Here Is Why Captain America Must Die in Avengers 4


He survived the Thanos snap in Avengers: Infinity War and now it remains to be seen what the Marvel writers have in store for the Captain America.

Although Tony Stark’s arc has revolved around survival, Steve Rogers has always been the epitome of sacrifice. Barring the scenario where the writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and the directors Russo Brothers decide to overlook the trajectory of the character, it is likely that Captain America will perish in the Avengers 4, to try and revive those already killed by Thanos.

The true hero

If we take a look at Steve Rogers saga, there is a consistent theme dictating everything he does: sacrifice. This is the core element of Captain America. He does what he believes to be the right thing and saves all those who need saving, even if it puts his own life in danger. He is a virtuous hero whose moral values are unshakeable.

The truth be said, the character of Steve Rogers was created with the aim to depict the values cherished by the modern day society. Steve Rogers is loyal, incorrigible, respectful, chivalrous, humble, mighty and kind. He is the role model for all other heroes.

Sadly, Steve Rogers most lovable quality is also the biggest drawback for him and a problem as dangerous as sacrifice makes it imperative that Captain America’s story will end tragically, wherein he would perish to his own commitment to win without compromising on morality.

Style of Sacrifice

We have already seen how Steve Rogers doesn’t think twice before jumping head-on into life-threatening situations to save others. In the very first Captain America movie, before he was administered the Super-Soldier Serum, Steve dived on to what he thought was a live grenade so that he could save his fellow soldiers (who had neither been kind to him nor friendly).

He then flew into the Arctic to avoid deadly weapons being detonated in inhabited area, under the belief that the impact and detonation would be fatal for him. In The Winter Soldier and Civil War, Roger worked to save his old friend Bucky Barnes’ life, confessing to the other Avengers, that he might die in the process.

Problem with his character

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos pursued the last Infinity Stone that was inside Vision’s head. What is interesting to note is that Rogers would have done the same thing that Vision had wanted to do: sacrificing his own life to save the Universe. Instead of supporting Vision, Captain America told the android that Avengers don’t trade lives.

That is where in this story, that we first see the problem with the moral code of Captain America. Rogers has previously criticised Tony Stark for not being the kind of guy who would make sacrifices, but, when Vision wanted to give up his life, Captain is unable to accept it. Call it arrogance or stupidity; it led Captain America to believe that sacrifice is a vital and appreciable thing only if he is the one making the sacrifice.

Had Vision been allowed to lay down his life, Thanos could not have completed the Infinity Gauntlet, and the snap won’t have happened. Captain’s intention of saving one life killed half of all life from the Universe.

The way things stand now, the Avengers need to undo the events of the Infinity War. Whether Rogers is guilty of letting Thanos acquire all the stones is something that we will find out in the next movie, because this might imply that he would accept the flaw of his morality. However, his sense of guilt or the absence of it won’t make much of a difference to his actions. Captain America is and will always be about sacrificing himself to save others. Against someone like the Mad Titan, where half of the life from the Universe is on the line, perishing to protect all the lives would be the ultimate ending to the saga of the First Avenger, and we are hoping that the writers know it as well.


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