Marvel’s Solo Black Widow Film Will Start Filming By Next Month


Marvel Studios has surely been keeping a pretty tight lid about the all the plans after the this year’s 3-movie slate, and this would mean that most of the info we have gotten to go on for the Black Widow film has come by way of many unconfirmed reports. If this new article has anything to go by, then the next couple of months might bring a lot of clarification to this project.

According to Omega Underground’s team they have now earned a confirmation on one rumour that Natasha Romanoff’s stand-alone debut will start its filming by February, alleging that the production would start off by the 28th. This piece mentions that with the film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 now being on hold, Black Widow will be the studio’s next movie.


The fans have so far heard a lot of hearsay regarding the upcoming movie, from many claims that the movie would be set before  The Avengers to a report that Marvel Studios had been considering making this the first R-rated film. The chances are that this studio would be very stingy with the details until the movie, Avengers: Endgame releases on April 26th.

It has been said that the director of Berlin Syndrome, Cate Shortland would be onboard for this movie. This would make Black Widow the very first MCU flick to be directed by a female filmmaker.