Here’s How The Two Captain America Movies Had Teased The Existence Of Moon Knight In The MCU


Moon Knight, was teased to actually exist in the MCU by two of the Captain America films. Marc Spector, who is the schizophrenic anti-hero aka, Moon Knight, has been one of the characters that all the fans wanted to see on the silver screen. While Moon Knight he not yet made his debut in the MCU, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War might have laid the foundation for this to happen.

In the movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier there is a dialogue by Agent Jasper Sitwell that might have begun paving the way for Moon Knight. After Sitwell was dropped off a building and then rescued by Falcon, he starts to explain Project Insight and also the algorithm that Arnim Zola had created for determining all the threats to Hydra. Sitwell had then mentioned Stephen Strange and Bruce Banner and also included was a vague description of a TV anchor in Cairo.

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The Egypt connections had continued in the film, Captain America: Civil War. When Secretary Thunderbolt Ross has shown the Avengers the catastrophes that they were responsible for, he showed them a map of all the incidents. Most of the markings were attributed to known events like Sokovia, the Battle of New York, and also, Hulk’s rampage in Brazil, but there are a few that are not very clear. The locations of the events appear to be China, Russia, Australia, and Egypt. Is it that the TV anchor who had been identified by Project Insight as a threat is Marc Spector and the Egypt incident is connected to his activities?

Even though we have no evidence that confirms that the two Egyptian ties to the MCU are actually connected to Moon Knight, it is a solution, given the repetition and who has planted them. Both the Captain America movies in question had been directed by Anthony and Joe Russo and were also written by Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus.

Markus had shared his hope that someone would make “a really good Moon Knight movie” in the future on Fatman on Batman. Since he is a huge fan of this character, it is pretty conceivable that he, McFeely, and the Russos had worked in a few Easter eggs in the MCU.

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Moon Knight is a character that Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios head has become interested in bringing to the silver screen. He had confirmed that Moon Knight is among the characters that the team is considering using.

Even if the Captain America Egypt references were not for Moon Knight, Marvel could retcon them to be so, just like Peter Parker’s debut in Iron Man 2. All it will take is for one of Marc Spector’s identities to become the TV anchor in Cairo, while the instance identified by Ross may be from one of his earlier adventures as a protector.