imagine what the black suit would have actually looked like in this film.

The Twitter user, @CDawsonAuthor had shared a pretty impressive scene from the Justice League: Black Suit Edition and this shows the fans a the deleted footage where Superman visits Alfred in the Batcave before he flies off to help the League in fighting Steppenwolf.

As all the fans would know, a released deleted scene has now revealed that Clark Kent had come upon the black suit in the Fortress of Solitude. All the fans actually got in the sequence was him looking at the suit, but in the initial cut, the character would indeed have sported the suit.

While Justice League had failed to deliver this black suit, at least a few other DC media has shown the fans this suit. The very recent Arrowverse crossover, “Elseworlds” had shown the fans, Tyler Hoechlin play the evil doppelganger of Superman, and he had sported the black suit.


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