This Is The Real Reason Why Captain America Cannot Lift Thor’s Hammer, The Mjolnir


In the popular MCU, the hammer of Thor, Mjolnir has been picked up by three characters other than him. The fans have seen Hela Vision and Odin, this weapon. But, there had been a moment when Steve Rogers had come very close to picking up the Mjolnir. He had managed to budge it a bit, but failed to lift it fully. What if this had been Marvel’s subtle way of hinting that Captain America would one day lift the Mjolnir?

Captain America is the most honest hero in the MCU, but, one may say that the incidents of Civil War had made him appear not so good to many of the fans. He had fought for his friend and also the freedom of the Avengers, but, this had led to something worse. Civil War had proven that even people like Steve Rogers may err in their efforts to make things right.

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All throughout his life, Steve has not been really been able to get away from war. Ultron had even said about Steve Captain America that he is “God’s righteous man who pretends that he could live without a war.” However, all the fights seem to always find him. The character has now reconciled with this fact. He has also found his calling in fighting for all the people who cannot fight for themselves.

When Marvel fans talk about wielding the Mjolnir, there are many reasons why Steve Rogers may be unworthy. He has been interested in doing the right thing, yes! One may even say that he is unworthy as he is ignorant of all the basic things. For example, he does not wear a helmet while he rides his bike. This kind of contempt for traffic rules surely does make him unworthy!

Now, on a serious note, someone who is actually worthy must be able to ensure a lot of peace. A true Asgardian king has to fight for what is right, but he must be at peace in his heart, and that is the only way for him to maintain peace.

This is something that Thor had learned in the very first Thor movie, and since then, the superhero has battled for the safety of many realms. Steve Rogers was a war veteran and a fight is what actually gets the man going.

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His biggest sacrifice would be to let go of all his superhuman abilities and he may even be crazy without the powers. We are not implying that he is after fame and power!

He is only one who has been willing to make a difference and can do the right thing, but, this would mean that he has to earn his goals by indulging in violence.

Steve Rogers had contemplated about living peacefully, but, after realizing that there is going to always be someone who may need his aid, he just could not stop fighting. This is the one main and dark reason why he could not be worthy of the Mjolnir.


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